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  1. jennasoft

    Mesh fail

    Ooh oh..It seems that I missed this one. Didn't received any alert about this post. Sorry for that. And I go today for a ten days break. Are you sure you declared the LFLL mesh? (I mean "Lyon Airport Mesh" must be checked in the FS library and must have an upper priority than Lyon Airport)?? And you have no taxiways above the photo ground, as if the corresponding .bgl file had been removed... I'll come back to you on 16th august...
  2. jennasoft

    And JennaSoft second project is...

    Hi guys, it's holidays time. We will show some new screens at the end of August.
  3. jennasoft

    And JennaSoft second project is...

    and a few more... of course work in progress(no transparency nor reflexion added at this time) :
  4. jennasoft

    And JennaSoft second project is...

    Hi All, no release date, so far... just a screen :
  5. jennasoft

    LFLL P3D V4

    Hi all, Yes, we are looking on a way to first make and release an updated FSX and P3Dv4 compatible ground for free, as many of you have been waiting for it for a long time. A new version with the new terminal and some new features on the old buildings, would then be released one year later, this time with an extra cost for old customers.
  6. jennasoft

    LFLL P3D V4

    Hi, yes, it will take months. I would say more than a year. Let be realistic. The new Terminal(called Terminal 1 Hall B ) has already opened but will be fully functionnal only on Summer 2018. At the best, we could expect that all jetways are in position on Spring 2018. From there, we'll have to wait months before a good satelite imagery is available. Keep in mind we don't only need the first one available, but one without too many clouds, good colors, and so on... Once the new ground made(1-2 months), there are two options : - just modelling the new Hall B and a 2 or 3 others small new buildings, and using the all already made. It could save time but some people may complain that some textures should have been refreshed. - or retexturing all buildings already made with the actual texturing techniques...but adding some months again to the developpment. As always in Flight Simulation, everything is about making compromises.
  7. jennasoft

    And JennaSoft second project is...

    Hi F737NG, We would be happy to announce a release for Januar but we cannot promise anything because a scenery developpment is a long way, with unexpected bugs to fix all along. But we'll continue to post some screenshots here so that you can follow the works progression.
  8. jennasoft

    And JennaSoft second project is...

    Thanks Windshear. Unfortunately, we don't intend to do any version of LHR. Gatwick is already a pretty big piece for us, and we have to focus on it, before thinking about the next project. Heathrow is really huge, and there is no doubt that a major developper will put it on his list, soon or later.
  9. Hi guys, it has been a long time since we made some major announcement here. We're proud to announce our current Project for FSX and P3D v3 and v4 : Gatwick! The following screenshots were taken on P3D version, with a native P3D ground. Stayed tuned! O. Badiambila JennaSoft
  10. jennasoft

    New Runway Numbers 35/17

    Hi all, the answer remains the same. We still wait that the completion of the work in the real airport. We'll make also a P3D version.
  11. jennasoft

    LFLL P3D V4

    Hi, the actual version will not be compatibe but Lyon v2.0 will be for FSX and P3D v4 and we'll find a way to make this update an acceptable price for owners of version 1.0/1.1. We are waiting for the new terminal to be completed. We also have to wait for a good available satelite imagery.
  12. jennasoft

    New Runway Numbers 35/17

    Hello, sorry for the very late answer...the add on is not abandonned, at least for FSX. There won't be any development for the fs9 version in the future, regarding the inclusion of some new taxiways when it was released several years ago and the decreasing market for fs9. But I wish to develop a new version for FSX(and maybe P3D), including the new taxiways with the right numbering, and the new extension of terminal 1. I could have made only the new taxiways currently in service, but it requires to start the groundwork from scratch and I would have then to do it again, once the new terminal opened. So I prefer to wait until the opening of the terminal before launching the project. And furthermore, this all stuff requires a new ground imagery, that is not yet available, as the new building is not build. Some of the old buildings may also be reworked. Because it means several months of works, probably one year, it cannot be considered as a single update and the scenery will be released as a new one. Be sure that I will discuss with Simmarket, to provide a good offer for LFLL old customers, so that the price for them doesn't exceed 10 eur.
  13. jennasoft

    [FSX] LFLL batiments non visibles

    Bonjour, Je ne vois que deux situations possibles à ma connaissance pour des bâtiments non visibles dans FSX. Soit il y a absence des textures de batiments dans le répertoire texture...(dans fs9, cela donnerait des bâtiments grisés mais dans FSX, il disparaissent si il manque ne serait-ce que les textures de nuit, même lorsque les textures de jour sont présentes). Soit il manque le bgl contenant la librairie de bâtiments ou le bgl de placement des bâtiments(ces deux .bgl se nomment LFLL_batlib.bgl et LFLL_bat_plac.bgl) Cela paraît quand même difficilement concevable si vous avez installé la scène avec l'installeur officiel... A moins que vous n'utilisiez pas FSX mais une variante(Steam? P3D?) O.Badiambila JennaSoft
  14. jennasoft

    AES compatibility available soon

    Hi, sorry for the late answer...I was in contact with Oliver when Lyon X was released and after adaptating AES to Lyon, he asked me to tell him when Lyon fs9 would be ready. But I forgot to send him an email for fs9 release... I think you'll be glad to hear that an order of Lyon fs9 was made from him on 27 october 2014... We have now to wait because he may not give a release date.
  15. jennasoft

    multiples problèmes LFLL // Severals problem LFLL

    Bonjour, le plantage, lorsqu'il est lié à un doublon d'afcad, ne génère pas de message d'erreur de type "mémoire insuffisante". Je suppose que vous parlez du fichier scenery.cfg. et non du répertoire "scenery" situé dans le dossier traffic de fs9? En tout cas, il faut penser à regarder dans les deux car un afcad peut être lu en doublon par fs lorsqu'il est lu dans le repertoire Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator9/traffic/scenery de FS9 sans que vous ayez forcémment une scène déclarée de Lyon dans scenery.cfg. Par exemple, si vous avez installé des package d'afcad pour les aéroports par défaut.