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  1. more updates to the terminal 1....
  2. ALL THE CUBAN AIRPORTS UPDATE FOR P3D v3 On the WAY !!!!! dejen comentarios...
  3. it will be available for FSX, P3D v3, v4 and it will be inide of a package of 5 cuban airports for a really nice price.
  4. YES !!! P3D v3/ V4 (updating the terminal 1 as is in real life )
  6. i did those cuban airports long time ago with Taxi2Gate, but i was offline for a long time...now i am updating those airports for prepar3d
  7. More detailed, more realistic, MUHA on the way for P3D
  8. Yes sir...is working on P3D v4 now...
  9. Thanks....more updates and previews on the way...
  10. Those images are from the 3dmax rendering window... In real life those colors are a little bit more opaque..I saw the P3D airport made by Mex...and is missing a lot of parts..but thanks for your info...
  11. more UPDATES !!!
  12. More UPDATES en camino !!!!
  13. WORKING ON THE NEW TERMINAL 1 with more detailed textures and extras....