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  1. TheFSXexperience

    Captain Sim 777

    I haven't seen any bugs yet, and yes, it is a bit hard on frames, but i've got a good system so it's fine
  2. TheFSXexperience

    Captain Sim 777

    @iFlysimX Because Captain Sim is my favourite developer Quality aircraft all the way around
  3. TheFSXexperience

    Captain Sim 777

    Any of you guys have the CS777? I just bought it, and i love it!
  4. TheFSXexperience

    Airplane Repaint Request

    No, i will just add the repaint to a A330 i already have installed
  5. TheFSXexperience

    Airplane Repaint Request

    Sorry, was writing on my cell, so i couldnt see the template.
  6. TheFSXexperience

    Airplane Repaint Request

    Hello, Here is a repaint request. - Thomas Cook Scandinavia - Project Opensky A330 - Freeware - Thomas Ruth's A340 VC Thanks.