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  1. gianluk81

    [LIML P3D 4.4] Ground textures problems with 4.4.

    At moment, only solution is reduced slide for Autogen and scenery draw distance, at medium, textures are ok, over medium, like high...textures problems.
  2. gianluk81

    [LIML P3D 4.4] Ground textures problems with 4.4.

    ...and for other info...test with fog meteo and problems 100% appear.
  3. Hi guys, i see this problems on LIML on p3d 4.4 (only client update from 4.3). At some angle view the ground textures on GA area missed. See the pics. Test various settings in sim, but the problem remain. Also tried to move the LIML scenery in other position on scenery library but don't resolve. Any idea to fix it?
  4. Oh my good!!! Very very good reply!!! Many thanks...now LFRS it's full complete
  5. Hi, yes...switch from 5m to 2m and resolve problems! Thanks for assistance! Have a one question... It's possible insert a left PAPI on rwy 03?
  6. Hi guys, i have this problems with lights poles...see the photo for detail. In some areas have a lamp of lights position at ground and not at top of poles. Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks!
  7. gianluk81

    changed AFD for LFRS Nantes, missing PAPI Runway 03

    Hi, any news about papi update for 03? Thanks!
  8. gianluk81

    LFRS strange black house around the airport.

    Hi Thomas and thanks for reply. Solved...Simple...uninstall and reinstall scenery...now works well!
  9. Hi, i have this problem on p3d v4.1 and your LFRS...See the screen. Black house around the airport. Any idea for fix?
  10. gianluk81

    LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Yes, confirm...dl with SSAA it's terrible!!! In my case use a 8xMSAA with gtx 1080 and i7 7700k.
  11. gianluk81

    LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi again... in my test the "fix" don't resolve. Little better but in more angle the dynamic lights kill gpu and fps. It's possible reduce again the effects for test?
  12. gianluk81

    LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Super!!! Now download file and test...wait for 5/10 minutes!
  13. gianluk81

    LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi, confirm the problem I have same issue with dl and LIML. For example, no problem at EGLL or LOWW beta 2.8 (fly tampa). No problems also in Uk2000 apt's with dynamic lights update. At Liml have a dramatic fps drop. Any idea?
  14. Hi guys... in my last flight to EDDM i see this... wrong name on the info panel at entry S7 from S. In other side the info panel show correct S7 name.
  15. Hi, T2G super fast and super good!!!! With fix i don't any problem with night texture at more jetway... Very good...very thanks!!! Regards Gianluca Balloni