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  3. JetStream Designs

    Poor FPS at Nantes LFRS

    Thank you for narrowing the search to those two files. However, I'm not sure why these files would be FPS heavy. One is for the ground polygons, and the other one is for the ground lights. Both are quite light when it comes to polygons and drawcalls. At the moment I can only advise you to uninstall and install again. Maybe something went wrong during install? In the meantime, I will continue to investigate about this. Best regards, Thomas
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  5. KG1000

    Poor FPS at Nantes LFRS

    Hi Thomas, Many thanks for your response. Apologies for the misplaced question, new to the Forum. OK Detective work done! I have found 2 files that drop the FPS. They are LFRS_gr_base.bgl and LFRS_groundlights.bgl. Both seem to individually slow the Fps. Together, the lower Fps rate seems the same. So with the Trike, with the files 30 fps, without 80 plus. I have used the scenery configurator with everything on high settings and with PMDG 738 flight deck 40+, external 50+. Before less than 20 fps. Regards, Keith
  6. JetStream Designs

    Poor FPS at Nantes LFRS

    Hello Keith, Sorry for the late answer, but I did not see your message since it was not posted into the official JetStream forum ( http://forum.iflysimx.com/forum/89-jetstream-designs/ ) About your performance issue, it is always tricky to find about the reason as each user has a different setup / configuration. Usually, our LFRS scenery is quite praised about its great performance, be it FPS or VAS. In your case, there could either be a conflict with external scenery files or a file which is not handled well by your config. What I usually do when i'm looking for a corrupt file is to do this by "batches". Cut and paste all bgl files into a temporary folder (just leave JSD_LFRS_obj_lib.BGL into the JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique\scenery folder). Then, select a few .bgl file, put them back into the JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique\scenery folder and start your sim. If FPS are good, then the files are good too. Do it all over again until you find out which is the faulty file. Then contact me again so we can try to sort this out ) Please try also to check if this could be due to Ai Traffic: de-activate temporarily your AI. Sometimes a faulty Ai model can bring your FPS down. Best regards, Thomas
  7. Raphael_Chacon

    Elevation problem

    How to revome OTBD?
  8. trisho0

    Jetway Problem

    I have similar problem with T2G VHHH jetway which doesn't dock aligned with PMDG 737NGX with P3D
  9. KG1000

    Poor FPS at Nantes LFRS

    Hi, Purchased this fine scenery today (FSX). I noticed immediately I had a very poor Fps. With the Trike externally 23FPS. PMDG external 18 FPS, cockpit 20FPS. The VAS is low, around 2.8. With heavier payware sceneries I get at least twice this amount. I have reduced all the settings using the configurator. In fact it seems there is very little difference with everything activated in the config compared to all reduced. Parked at the Terminal is where things are at their worst. Once away, say some 500 to 800m Fps start to rise significantly. I have had the previous scenery for Nantes and as far as I can see, I have removed all of the files. I had AES which I have removed. I have reinstalled the scenery to no avail. I have a decent system capable of handling the FS Labs A320 at large payware airports. SODE works fine. If I do not use the Mesh folder, there is no difference. If I do not use the Nantes folder, there is effectively default scenery with fps of 100 plus! I wonder if there is a particular file etc that could be responsible. Any suggestions welcomed! Regards, Keith
  10. Lucas Sorensen

    And JennaSoft second project is...

    Have you got any new screenshots, or maybe even a release date now? Looking very much forward to Gatwick:)
  11. iFlysimX


  12. iFlysimX


  13. dutchkip

    EDDM Jetways problem

    I know, bad resolution.
  14. Hi there. I'm have a problem with the scenery as the jetways are sticking out above the terminal. See picture Is there any solution for this? Regards Leo de Haan Scotland
  15. iFlysimX


  16. iFlysimX


  17. iFlysimX

    Airport Hong Kong International VHHH

    Hello! Not sure as we are still waiting for a lot of V4 updates from Taxi2Gate...
  18. Q400lover

    MMPR buildings

  19. I was looking to buy this for my sim, but did not know if this is FSX steam compatible does anyone know
  20. NAL101

    LICJ fence elevation

    Hi just bay the LICJ Palermo and i see a fence elevated in the sky. Any way to resolve? Thanks. NAL101
  21. Q400lover

    MMPR buildings

    Has anyone gotten MMPR to fully work with V4? The textures are fine but there are no buildings. i have installed both scenery and texture folders through the scenery library.
  22. mathias masuy

    LFML P3d V4 Jetways missing

    ps:j'ai meme pas le sode add on dans fsx
  23. mathias masuy

    LFML P3d V4 Jetways missing

    bonjour , pareil j'ai le meme probleme que jean marc sauf que pour mon cas c'est sur lfml et lfrs (sur lfrs il en manque une) mais par contre sur lfml y'en a aucune aidez moi svp cordialement
  24. RegY

    Mesh fail

    correction... once i was registered on the forum, i found downloads.... downloaded 1.1 and 1.2 updates, still the same.
  25. RegY

    Mesh fail

    hiya, bought the scenery recently from simmarket, i saw there were updates, but none are available for download anymore from this forum (linked above) i am getting this problem FSX/no mesh for france region/no ftx vector
  26. JetStream Designs

    Marseille Airport LFML

    Hello Jerry, Usually, reloading the SODE program solves such issue. You don't need to leave the sim, just click on "addons" -> "SODE" -> "Reload all". Hope this helps! Best regards, Thomas
  27. Jerrymc3

    Marseille Airport LFML

    I installed Jetstream Designs Marseille Airport LFML for P3Dv4. The scenery looks good but when I click on Operate Jetway in the GSX menu the jetway jumps up in the air about 25 ft. and does not move toward the aircraft. I tried several jetways and they all did the same thing. Jerry
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