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  1. iFlysimX

    LFLL P3D V4

    When will P3D V4 come out? Hurry because P3D V5 is not far away....
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  5. iFlysimX

    Airport Hong Kong International VHHH

    Hello! Not sure as we are still waiting for a lot of V4 updates from Taxi2Gate...
  6. iFlysimX


    On my way to Miami!
  7. iFlysimX

    Update KSEA FSX?

    Lol....They are always a bit slow to answer.
  8. iFlysimX

    Aerosoft A318 BETA

  9. iFlysimX

    New P3D Tweak! +10FPS

    Yes, it is default for P3D V4. This thread was back in 2015, which back then, it was not the default.
  10. iFlysimX

    MUVR bleeding texture on arrival fsx

    Hello! Welcome to the forums Did you have any mesh add-ons? Did you make any changes recently or has it always been like that?
  11. iFlysimX

    Request an airport

    Would love to see Buenos Aires! But TorpicalSim already has a pretty good SAEZ: http://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-buenos-aires-ezeiza-saez-2016-fs9-fsx-p3d.phtml
  12. iFlysimX

    What Would You Upgrade?

    Just got the 1080 TI and I love it!
  13. iFlysimX

    Jetways in MCO for FSX

    Unfortunately, I don't think they will fix that
  14. Do you have a screenshot?