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  1. lucasgozzard added a post in a topic Installing LFPG   

    Please disregard as it has now worked once I restarted my computer.  Weird. 
    Lucas Gozzard
  2. lucasgozzard added a post in a topic Installing LFPG   

    I've just tried this method and it says files cannot be found even though both .bin files are in the directory that is selected for install.  
    Please help.
    Lucas Gozzard.
  3. lucasgozzard added a topic in FSX Scenery   

    Installing LFPG
    I've just purchased LFPG via SimMarket.  The installation files consist of two .bin files and one .exe file.  
    I'm assuming the .exe file is opened and the .bin files selected manually as when the .exe file is run it asks for me to insert Disk 1 when it's a digital download only?? 
    Lucas Gozzard. 
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