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  1. aceridgey added a post in a topic Cuba in P3D v2.3   

    Anyone can re upload files for MUHA? Will it work with p3d v3?
  2. aceridgey added a topic in İstanbul Atatürk - LTBA   

    LTBA p3d V3
    Hi guys,
    I am about to purchase but wondering about p3d v3 compatibility, is there any issues?
    Also T2G could we have more involvment from you as to when and how you're officially supporting p3d?
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  3. aceridgey added a post in a topic Future Caribbean coverage   

    Hi there. Yeah Max's scenery is great and I've been using it for ages but it's very old now and doesn't have great compatibility with p3d. 
    Latin vfr have done a number but none I've listed. 
    Kind regards 
  4. aceridgey added a topic in Taxi2Gate   

    Future Caribbean coverage
    Hi there,
    It seems like Taxi2gate have gone from churning out extremely high quality sceneries at quite a rate and now it's all cooled down. Is everything back of house still going strong?
    I would love to know if the smaller airports of the Caribbean are still being looked at. I think the community could definetely do with 
    St Lucia
    Any thoughts?
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  5. aceridgey added a post in a topic P3D V3 Compatibility   

    I am having issues with TKPK in P3d (first one testeD)
    All the buildings on approach are black. 
  6. aceridgey added a post in a topic P3d v2.5 scenery wont load in   

    Can we have updated installers for P3d if possible? KMCO is one of your best sceneries and it would be a shame if we couldn't fly it in P3D