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  1. LICJ P3DV4 No taxi lights

    as you were... thank you for support. regards lorenzo
  2. LICJ P3DV4 No taxi lights

    Hmm I assumed that there was green lights in the middle?
  3. LICJ P3DV4 No taxi lights

    Hi Thomas, I confirm that the bgl you suggested is in the correct folder. I have also attached a screenshot as requested. RegardsLorenzo
  4. LICJ P3DV4 No taxi lights

  5. LICJ P3DV4 No taxi lights

    Hi apologies I mean "taxiway" lights not taxi lights. All my other airport (including marseille) work except Palermo. Regards Lorenzo
  6. LICJ P3DV4 No taxi lights

    Hi, After installing LICJ V4 installer from simarket on a new V4 install i cannot see taxi lights at night. I have also installed dynamic lighting fix with no result. Am I missing something here? Regards Lorenzo
  7. LICJ terminal windows?

    It worked! Thank you for speedy reply! :-)
  8. LICJ terminal windows?

    Been having an odd issue with terminal windows hovering since P3d V3. Any ideas? I have uninstalled and re downloaded files from simarket multiple times with no success. Also I have disabled LICJ in ORBX Vector. Regards Lorenzo