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  1. Captain Sim B752 P3D V4

    Enroute to KSFO.
  2. What Would You Upgrade?

    Hello All! Here is my current setup for P3Dv4.1 If you had a budget of ~$400, what would you upgrade? CPU, GPU? i7-4770K O/C 4.2 GHz | GeForce GTX 780 | ASUS P8Z77-V LGA 1155 | Samsung 850 1TB SSD | Windows 10 x64 | 28" UH750 QLED UHD Monitor Thanks!
  3. What Would You Upgrade?

    Yes prices have been crazy! I was thinking a GPU upgrade. Either a 1070 or 1080TI.
  4. LFLL P3D V4

    Any news on this?
  5. LFLL P3D V4

    Hello Jennasoft! Do we expect and update for LFLL to be compatible with P3D V4? Thank you!
  6. Cuban Airports for P3D V3/V4 - On The Way!

    Any news on this?
  7. LFLL P3D V4

    So this may take months then, right? How long to you think? Merci!
  8. No Jetways in LFPG

    Very weird, I see the jetway fine in CDG. Is it the new installer for P3D V4?
  9. P3D V4?

    Hey everyone! Has anyone started using P3D V4? Would love to get your thoughts! Cheers, Clement
  10. P3D V4?

    @stro19 Welcome! not sure if they do, I haven't tried. You can try to install them in the P4D V4 folder and see if they work.
  11. LFML X 2013 and P3D

  12. Cuban Airports for P3D V3/V4 - On The Way!

    Coming along very nice! How much longer would you say?
  13. T2G v4

    I know that they released LFPG for V4 and they are charging an upgrade price of $5. Note that LFPG for V3 works great for V4 so might not need to update it. Did you try to install them in V4 to try?
  14. LFML X 2013 and P3D

    Great news Thomas! Merci
  15. Cuban Airports for P3D V3/V4 - On The Way!

    This looks great! Will it be P3D V4 compatible?
  16. KSEA Jetbridge fix?

    Hey @559AS Welcome! I didn't keep a copy either Do you have GSX? If so, they might work through GSX. Cheers! Clement
  17. Air France B77W

    Enroute to MDPC from LFPG
  18. FSX - Uiautomationcore.dll Fix

  19. New Runway Numbers 35/17

    Any news on this? Looking forward to a P3D version, merci!
  20. Compatible Add-ons?

    Hi guys! I just installed Prepar3D and I wanted to see if the following add-ons were compatible with Prepar3D. AES 2.25 GSX FSPassengers Active Sky 2012
  21. Flying the A320

    Love it! How did you take a panoramic shot like that?
  22. V3 bonanza... with Bonanza

    Very nice!
  23. New GPU for P3D V3?

    Thinking of getting a new GPU for the new release of P3D V3 and i wanted to get your thoughts on the GTX980TI below. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487160 Do you think it's worth the investment? Currently have the GTX780. Think I will get a big improvement? It would double the GB from 3GB to 6GB. Thoughts?