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  1. Hi, check the patch here: http://taxi2gate.org/?page_id=334
  2. Hi, check the patch here: http://taxi2gate.org/?page_id=334
  3. maybe another addon? this could be an exclude produced by another addon, check if have duplicated afcads
  4. Prepar3DV3 Installers?

    Hi, after LFPG release, we will continue in update some p3d v3 installers.
  5. FS2004 Taxi2gate MHTG

    Hi, download this and install it into flight Simulator 9/scenery/world/texture/ www.taxi2gate.org/downloads/fs9/MHTG-FS9-CRASH-FIX.rar
  6. What happened to Taxi2Gate?

  7. T2G Hammad Black Building

    hi, for all airports, these are the textures: t2g2.dds t2g2lm.dds T2G2-TVSV.dds T2G2-TVSVlm.dds t2gdoh.dds t2gdohlm.dds t2gist.dds t2gistlm.dds T2GSLU.dds T2GSLUlm.dds T2GTKPK.dds T2GTKPKlm.dds
  8. EDDM cant be installed anymore

    Hi, for activations issues please make a ticket at simmarket, they do all activations and can help you, we really dont know anything about activations since simmarket make all installers and activations.
  9. Hi, please send me an email at support@taxi2gate.org
  10. KSEA Rwy 16C Problems

    Hi, copy and replace this file on your KSEA/Scenery/ Rgds KSEA_AF.bgl
  11. T2G Hammad Black Building

    same procedure here t2gdohlm.dds t2gdoh.dds
  12. LTBA

    Hi, try copy and paste these 2 textures on your : Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Texture\ and try t2gist.dds t2gistlm.dds
  13. no runway lights

    Hi, so you have runway lights but no papi, mmm thats weird to me, if it is a general issue i would have a lot of complains but is not like that, maybe installing any other thing or modifying the afcad could be the cause, let me upload the afcad again.
  14. Hi, Heronjr, remeber that we only have 4gb of ram usage, you need to balance your addons, this ksea was made as no other, saving a lot vas and fps, we make our better, we cant make better than that.