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  1. bradley27 added a post in a topic Can we have some Consistancy with tidyness please?   

    Also maybe consider placing a readme containing the build version and update as per update....currently i have no idea what versions im downloading from simmarket
  2. bradley27 added a post in a topic Can we have some Consistancy with tidyness please?   

    Bumping this please T2G Team...
    Can you please rename your most recent products (in the near future) so that they all install with matching names as suggested in the opening message to a Taxi2Gate folder...Im not sure why a SimMarket Folder gets created as they are only the vendor?!
    I am aware you plan to update Turkey, Mexico, Hong Kong and Orlando but maybe consider tightening up on product neatness?
  3. bradley27 added a topic in Taxi2Gate   

    Can we have some Consistancy with tidyness please?
    Another little annoyance i have is the lack in consistency with keeping registry in a tidy order!
    At the moment I have this in my Windows Programs & Features list:
    Rename suggestion: Taxi2Gate Seattle Tacoma
    T2G - EDDM
    Rename suggestion: Taxi2Gate Munich
    T2G TFFR - Pointe A Pitre v1.1
    Rename suggestion: Taxi2Gate Pointe A Pitre
    Rename suggestion: Taxi2Gate Hong Kong
    They are all over the place rather than neatly together as Aerosoft, UK2000, FSDT, Flightbeam always manage to do nicely!
    Again within the sim you've setup installations to go into a 'Simmarket' folder rather than your own Taxi2Gate folder like Flytampa, UK2000, Flightbeam etc manage to do.
    It would just be nice to see you guys really take alittle more time and care into your housekeeping, keeping these things together and neat makes things so much easier for the end user to keep a tab on.
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  4. bradley27 added a post in a topic EDDM enhanced AFCAD - update 3   

    Just wondering where your getting your radius info from? Looks incorrect to me...if your using AIA, FAIB, TFS, OSP AI models then your radius sizes are not in line with the correct sizes.
    See the official Alpha India Group radius table... AIG Aircraft Radius by Type.xls
  5. bradley27 added a post in a topic EDDM IMPROVEMENTS FOR GENERAL UPDATE   

    - Is it possible to have JUST the airport and 'discard' the photoarea outside the airport?
    - Improved AF2/AFX file, radius parking sizes are all over the place, alot of AI wing clashing going on at the gates, also GA aircraft parking at the terminal? Surely they will be on remote stands?
    - Tidier roads and textures on the ground, in places AirDailyX's live stream last night really showed these out and they looked quite poor
    - Grass colouring looks very washed out and faded/unrealistic in a vast number of areas, some serious reworking required 
  6. bradley27 added a topic in Taxi2Gate   

    T2G P3Dv3 plead
    Hey T2G,
    As a fan of your work though sometimes atad sloppy in areas i would like to ask that when you do start rolling out the P3Dv3 versions of your latest work please ensure that they are all the updated versions and that the installation process is tidy if its not too cheeky to ask?
    For example Flytampa have recently released all of their work for P3Dv3 and installs in such a way that it looks really tidy and orderly.
    Ideally a general folder in the P3D main folder named 'Taxi2Gate' and inside that each airport listed as Hamad International, Seattle Tacoma, Hong Kong International, Orlando International, Mexico City International, Istanbul Ataturk International for example...
    I look forward to these releases and of course Paris and Munich
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  7. bradley27 added a post in a topic Hong Kong VHHH - New Issues - Feb '15   

    Hopefully this now becomes priority?
  8. bradley27 added a post in a topic KSEA - PREVIEWS AND INFO   

    If you had any sense or know how you'd already be aware that Seattle is a frame hog eating location in FS.
    How can you expect that the whole city will be modeled? The airport is all you need and at the same time you'll be wanting the smoothest results you can get wont you!?
    Look at Hong Kong and the backlash in complaints about Lantau Island...T2G just need to work on the airport and once that's mastered then maybe expand outwards to cites as do Flytampa.
    Mexico City and Doha are totally different to Seattle in terms of resources used.
    If you've got ORBX Pacific Northwest as i expect you have then you really don't need any enhancer to the city, and im sure it should fit fairly well with ORBX PNW.
    I think its pretty safe to say P3Dv2 will be covered, i don't know why people keep asking stupid questions about the platforms it will cover, its only FS9 that's slowly missing the list more often now.
    Seattle was wiped off Flytampas list for a reboot for good reason, we should all just hope that T2G can work some kind of miracle and get this project on point, forget about downtown Seattle
  9. bradley27 added a post in a topic Hong Kong VHHH - New Issues - Feb '15   

    Excellent to hear!
    Might i add also that these areas are alittle questionable...can they at all be improved?

  10. bradley27 added a post in a topic Hong Kong VHHH - New Issues - Feb '15   

    Still pending further update pack T2G....
  11. bradley27 added a post in a topic Hong Kong VHHH - New Issues - Feb '15   

    Update or feedback please guys?
  12. bradley27 added a post in a topic Hong Kong VHHH - New Issues - Feb '15   

    Okay so, following a second uninstall and fresh install, i removed the 5 island files and i cant see any problems as suggested before strangely...so maybe that problem is solved.
    Also the height of ALL jet ways need correcting as you already acknowledged in post #2. (Also illustrated below by FlyCathay)
    However i still see the typo error/spelling mistake as you will see below, surely you see this too?
    This typo only appears when Taxi2Gate VHHH is present in FSX so it must be a typo somewhere in a file??
    Picture 1 shows how Hong Kong International is listed before selection and then in picture 2 you can see suddenly there's a typo defect...

  13. bradley27 added a post in a topic Hong Kong VHHH - New Issues - Feb '15   

    Both are in my FSX Scenery Library so im totally confused why its not possible...
    31. VHHH
    32. VHHH-Terrain
    Please remove the 5 island files and then load up FSX and tell me if you see display errors with the airport
  14. bradley27 added a post in a topic Hong Kong VHHH - New Issues - Feb '15   

    Just look at these screenshots below and you should see blatant problems following the removal of the 5 files from the VHHH Terrain Scenery folder.
    VHHH & VHHH Terrain are both in my FSX library list,
    There are just 4 remaining files in the terrain scenery folder which are VHHH_Exclude-Back, VHHH-LC1, VHHH-LC2 & VHHH-Water once the Lantau Island files have been removed.

  15. bradley27 added a post in a topic Hong Kong VHHH - New Issues - Feb '15   

    I only removed the 5 VHHH-QX files and on doing so thats where issues with the airport appeared as i tried to explain.
    Ill try and post more screenshots to capture what i mean...