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  2. EDDM and ORBX GES

    Uninstall and then reinstall EDDM, SimMarket installers will, depending if special files for GEN/GES are provided, use those upon reinstallation (JustSim, DigitalDesign for example). Rename all EDDM files in ORBX>FTX_EU>FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY>scenery from .bgl to .off Move the EDDM-LC-ELV in your scenery library below the EDDM entry, so the layering is in order from top to bottom EDDM>EDDM-LC-ELV>EDDM-TERRAIN
  3. Hello, I've bought ORBX GES. I followed their instructions; I've renamed 3 EDDM files from ORBX to .old and put EDDM above FTX. Problem is I now have trees and buildings in the middle of the airport, also the runway flicker with the landclass. (The same thing happened with some Aerosoft airports but moving them above FTX entries was the solution.) Here are some screenshots (too large to be uploaded here so a OneDrive link) https://1drv.ms/f/s!An74hfwYPOvihdNmAt6tjZyC1o4Qzw What did I do wrong? It seems that people don't have this issue. Thanks, Maksim
  4. LFRS faible FPS Eclairage dynamique

    Alors pour l'instant je n'ai pas idée de ce qui peut provoquer ce problème. L'éclairage dynamique a même été amélioré par rapport à Milan (j'ai testé avec les deux effets, celui utilisé pour LFRS améliore les FPS par rapport à celui de Milan). Je vais réfléchir à ce qui pourrait être la cause de vos saccades et reviens vers vous si je suis sur une piste valable.
  5. EDDM for P3Dv4 - SODE jetway enhancement

    New files (again) Changelog: - more diverse jetway positions - added dynamic lighting mod (see screenshot below) (FlyTampa or JustSim v4 scenery required) - added performance friendly night texture for DL users - minor adjustments to the GSX .ini - simplified installation process This is a stand-alone package, it requires all original copyrighted files by T2G, Drzewiecki and optionally FT or JS. It should work in all simulators that support SODE. EDDM_SODE_ENHANCEMENT_v2.2.rar
  6. Hello, I'm facing an issue with LFPG 2B building (only), building bottom is underground, then jetways are not connected to building.... I tried to reinstall T2G, GSX (deleting all remaining folders) but without success. I changed the priorities in scenery setup, whatever the setup is, still facing the same problem... Config: Windows10 X64 GSX Freemesh FTX global Rex 4 with soft clouds UT live Any idea ? Thanks, Marc
  7. Default tower buildings

    i have the same problem in P3D V4.1 with EDDM 1.2 Default building terminal 1. I Have orbx global, vector, open lc, europe, and germany south installed
  8. Thomas, Thanks for the additional emails and I got everything working fine. The scenery really looks great, and I appreciate the fast support responses. Thanks so much, Bill
  9. LFRS faible FPS Eclairage dynamique

    Non dans la durée, que je me mette à une porte en allumant mon simulateur ou que je revienne sur Nantes après 1 ou 4h de vol j'ai de grosses saccades. Niveau FPS je suis à 25/30 mais avec de très grosses saccades
  10. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hey Thomas, Thank you again appreciate it! Still, take your time I initially thought that it could be my system, but as said previously I got airports like T2G LFPG and I have no problems of that kind. Without DL tho. Maybe putting an option to disable it in the scenery config for the next sceneries would be an idea Regards, Alex.
  11. Thomas, I used the installer but p3dv4 didn’t recognize the new airport? The installer created a Prepared V4 Add-ons folder in the main Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3dv4 folder. Shouldn’t it have installed it in the Documents\Prepar3d v4 add-ons folder? Did I do something wrong? Bill
  12. LFRS faible FPS Eclairage dynamique

    Bonjour, Avez-vous ce souci de FPS dans la durée, ou juste lorsque vous chargez un vol ou un avion lorsque vous êtes au parking?
  13. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hi Alex, Maybe I deactivated the DL on the terminal only. I will check if there still are DL effects ON, and will contact you again soon Stijnsarah18, can you please send me your order number by email or private message, so I can send you the files Best regards, Thomas
  14. P3D v4 KLIT Installation

    Hi Bill, Actually Greg is the topic starter, I'm Thomas who replied to your message Do not hesitate to contact me again should you have any issue with the installer. Best regards, Thomas
  15. Wow, by the time it took me to publish the previous post above I had a reply from Greg. Thanks for the quick response. When P3D V4 was released Little Rock was indeed P3D V4 compatible via a manual install. But I’ll soon be uploading a P3D V4 installer to SimMarket which you can already download here: Best regards, Thomas .
  16. Hi Greg, I have the same issue trying to install in P3Dv4. Just sent you a note with the order number. This software is designed for P3Dv4 correct? Enhanced graphics to take advantage of P3Dv4 capabilities? I'm a little concerned since the installer issue seems to have been an issue since Nov. 10, 2017? Thank you, Bill
  17. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hey, I just replaced the file you sent me (thanks), so the lightning indeed disappeared but I'm afraid I still got very low fps at the apron. I have, this time, no idea of what might cause this :S Best regards, Alex.
  18. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Can you send me the file too? i have dynamic lightning enabled also for landing light on ground but don't want it on terminal etc.... can you send it to me? thanx!
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  20. Bonjour, j'ai votre scène Nantes, et quand je me trouve sous l'éclairage dynamique j'ai de gros lag, alors que sur LIML c'est parfait. Avez vous une solution ? Merci
  21. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    File sent to your e-mail Best regards,
  22. ILS DME Rwy 16L

    I didn´t find a fix and now I am waiting for a P3D v4 version.
  23. ILS DME Rwy 16L

    I realised the same problem did you find a fix to this ?
  24. hi jest want to know if there is any update for OTHH -P3d v4 the parking and the runway its not in place Regard Mansoor
  25. Request an airport

    Launceston Airport : Although small its a great airport situated in Northern Tasmania which operates both prop and larger domestic routes to mainland Australia. Now there is a freeware version of this airport by orbx but its not anywhere near to scale or structure of the airport. I'd love to see a more detailed and refined version that puts the island on the map for FSX and P3D. Melbourne Intl: Situated in southern Australia (Victoria) its a major Australian airport that connects America and Asia to Australia. I could not care less that Orbx made a payware version of this airport, its not detailed and refined at all. I'd love to see a more professional job of this airport with a SODE Jetway integration, properly textured terminal and ground textures. Perth Intl: Not one payware to been seen of this airport, located in Western Australia the airport is a soon to be hub for Europe for Australia connecting both continents by Qantas's new B787. The airport is both domestic and intl, featuring two terminals divided by two runways. I'd love to see this airport being developed with SODE Jetway integration.
  26. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hi, Roger thank you, nothing urgent tho take your time let me know when it's ready ! Got a few exams next week anyways
  27. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Give me a few days and I'll be able to send you a new file allowing you to use the dynamic lights on your aircraft and not on the terminal
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