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  1. Er!k

    Istanbul & P3D v4?

    I have tried. The airport seems to be working, but there are some strane autogen issues (black buildings) around the airport...
  2. Er!k

    LFML X 2013 and P3D

    Thanks for the update! No rush
  3. Er!k

    LFML X 2013 and P3D

    Hi Thomas, Is there any news regarding the progress of the new LFML version for P3Dv4? Thanks! Erik
  4. Er!k

    P3Dv4 versions

    Thank you, I indeed understood it was for P3Dv4. Only reason I wanted to know the version folder is for my back-up... So I can keep track on which versions I have
  5. Er!k

    P3Dv4 versions

    I see that the update for Linate is out! What is the version number??? Still v1.1? Cannot find it anywhere...
  6. Er!k

    Installing LFPG

    Hi, the installer consists of an executable and the airport itself, in this case stored in a bin file. If you have downloaded all files and run the .exe you should be fine.
  7. Er!k

    P3Dv4 versions

    I suggest waiting a little longer Official P3Dv4 installers coming very soon: https://www.facebook.com/JetstreamDesigns/posts/1515955271757909
  8. Er!k

    Texture problems in Prepar3d v3

    Are you using ORBX?
  9. Er!k

    LICJ - Installation

    Hi, I think you have the best option by contacting SimMarket about this issue. They provide the authorization for the installer.
  10. Er!k

    LIML, where are all the Milan buildings ?

    Hi Thomas, any news regarding a patch? And will it also include the updated AFCAD?
  11. Er!k

    LIML - Accurate AFD file

    Many thanks! Just did a short hop from Pisa with the Aerosoft A319 and it is working great!
  12. Er!k

    LIML - Accurate AFD file

    Many thanks for your work! Just out of curiousity; how did you fix the approaches and ATIS?
  13. Er!k

    LIML - Accurate AFD file

    Hi Frank, is it also possible for you to update the approaches? Every time I land I am instructed an ILS circle to land 36 approach...
  14. Er!k

    Request an airport

    Although there is an up-to-date Heathrow from both Aerosoft (Extended version) and UK2000 (v3); I also would like a T2G version. Both existing versions are horrible on FPS. I am really shocked to see what you did with LFPG. 100% AI, no VAS issues and still 30 FPS with the Aerosoft Airbus!
  15. Hi T2G, Currently the weather is very foggy at LFPG. It would be nice to have an option to have the taxi and runway lights on at daytime as well...