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  2. MUVR bleeding texture on arrival fsx

    I love taxi2gate scenery I thing they are one if not the best out there, I own many scenery from them both in fs9 and fsx, this the first time this happen, MUVR work perfect on fs9, but their customer support OMG!!!
  3. MUVR bleeding texture on arrival fsx

    always been like that since the first installation on the first computer , I downloaded the lastes installer from simMarket, I do not have any mesh or nothing like that just addon on airports and installed in two three computer already including my sister house computer she let me install fsx and MUVR only for testing purpose only the problem still occur, I have try to contact taxi2gate about the problem but not response back only and email with the tipical developer answer when doesn't want to troubleshoot the problem "we are unable to replicate the issue "
  4. Request an airport

    Hi thanks for the reply. I meant the city, as in Mexico City. Saez airport I already have it Cheers
  5. SODE Jetways at LFML Mis aligned

    As long as there has been SODE, I have not seen this before. The SODE jetways at LFML are actually misaligned. On the Aerosoft A318 for P3DV4.2 (Yes, it is the beta, but all other SODE airports line up correctly) the jetways are about a half meter high on Door 1L. Any idea what might cause this? Scott
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  7. MUVR bleeding texture on arrival fsx

    Hello! Welcome to the forums Did you have any mesh add-ons? Did you make any changes recently or has it always been like that?
  8. MUVR bleeding texture on arrival fsx

    If I start the flight in MUVR every thing is almost OK only the taxi light close to runway 06 are floating in the air but if I start the flight in another sector and fly to MUVR at the beginning of runway 06 I get the mixing textures. To make sure this wasn't cause by any addon I got a new computer and install a fsx and MUVR only, the problem still occurs , I have try every mesh setting available to not vail. help please , this scenery works perfect on fs9,
  9. Request an airport

    Would love to see Buenos Aires! But TorpicalSim already has a pretty good SAEZ: http://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-buenos-aires-ezeiza-saez-2016-fs9-fsx-p3d.phtml
  10. LFML elevation problem in P3Dv4

    OK, fixed it, but what you recommended didn't work. I had to do an XML install. That worked. Scott
  11. LFML elevation problem in P3Dv4

    Sadly, this didn't work for me. I still have valleys everywhere. Scott
  12. Juan Santamaria Intl Airport-San Jose Costa Rica

    Four years waiting!!! Way too long
  13. Request an airport

    Hi First of all I must say that you have improved you quality a lot!! Thank you Second, what you did with Mexico City si simply amazing!!! Third, this said, could you do something simliar with Buenos Aires, Argentina? As an airport request I would like you to create all of Central Ameria ones, with priority San Jose, Costa Rica. Current one in the market is old fashing and kind of poor in every aspect. Thanks!
  14. It seems to look fine now. I'm not sure what was going on. I'll keep an eye on it and take a screen shot if needed. Thanks for the reply. Bill
  15. What Would You Upgrade?

    Just got the 1080 TI and I love it!
  16. Jetways in MCO for FSX

    Unfortunately, I don't think they will fix that
  17. Do you have a screenshot?
  18. Istanbul

    Last I heard from them was on March 1st...Here is what they posted on their FB page. "Hi guys, some people are asking about updates for p3d v4, soon we will update vhhh, ltba, othh and more previous airport, thanks for your patience."
  19. Istanbul

    Hi. When come a updates to Prepar3D. V4.2 for Istanbul AirPort? Regard: Ronald L.
  20. Earlier
  21. Not sure if it's just me, but KLIT really looks bright green compared to the surrounding ORBX scenery that looks more realistic on P3Dv4.1? Is there any way to get them closer to one another? Bill
  22. LFLL P3D V4

  23. Jetways in MCO for FSX

    Hello, I know the topic of jetways has been discussed previously, however in my version the jetways do inside the aircraft it does not does what its suppose to do and dock correctly is there any possibility in the future of using it with SODE or even just correcting this I do have AES yes, but id rather take the advantage of using it with GSX and making it look like its the actual jetway instead of how AES does it sometimes.
  24. LFRS & FSLABS A320X

    Also of note is that SODE has been updated to version 1.6.0, and it seems the new version solves the problem I was describing before (see bold text below). From their website : "In the past, SODE would just throw in all objects it found in a certain radius into the simulator. [...] larger projects with hundreds of SimObjects (jetways) could saturate the simulator’s SimConnect server and this would result in a stutter until all objects are loaded. Now, SODE injects its objects in chunks with small delays in between. This way, SimConnect and the sim remain responsive. Also, another source of stuttering was eliminated when the simulator was not able to find the requested SimObject on your harddrive. A missing SimObject is not the fault of SODE, it is an issue coming from installers forgetting to install the SimObjects properly or uninstallers forgetting to remove the controlling xml file but correctly removing the SimObjects. Both cases lead to a controlling xml requesting to inject a SimObject that does not exist! The simulator is trying hard to find the requested SimObject and this results in massive stutters for each object requested! In this version, SODE checks during initialization if each and every SimObject (i.e. the MDL file belonging to a SimTitle) is actually accessible on your disk! If the MDL file is not present, SODE will internally replace that with a “red cross” object to indicate the missing object(s) to the user. Now that the simulator is able to load a model anyway, the stutter will not occur! Another mechanism to enhance performance is the addition of cutting-off injections when the user aircraft is above 18’000ft. Cruising above a heavy SODE jetway populated airport will not affect performance anymore." Is this new version of SODE compatible with LFRS ?
  25. P3Dv4 LICJ elevation issue

    Merci pour votre retour, et très heureux que tout soit rentré dans l'ordre Cordialement, Thomas
  26. P3Dv4 LICJ elevation issue

    Ça y est, problème résolu!! J'ai placé le fichier LICJ_ADEX_JDS_ALT.BGL dans Prepar3D v4\Scenery\BASE\Scenery, ensuite j'ai réactivé le fichier cvx_LICJ.BGL placé dans le dossier de la scène de LICJ, et maintenant tout va bien!! Merci infiniment
  27. LFRS faible FPS Eclairage dynamique

    Bonjour, Alors ça c'est une excellente nouvelle! Merci pour votre retour d'expérience Cordialement, Thomas
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