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  2. you need to upgrade your navdata, stock P3D/FSX doesn't include OTHH airport
  3. Hi when I run the airport in the simulator everything works great except it is not possible to set my position to tthis airport or do an autoland. Is there a solutuion to this. Thanks
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  6. T2G posts their status updates on Facebook. They are currently updating VHHH, thereafter they plan to continue bringing their old sceneries into P3Dv4, I don't think they gave a specific order for those.
  7. Hello, I asking regarding Hong Kong International VHHH Will this Airport updatet for p3dv4 or is annything new in planning. Im a fan of These arport and i miss it in P3D v4. Best Regards Markus Zimmer
  8. Airport Hong Kong International VHHH

    Hello, I asking regarding Hong Kong International VHHH Will this Airport updatet for p3dv4 or is annything new in planning. Im a fan of These arport and i miss it in P3D v4. Best Regards Markus Zimmer
  9. Ok Thomas will do. Thanks Timothy Groth
  10. bridged taxiways at KLIT

    Hello, Actually the file KLIZ_ADEX_JDS.BGL should not be placed into Scenery/World /Scenery. Can you please contact me by private message with your order number, we'll sort this out Best regards, Thomas
  11. AFR090.PNG

    On my way to Miami!
  12. Update KSEA FSX?

    Lol....They are always a bit slow to answer.
  13. Hi Bryan, 1/16 of a mile visibility is extremely low. Please check the image below showing a 1/16 of mile visibility. The runway is lit, but you can see just a few meters ahead (and that is when you are on the ground. Once you are 70 feet above the runway, you can't see anything anymore.). KLIT is one of our very first sceneries, at that time we used the default runway lights which will switch ON automatically when using a foggy weather Best regards, Thomas
  14. Aerosoft A318 BETA

  15. Hello, I have installed JetStream Little Rock X in P3Dv4.2. The bridged taxiways are on the surface. I have done the following to correct this situation; 1) mesh resolution is set at 1m. 2) Jetstream Little Rock X Mesh is above Little Rock X in scenery library. 3) the KLIZ_ADEX_JDS.BGL was placed in the P3Dv4 Scenery/World Scenery library. I have FTX Global Vector and have run the confiquration tool. The bridged taxiways structure remains on the surface. Thanks for your help.
  16. New P3D Tweak! +10FPS

    Yes, it is default for P3D V4. This thread was back in 2015, which back then, it was not the default.
  17. To better learn ILS, I set up a flight from North Little Rock airport to KLIT, with visibility of 1/16 of a mile. I set the time to early morning (dawn). Apparently the KLIT runways were not lit up, and I could not see them the runway (that I was supposed to land on), until I touched down.
  18. HI

    Can someone tell me how to get rid of double towers in KMCO?



  19. Update KSEA FSX?

    no answert..! Taxi2Gate take a money,only..! I do not trust you!
  20. Why not for FSX/P3d of Update blue Alaska Airlines hangar ?
  21. New P3D Tweak! +10FPS

    I found that sentence "OPTIMIZE_PARTS=1" in Prepar3D.cfg from P3Dv4 I think is the Default.
  22. P3D v4 KLIT Installation

    Hello Dan, Please send me a private message with your order number, I'll send you detailled instructions for a V4 install Best regards, Thomas
  23. I am having the same problem ... Just purchased KLIT from SimMarket and downloaded the scenery and the update for use in P3d V4. the installer offered only the options to install in P3d v1 or v2. I tried installing by clicking the P3d v1 option, then pointing the install to P3d v4 and followed with the installation of the update. The scenery did not appear when I started P3d, and I tried loading the scenery in the Scenery Library, and that did not work. I am pretty sure I followed the instructions outlined in the guide that accompanied the download. It said I may need to do a manual install of the scenery ... can you instruct me as to how to do that? Or is a p3d v4 installer available? Thanks for your help, Dan
  24. SODE Jetways at LFML Mis aligned

    OK, very strange, the screen shots aren't working. I'll look into this and try again. Scott
  25. SODE Jetways at LFML Mis aligned

    Here ya go. Scott==
  26. SODE Jetways at LFML Mis aligned

    Hello Scott. Strange issue, Could you please show me a screenshot? Thanks, Thomas
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