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  1. Those a good news. But the bad news is I'm not at home to enjoy it . Now I'm just waiting for the P3DV2 version and how it will cost and I sure hope PMDG will give us some discount for those who bought the FSX version. And the last the B747V2. I'm more excited for the 747 than 777 .
  2. I was going to ask that same question, because I'm very interested if it works great in FSX. Although Saitek has said it is compatible with FSX and Froogle is very happy about the H.O.T.A.S and made one review video and one to program your buttons and throttles in Saitek's software instead. So my plan is to buy the Rhino and take the chance. Edit: I forgot to mention I found on Saitek website I think was a profile for FSX to download. And I have heard Saitek is going to make a profile for Star Citizen, because the x52 RSI made the H.O.T.A.S compatible for Star Citizens(I heard it from my friend who owns Star Citizens).
  3. World of Warplanes

    Hey all. I just wanted to let you guys know that World of Warplanes is very fun game. It's a multiplayer game. The game happens in WWII. The best thing is that you can use a joystick to fly instead of using your keyboard and mouse. This game comes from the same developers who made the World of Tanks game. The other thing is they are making the third game World of Warships. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLoeFrRqNzQ Website: http://worldofwarplanes.com/
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