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  2. Hello, I have several Taxi2gate sceneries, like KMCO and KSEA. Do these work in P3d V4.
  3. Bonjour Vincent! (je vais répondre en anglais afin que les non francophones qui auraient le même souci comprennent aussi ) Many thanks for the nice screenshots! Your sim quality is superb, and I'm glad you enjoy the LFML updates! Duplicate elements on the airport are often due to duplicate AFCAD files. But as you explained, you did a search and found nothing. I have checked on my PC and did not see the duplicate localizer, glide slope, etc. I think what you see as duplicates are the default ones from the stock airport. In LFML scenery, there are "exclude files" which should delete those. We can try to "regenerate" the scenery by deleting your LFML X 2013 entry from your P3D V4 scenery library (always using the scenery library tool from P3D V4 directly). Then start the sim again, add LFML to your scenery library and start a flight at LFML. Let's see if there is any improvement Please let me know, if this does not work we'll be looking for another solution. Best regards, Thomas
  4. I should have made something wrong (see duplicate glide-slope and localiser antenna with their shelters) I looked for *LMFL* files in my Prepar3D v4 folders but didn't find any duplicate sceneries. Help welcome ! Thanks in advance By the way, thank you for the update. The scenery is still great !
  5. more updates to the terminal 1....
  6. Last week
  7. it will be available for FSX, P3D v3, v4 and it will be inide of a package of 5 cuban airports for a really nice price.
  8. Avec plaisir Nadine, je vous souhaite de bons vols à Marseille!
  9. @ Thomas Merci pour la réponse
  10. Bonjour Jacques, Il est nécessaire d'installer le logiciel SODE, afin de pouvoir utiliser les passerelles animées: Lorsque ce logiciel sera installé (je recommande fortement d'utiliser le chemin par défaut), relancez l'installation de la mise à jour de Marseille. Les fichiers SODE s'installeront dans ce dossier: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE J'espère avoir répondu à vos questions Bien cordialement, Thomas
  11. Bonjour Avec la mise à jour LFML Marseille, il y a un fichier "SODE exe", ou doit il être installer ? Dans quel fichier FSX? J'ai essayé dans le fichier , addon scenery, jetstream design LFML , mais le SODE jetway ne fonctionne pas. Merci par avance de vos réponses Bien cordialement Jacques
  12. Bonjour Nadine, Pour la version FSX (et P3D V3 également), vous pouvez installer la mise à jour directement par dessus l'ancienne version. Si néanmoins vous rencontrez des difficultés lors de l'installation, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Bien cordialement, Thomas
  13. Bonjour, Pour l'update 1.3 de LFML Marseille pour FSX, peut-on l'installer "par-dessus" l'ancienne version ou faut-il désinstaller la précédente version tout d'abord ? Merci. Cordialement, Nadine
  14. Merci!!
  15. Released! Just log in to your SimMarket account to download the P3D V4 version of LFML.
  16. Coming along very nice! How much longer would you say?
  17. I know that they released LFPG for V4 and they are charging an upgrade price of $5. Note that LFPG for V3 works great for V4 so might not need to update it. Did you try to install them in V4 to try?
  18. Great news Thomas! Merci
  19. We're still waiting for V3 installers unless i missed something so..... Not sure what's up with T2G's Communication of late. Doesn't seem to be much of it.
  20. Hi, A small update about LFML for P3D V4: files will be sent over to SimMarket tomorrow, so the scenery should be available soon
  21. YES !!! P3D v3/ V4 (updating the terminal 1 as is in real life )
  22. Earlier
  23. This looks great! Will it be P3D V4 compatible?
  25. I do have GSX. I'll look into that.. Thanks!!
  26. Hey @559AS Welcome! I didn't keep a copy either Do you have GSX? If so, they might work through GSX. Cheers! Clement
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