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  1. P3Dv4 versions

    First of all congratulations with the birth of your Son :-) As for the info appreciated thanks.
  2. P3Dv4 versions

    any ideas?
  3. P3Dv4 versions

    Are LIML and LICJ compatible with P3Dv4? Thanks, André
  4. LICJ 1.2 crash

    Thank you appreciated :-)
  5. LICJ 1.2 crash

    When will this update arrive?
  6. LICJ

    Thanks appreciated :-)
  7. LICJ

    Any comments?
  8. LICJ

    Apology for the late reply made screen shots with different seasons too... But in all seasons it's of in combination with FTX global and LC Europe. Hope it's helpful. Ps: this is P3D v3.1 Cheers, André
  9. LICJ

    Any ideas?
  10. LICJ

    Great work with the scenery. Question are there seasonal textures? Could we have a special blending for FTX global FTX EU LC? because it's now off... Thanks for the support in advance, Cheers, André
  11. Could you supply at least the missing files as a separated download the install is easy ;-) Thank you for your support [error.1] error=Texture t2gist.BMP failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13) [error.2] error=Texture t2gistLM.BMP failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13) [error.3] error=Texture LTBA-----EDIFICIOS_LM.BMP failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13)
  12. Have the issue with conflicting textures as it was also sometimes in FSX now in Prepar3d v2.5... Any update fine gentlemen it's a waist for all that great work spoiled by a simple adjustment.... Ok dev mode off... Hoping for an update would do it myself if I had the soure files lol Thanks, André
  13. Request an airport

    Yes EHAM with Amsterdam that would be a dream come true ;-) Cheers, André
  14. Request an airport