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    Violet Approach

    FSX DX10 + SweetFX + Gabriel Teles Lens Flare Takeoff, just before gear up call: One hour later, vectored approach to LSZH: 200, continue! Thanks for looking!
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    JetStream Designs

    Installing LICJ in P3Dv2

    Hello Captain Z, Well I'm sorry about the late answer. To be honest I did not see your message and I could have replied sooner Please send me an email with your order number to jetstreamdesigns_AT_orange.fr (please replace AT by @ ), and i will get this sorted out quickly Best regards, Thomas
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    Well, if they take to long I'll just ask PayPal to refund my money. In the present condition the scenery is looking nice if you look over all those bugs, but that's it. Refund and when (if) a SP comes out that corrects all the stuff I might buy it again. I'm not a paying beta tester. At least some of the stuff like the red terrain or wrong frequencies should be fixed quickly! That said let's give them a few days since there have been holidays in between.