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  1. astros320

    Desktop or Mini-Desktop

    People! can I run FSX with at least 30 fps with these specs? Intel Core i5 3350P (3.1 Ghz) 8GB RAM 1 TB HDD 1GB Nvidia GTX 650 Note: Also I want to record some videos using Fraps
  2. astros320

    How many airplanes crash daily?

    Yeah I just post it because like @iFlysimX says, "Not that bad considering all of they planes that fly everyday."
  3. For those who are considering having an aviation career, here you have an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Official Accident & Incident Data. http://www.faa.gov/data_research/accident_incident/
  4. astros320

    Ezdok Help!

    Yeah I've already made a simple video using Ezdok, Fraps and FSrecorder, but I only want to know How to move the camera around the airplane in slow motion... There still no video on youtube that explain me that
  5. astros320

    Desktop or Mini-Desktop

    Ok thank you. Lets see what I can do
  6. astros320

    Desktop or Mini-Desktop

    8 gb or 16gb?
  7. Thinking on how to get the sport pilot liscence

  8. astros320

    Desktop or Mini-Desktop

    Do you think its fine to run FSX with an intel core i5 3570k with Nvidia GTX 560
  9. astros320

    Ezdok Help!

    But I think thats the most commonly used. There any other?
  10. astros320

    Desktop or Mini-Desktop

  11. astros320

    Ezdok Help!

    I want to record FSX movies. Can someone tell me how to use Ezdok? (switch cameras, move around the plane in slow motion, etc.)
  12. This week'll buy a computer and do not know which one. Any recommendations?
  13. astros320

    This can help your FPS

    Does this works?
  14. astros320

    Awsome A321 video

    felt in love with those wing views!
  15. astros320

    JetBlue A320 Landing in Nassau

    I was waiting for "retard"