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  1. pmb

    T2G v4

    May I ask the same question for EDDM? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  2. Thanks, that's a clear answer. Will redownload it from SimMarket. Kind regards, Michael
  3. That's a valid question indeed. Seems we are the only two PNW+KSEA users under P3D3...? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  4. Thanks, I'll have a closer look, looks a bit strange in the scenery, but seemingly you are right indeed. I've never been in that area in real life. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Sorry, can some kind soul at least confirm or deny the trees above? Is it just an ill installation on my end or something T2G schould take care of (or even the actual state - who knows)? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  6. Hi, at first, I am very glad Taxi2Gate provided an up-to-date-version of EDDM. I've got an issue with Trees on Apron, though. This is the far Eastern GA area of the airport. Besides EDDM, I use FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC Europe and Pilot's FTX compatible Mesh in the area. I tried deactivating all these, which did not remove the trees. Any idea what is going wrong? I checked the installation order in the scenery.cfg with the manual but it seems correct. EDDM sits above all FTX scenery (with higher priority). This is Prepar3d3.1 Thanks for any hint and kind regards, Michael