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  1. they're updating their previous sceneries one at a time, just go over to facebook that's where they post all their news and where they'll announce when they start to work on hong kong
  2. No Jetways in LFPG

    did you try to uninstall/reinstall the scenery? works fine for me, check that your antivirus is off for the installation and that you are logged in to an administrator account with write access to ProgramData. Also check your SODE folder in ProgramData, likely to be C:\users\*youryouser*\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE for a) existance and b) under SimObjects for a folder named "Taxi2Gate_LFPG" as well as in the xml folder for the "Taxi2Gate_LFPG_Stands.xml" Do you have other airports that use SODE? Check those if they also don't show the objects that are SODE enabled. Maybe try to register/unregister SODE from all of your installed Sim's.
  3. LFPG is also interior modelled just like EDDM but still has no see-through jetways, in fact the ones I used at first were those from LFPG. I think that IF SODE Jetways will be coming to EDDM that they'll be of the quality that those at LFPG are. Also don't forget performance, this is the first thing any user will complain about and you can imagine what footprint 103 highly detailed inside and outside 3D Models would require in resources on top of that what's already in use. Also the SODE Models they used at LFPG are transparent if you move your camera inside them, this then happens if you were to make the textures transparent... you'd basically have a 2D image that is a 3D model but you simply can't see it wich makes the non-transparent textures the better over all solution.
  4. FB actually stated nothing... those are all wild speculations the last thing they've said about EDDF was that they're having trouble getting into the actual airport and getting photos of it, so they "might look into another project" but this is not official nor stated by somebody under the name of Flightbeam. That is as much statement as we get for now. You can read the conversation yourself, the only thing stated by somebody who obviously knows what he was talking about was that both EDDF and EDDM will have SODE jetways and those will be directly from the developers. I think that if T2G are releasing SODE enabled jetways that they'll be of the quality that the original ones/those at LFPG are wich would be non transparent and no shadow flagged. They are - I think - more concerned about performance and it also is more work to model the outside and inside of a jetway. But we'll see once the new version releases. They officially needed 1 month for their LFPG from announcement until release of the update, so let's just hope EDDM will not take any longer.
  5. Taxi2Gate stated on Facebook this week that they're updating EDDM for P3D v4 and with that will rework the sattelite of Terminal 2!
  6. Hi guys sorry for my absence, the Jetways are not transparent because if the windows are transparent the whole jetway gets invisible, that's caused by the way it's modelled. Also the textures for the Jetway is a repeating pattern throughout the jetway wich means if I add the M, the whole jetway is covered in M's and this is way more unrealistic than just leaving it out. We had a huge thread over on FSLabs' Forums wherein somebody (with insight) stated that it is not fair to share files that aren't created by yourself (what I totally agree with) wich is why I've removed the files. Also he mentioned that there will be SODE Jetways for EDDM & EDDF, current status - as far as I'm concerned - is that FlightBeam Studios are looking into EDDF (and maybe EDDM as stated there) but nothing is really confirmed. I made another set but this is not eligible for the community of T2G, so "they're just for myself" T2G announced this week that they're working on updating EDDM for V4 and that they're reworking the sattelite of terminal 2. Maybe they'll include SODE jetways? Who knows. The update should be out in a couple weeks. Then we'll see what actually goes on behind the closed doors...
  7. T2G EDDM SODE Jetways here

    Hi everybody I made SODE Jetways for EDDM's Terminal 2 by stealing them from LFPG, repainting, renaming them and placing them by reference off Google Maps! I couldn't include the M on the jetways sadly... Please reply if you have any problems and I'll try to help you Note I am no developer, I literally stole them from LFPG in the XML
  8. Hey guys I made Sode jetways for Terminal 2, try them at your own risk and report back if something doesn't work, make sure to read the instructions and the about!!