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  1. DMac10121

    Request an airport

    I was debating which airport I would love for the team to do, and I finally came to a conclusion. Seeing as T2G has consistently attempted airports that haven't really been done before in FSX, I figured that a Seattle-Tacoma might be a nice addition to the poll at least. Although it would undoubtedly be very FPS-intensive, more and more systems are able to handle the higher-end sceneries. In addition, it couldn't be more performance-intensive than FSDT CYVR, at least. Regardless, it's the main hub for Alaska, in addition to being a base for Delta and United. It's also perfectly situated right in the middle of FSDT CYVR, FB KSFO, AS PANC, FSDT KLAX, and LVFR KSAN. It's a neat location and terminal, as well, and having part of the city modeled around the airport would be great for the approaches. My 2 cents, at least, and I know we'll all love whichever scenery you eventually decide to produce.
  2. DMac10121

    Orlando Jetways not moving & Afcad change

    I've found that sometimes, if your exit is too far ahead of the jetway it will not move. Try slewing your aircraft backwards and see if that helps. Regards, -Derek