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  1. LICJ Palermo P3Dv4 issues

    Found it. It was sitting in a folder inside the add on folder. Working fine now, thanks for the help. Regards Leo
  2. LICJ Palermo P3Dv4 issues

    Hi Thomas, No I haven't, where do I get that file from? Regards Leo
  3. LICJ Palermo P3Dv4 issues

    Hi there, I have the same issues as in the tags, but mine is with P3Dv4.1, the runways and taxiways are elevated and buildings are in the ground. Is there anything I'm missing/ I have installed, un-installed a couple of times now, ran ORBX Vector, renamed LICJ in Vector AP folder to old and back again, nothing makes any difference. Any help appreciated. Regards Leo de Haan Scotland.