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  3. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    You have a better config than me (I got a GTX 1070 with I7 4770K), so you should have better FPS too. At Linate with DL activated I get an average of 40-50 FPS at night. So I will be looking at which setting or element which could harm your FPS with our DL on. I'll let you know as soon as possible if a solution is found.
  4. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Yes, confirm...dl with SSAA it's terrible!!! In my case use a 8xMSAA with gtx 1080 and i7 7700k.
  5. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi gianluk81, thank you for your feedback. Actually making the effect even smaller will make dynamic light useless as it won't put enough light around. I really have to understand why only a few users are having an issue with that DL. There is a setting which makes DL very FPS heavy: if you are using an AA setting like 8xSSAA, this will be very FPS heavy by night. I recommend setting 8xMSAA.
  6. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi again... in my test the "fix" don't resolve. Little better but in more angle the dynamic lights kill gpu and fps. It's possible reduce again the effects for test?
  7. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Super!!! Now download file and test...wait for 5/10 minutes!
  8. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi, I have reduced the effect's size. You should get better FPS now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z7i0dya9ojcdu86/LIML new DL Effects.zip?dl=0 Please install into your P3Dv4 effects folder. Best regards, Thomas
  9. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi, confirm the problem I have same issue with dl and LIML. For example, no problem at EGLL or LOWW beta 2.8 (fly tampa). No problems also in Uk2000 apt's with dynamic lights update. At Liml have a dramatic fps drop. Any idea?
  10. Default tower buildings

    Good morning, I'm having problems with my tax2gate EDDM .. Mine is with the default tower and in front of the tower is a default terminal over terminal 1 .. I do not know what to do to fix it .. If anyone can help me I'm very grateful I'm using p3dv4.1 and eddm 1.2 Thank you..
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  12. LTBA for fs9??

    http://vaps.hooxs.com/t5305-ltba2016-ve-3-booaz-koprusu-scenery you can find real LTBA Scenery for fs9 from here
  13. LICJ Palermo P3Dv4 issues

    Found it. It was sitting in a folder inside the add on folder. Working fine now, thanks for the help. Regards Leo
  14. LICJ Palermo P3Dv4 issues

    Hi Thomas, No I haven't, where do I get that file from? Regards Leo
  15. LICJ Palermo P3Dv4 issues

    Hi Leo, Do you have file LICJ_ADEX_JDS_ALT.BGL into Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery ? This file deals with elevation of the airport, and when it is not in your Scenery\World\scenery folder, this would lead to elevation issues like yours. Best regards, Thomas
  16. LICJ Palermo P3Dv4 issues

    Hi there, I have the same issues as in the tags, but mine is with P3Dv4.1, the runways and taxiways are elevated and buildings are in the ground. Is there anything I'm missing/ I have installed, un-installed a couple of times now, ran ORBX Vector, renamed LICJ in Vector AP folder to old and back again, nothing makes any difference. Any help appreciated. Regards Leo de Haan Scotland.
  17. LFPG - Charles de Gaulle

    Hi, Taxi 2 Gate LFPG P3D 4.1 Has no runways, just high walls around . I did run FTX Global vector Orbx confiqurator also Make runways but still the same problem. Anyone to help please?
  18. [P3D v4.1] Some problems with KMCO

    I found the solution here. In my case all I had to do was to re-name the offending file from .bgl to .off and it worked perfectly removing all the extra signs. This file must have been missed by the ORBX FTX global installer after I upgraded the scenery client in P3D from 4.0 to 4.1. If you are using GSX make sure to re-generate the scenery cache in cuoatl, and likewise update any other addons that rely on scenery library or .xml scenery config. (Aivlasoft EFB, Radar Contact, etc...)
  19. EDDM for P3Dv4 - SODE jetway enhancement

    Here's an update for everybody who uses dynamic lighting: Changelog: -added support for dynamic lighting -more diversified jetway positions -removed jetway texture redrawing -added support for third cargo loader for GSX or above -optimized GSX positions EDDM Sode v2.1.rar
  20. We gonna get any help or what
  21. [P3D v4.1] Some problems with KMCO

    I know it's not ready for v4 but anyway ... Is there any solution while we wait for the compatible version?
  22. [P3D v4.1] Some problems with KMCO

    You aren't alone, I'm having the same issue. The only scenery I have that's causing me problems in 4.1. Shame because I really like the scenery but this kinda kills it for me.
  23. Hi. First post here. Yesterday I bought the KMCO scenery and I loved the detail and lightness of it but I have some problems that appear in these images: Prepar3D v4.1 OrbX FTX Global + FTX Vector + openLC NA KMCO from T2G
  24. Orbx GE South compatibility

    OK, I see. Except the shadows I have the same street-issues. At this moment it's OK for me. Most times I use the taxi- and runways. Of course it would be nice when the elevation would be correct, but I mean you must this issue write in the ORBX-fourm on their webpage.
  25. Today I found a little taxiway-issue on my scenery for P3D v4. When you land on RWY 08R and you vacate the runway via B7 the signs change to "A9 M" Correct is "B7 T" (see picture below) It would be nice if you can fix this in the next update Best regards Charly
  26. LFML P3d V4 Jetways missing

    Vous m'en voyez ravi! Bien cordialement, Thomas
  27. LFML P3d V4 Jetways missing

    Voila mon problème est résolu. Merci de votre aide, rapide et efficace. Bonne continuation. Jean-Marc
  28. LFML P3d V4 Jetways missing

    Très bien, message privé envoyé avec le contenu demandé. Bien à vous Jean-Marc
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