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  1. panzer2181

    EDDM -- (still) missing jetway @ parking 306, 307, and 308

    That's amazing! Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, Was this intended even after patch 1.2? The rest of the airport is fine - its just missing these jetways... Oh, and any news for making the jetways SODE (I guess not....)? This is what I saw on Google Earth (plus the gate numbers are somewhat different)
  3. panzer2181

    When will we receive OTHH for P3Dv3?

    Is there a work-around in the meantime?
  4. panzer2181

    OTHH - Animated Jetways Problem

    Never mind, I did not have aircraft config
  5. Hello, I am trying to have the jetway animate by pressing ctrl+J. The function seems activated in my controls, and I do have advanced animations checked in my settings. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers