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  • iFlysimX - Airbus X Extended Repaint By iFlysimX

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    Very easy instalaton! Works great with the Livery Manager. Enjoy 
    iFlysimX A320 repaint by @Pe11e from iFlysimX.com 
  • JennaSoft - Lyon Saint-Exupery X By iFlysimX

    • 415
    Change Log:
    - Addition of the glide slope in 36R and 18L - Added a textured polygon on each track to deliver tracks asphalt / bitumen and avoid rolling "bumpy". - Bitumen appearance on 36R/18L, as is the case for several weeks (I will the new access and new car later if sources allow straps, all that stuff did not exist when I started the stage floor there one year ...) - Addition of the sidebands on the track 36L/18R. In a second time, I interrupt the intersection with taxiway.