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  1. LFRS config tool

    Thanks... I found out allready ... Norton...
  2. LFRS config tool

    Hi, I just bought the LFRS scenery. Great! But where can I find or start the airport config tool, mentioned in the manual?
  3. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Tried it, no result. Even removed the scenery, downloaded it again, installed again, same result.
  4. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi Thomas, thanks for your heads up. I tried everything you mentioned. No result. Strange is that going outside makes FPS a bit better, but it fluctuates from 1,6 to 70 and everything in between. seems with a irregular interval of 1-3 seconds going up and down. As soon as I switch to for example LEBL (by navigation choosing another airport) FPS is about 50 steady.
  5. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi, I bought LIML and are very impressed, but I noticed at night in P3D V4 (with dynamic lighting on) my FPS drops t 7 (!!), while it runs at an FPS of around 40 in daylight... As soon as I switch over to another airport for example EHAM or LEBL, I don't have this problem. Any ideas? Ed van de Vijver