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  2. No Jetways in LFPG

    Very weird, I see the jetway fine in CDG. Is it the new installer for P3D V4?
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  4. When activating T2Gate EDDM There is a problem My name is not opened. (Screenshots) Have the following done: - Download the exe with and without the download manager. - started as Admin. - WindowsDefender off. - Various browsers tested. - System recovery. - All without success. -my system: Win10 Home 64 - Prepar3Dv4. I hope you can help me. Best regards: Manfred Schulz Translate with Google sorry
  5. Just installed LTBA, OTHH and VHHH in P3D V4. The sceneries work fine for the most part but on ground see sinking type wheels for user and AI aircraft and see the scenery elements like trucks and busses a little elvaed from teh ground almost on an invisble ground. Any body else seeing the same issue and any fixes for it ? Regards Asad
  6. Hello. I have a strange issue with the trees on night time. On day time everything is ok. Screenshot is attached. What can be a issue? Gregory 2017-8-15_20-47-32-992.bmp
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  8. No Jetways in LFPG

    I have the same problem (P3D v3.4).
  9. Default tower buildings

    I'm having a problems with the Taxi2Gate scenery the defualt buildings won't disappear and are there with no textures just black, neither the gates work or do I need GSX or AES for the gates to work?
  10. Duplicate objects on LFML X updates for Prepar3D v4

    Thanks. First : ENJOY your vacations ! Second : same problem (duplicate object) when putting LFML scenery in the first row ;(
  11. Toncontin Scenery Glitch

    The default scenery still appears and I cannot turn it off so that black Tower and terminal will stay there how can I disable it?
  12. LFPG FSX long scenery upload

    It has been a while now and no response from Taxi2Gate on my questions. A simple question, is it able to reduce the HD textures so that the upload time ( white aircraft) can be shortened. Other companies offer high and low textures. Also in the Select scenery there are two LFPG, LFPG which starts near a runway & T2GP which is not on a taxi/runway. Please see attached image in previous post.
  13. Hm. But transparent ones would be so nice. Especially in T2
  14. LFPG is also interior modelled just like EDDM but still has no see-through jetways, in fact the ones I used at first were those from LFPG. I think that IF SODE Jetways will be coming to EDDM that they'll be of the quality that those at LFPG are. Also don't forget performance, this is the first thing any user will complain about and you can imagine what footprint 103 highly detailed inside and outside 3D Models would require in resources on top of that what's already in use. Also the SODE Models they used at LFPG are transparent if you move your camera inside them, this then happens if you were to make the textures transparent... you'd basically have a 2D image that is a 3D model but you simply can't see it wich makes the non-transparent textures the better over all solution.
  15. Duplicate objects on LFML X updates for Prepar3D v4

    Hi Vincent, Sorry for lack of answer. I'm indeed on vacation at the moment, but I could make the tests with Vector. I don't get the duplicate objects, so I'm not sure Vector is the culprit here. I think another file in your install is adding these duplicates, but looking for it might not be easy if it doesn't include "LFML" in its name. Maybe if you put the LFML scenery at the top of the scenery library there could be an improvement?
  16. Duplicate objects on LFML X updates for Prepar3D v4

    Back to this subject. What JetStreams suggests ? Maybe are you on vaccations ?
  17. Hm, but parts of T1 are transparent as well and the terminal 2 + satellite is transparent as well. The only thing, I noticed in T1, is, when I look at my aircraft, and want to look at it through something transparent, it is invisible and I can only see environment.
  18. EDDM -- (still) missing jetway @ parking 306, 307, and 308

