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    Flying is my life. Someday I'll be flying for Qantas Airlines.
  1. roberthodges990

    Twitch TV Requests

    Route: YSSY to YMLT Aircraft: 737-800 (Qantas) Reason Why: I need to be shown by a pro.
  2. roberthodges990

    Best FSX Traffic Addon?

    @Jet100 Looks very promising.
  3. roberthodges990

    New Reputation System

    Hey, look at that! I feel special
  4. roberthodges990

    FSX not starting?

    No, I'm just reinstalling. & No, it said something about not finding the target.
  5. roberthodges990

    FSX not starting?

    I'm having this problem where I start FSX & it just stays on the startup screen, does nothing at all. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. roberthodges990

    My Traffic X 5.2

    Thank you! It works now!
  7. roberthodges990

    My Traffic X 5.2

    I followed all the instructions & when I go to add the scenery area, all it does is open up the file, & doesn't add the area. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. roberthodges990

    Someone help?

    Success! Using ActiveSky 2012, worked & it's almost real!
  9. roberthodges990

    Someone help?

    I think it worked.
  10. roberthodges990

    Someone help?

    I think I might've found the problem, when reinstalling UTX USA I noticed they had the same format files as REX. Will post results.
  11. roberthodges990

    Someone help?

    No luck. Oh well, I'll stick to default.
  12. roberthodges990

    Someone help?

    I'm pretty sure I did. It went through the process of converting them to FSX & Program File(x86)
  13. roberthodges990

    Someone help?

    No luck.
  14. roberthodges990

    Someone help?

    Quite a few times, no luck.
  15. roberthodges990

    Someone help?

    I just got REX Essential & I installed the new water textures, hoping to make it more realistic. No new cloud, water or any textures are seeming to show up. Has anyone had this problem?