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  1. APbjoern


    Hey Guys, when do u update / correct the AFGADs for LFPG? thanx
  2. APbjoern

    EDDM elevation

    Thanx, its perfect know!!!
  3. APbjoern

    EDDM elevation

    Okay, the gray coating over the runway in my pictures is supposed to be ice or any bug?
  4. APbjoern

    EDDM elevation

    no, just deactivated, do I need to uninstall EDDM Aerosoft?
  5. Hey there, after installing all updates I got still issues. In this case an elevation issue. Any idea to fix this? thnx Bjoern
  6. Hero93, I appreciate your effort for fixing the AFCAD, but why did you place Air Berlin Planes at Terminal 2 eg.? Greetings Bjoern