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  1. For me the cars go right over the top of the runway.
  2. Request an airport

    KSAT (San Antonio Texas)
  3. autopilot tutorial PMDG 747

    Hi please check youtube there are tons of vides that's how I learned.
  4. Airbus X Extended Photos

    Hey can you make a tutorial on how to do an autoland
  5. Aerosoft Airbus X Extended Released!

    What airport is that pic at?
  6. Aerosoft Airbus X Extended Released!

    Yes but I only fly for my aa va so I don't fly airbus plus I like to fly manually not ap
  7. Made some progress on the 737

    Ov always wanted to make one but they don't work we'll with the pmdg
  8. Updated Member Rank

    great idea
  9. Aerosoft Airbus X Extended Released!

    I still have not bought it (not a big airbus fan)
  10. El Hierro X Released!

    is this the second version?
  11. Sudden Frame Rate Loss ! SOS!

    oh fs9? what is your operating system