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  1. ILS DME Rwy 16L

    I didn´t find a fix and now I am waiting for a P3D v4 version.
  2. Think I just landed the first time on 16L and the DME readout on the treshold was not 0NM. It shows about 2nm.
  3. Jetways KSEA

    Sorry, but this looks really stupid for me. How would it look if the bridge sinks? I need an example to decide...
  4. This is what I see with the manual patch installed. Does not look normal. I have PNW and nothing else. No FTX vector or any mesh or anything else.
  5. I tried the patch with PNW but there are terrain problems. Can I use the patched scenery without PNW or should I better reinstalled the orignal files?
  6. Overall I really like that scenery. Very nice destination for short flights to/from OMDB. I found a wrong taxiway sign on taxiway C heading south at the end there is A2 instead of A1. On B it is correct.
  7. Updates info needed

    You find the update here: http://www.iflysimx.com/index.php?/topic/727-temporary-links-for-updates-mmmx-kmco/#entry4566 Is there a way to find out the version I have installed?
  8. [FSX] VORs and ILS in T2G airports.

    That scenery is so nice, but the actual VOR frequency belongs to a scenery too. And I think its up to the developer to make an update.
  9. Temporary links for updates (MMMX & KMCO)

    Is there a way to download without twitter, facebook or something else I don´t like?

    Can´t reach your site: Bandwidth Limit Exceeded