    what about hong kongs midfield terminal?
  19. FB actually stated nothing... those are all wild speculations the last thing they've said about EDDF was that they're having trouble getting into the actual airport and getting photos of it, so they "might look into another project" but this is not official nor stated by somebody under the name of Flightbeam. That is as much statement as we get for now. You can read the conversation yourself, the only thing stated by somebody who obviously knows what he was talking about was that both EDDF and EDDM will have SODE jetways and those will be directly from the developers. I think that if T2G are releasing SODE enabled jetways that they'll be of the quality that the original ones/those at LFPG are wich would be non transparent and no shadow flagged. They are - I think - more concerned about performance and it also is more work to model the outside and inside of a jetway. But we'll see once the new version releases. They officially needed 1 month for their LFPG from announcement until release of the update, so let's just hope EDDM will not take any longer.
  20. Satellite update is very very nice. SODE would be great and maybe thay can make perfect SODE Jetways with M and maybe, they´d be able to model them in a way that they can make them transparent. When did Flightbeam state EDDM? Flightbeam EDDM would be the best airport ever. Think about FB quality. Woooooow. hope this will come true. FB Eddf is great as well.
  21. EDDM -- (still) missing jetway @ parking 306, 307, and 308

    That's amazing! Thanks!
  22. Taxi2Gate stated on Facebook this week that they're updating EDDM for P3D v4 and with that will rework the sattelite of Terminal 2!
  23. Hi guys sorry for my absence, the Jetways are not transparent because if the windows are transparent the whole jetway gets invisible, that's caused by the way it's modelled. Also the textures for the Jetway is a repeating pattern throughout the jetway wich means if I add the M, the whole jetway is covered in M's and this is way more unrealistic than just leaving it out. We had a huge thread over on FSLabs' Forums wherein somebody (with insight) stated that it is not fair to share files that aren't created by yourself (what I totally agree with) wich is why I've removed the files. Also he mentioned that there will be SODE Jetways for EDDM & EDDF, current status - as far as I'm concerned - is that FlightBeam Studios are looking into EDDF (and maybe EDDM as stated there) but nothing is really confirmed. I made another set but this is not eligible for the community of T2G, so "they're just for myself" T2G announced this week that they're working on updating EDDM for V4 and that they're reworking the sattelite of terminal 2. Maybe they'll include SODE jetways? Who knows. The update should be out in a couple weeks. Then we'll see what actually goes on behind the closed doors...
  24. Contacted them the last time now. If they will keep ignoring us I´d vary much apprecciate if you all would never buy any T2G product anymore Maybe all of us have to contact them as soon as possible that they notice many want to have the update. Thanks.
  25. Hello everyone, Was this intended even after patch 1.2? The rest of the airport is fine - its just missing these jetways... Oh, and any news for making the jetways SODE (I guess not....)? This is what I saw on Google Earth (plus the gate numbers are somewhat different)
  26. Gate 81 - sign shows gate 83

    Hi, I parked Concorde at Gate 81 at KMCO but on viewing the aircraft from spot plane view I noticed the stand was designated as 83, the same as the correct stand to the right. This shot clearly shows the (small) error. Running P3D v3.4
  27. Cuba in P3D v2.3

    Hello I'm desperatly looking for the updated MUVR bgls for Prepar3d. Can someone help me out!! Many thanks Steven
  28. Update 1.3 de LFML Marseille pour FSX

    Bonjour Tout d'abord merci a la personne m'ayant indique une reponse a mon probleme de jetway qui a l'activation se mettait en hauteur. Mais cela n'a rien change et le probleme est toujours la. (SODE 1.5.3) J'ai refait une installation de marseille v1.3 et rien ne change ou presque. J'ai pris connaissance des sujets ci dessus et voici se qui se passe pour moi. 1)le menu ,SODE disparait de FSX 2)si je supprime les fichiers de P3D dans SimObjects et xml le menu reapparait 3)seuls quelques jetways fonctionnent correctement mais les autres sont soient en l'air soit semi enterres et couches sur le cote au moment de l'activation des docks ou avec Reload all. (Les jetways static sont bien disposes.) 4)la demo fournie par SODE , fonctionne parfaitement J'ai refait plusieurs fois l'installation mais pas de changement Ceci avec Windows 7 pro , SODE 1.5.3 et FSX Pro J'ai recommence avec SODE 1.4.2 , toujours pareil. Je commence a avoir un doute sur Windows 7 ou des fichiers Visual C++ redistribuable si ceux ci sont necessaires. J'ai passe plusieurs fois mon anti virus a fond et pas de detection. ?????????? Merci de votre aide Raymond
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