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  1. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hey Thomas, Thank you again appreciate it! Still, take your time I initially thought that it could be my system, but as said previously I got airports like T2G LFPG and I have no problems of that kind. Without DL tho. Maybe putting an option to disable it in the scenery config for the next sceneries would be an idea Regards, Alex.
  2. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hello, Bought your scenery today and it is great ! (Hopefully you'll do some more *cough* Biarritz *cough* Orly *cough* ) I don't have a very strong system since he's becoming older and older, but an OK one (i7-3770k - not overclocked - and GTX670 with 8GB of RAM), and am flying the FSLabs. I manage to have ok fps to me (20-40) at any stage of the flight by any weather/time, maybe a bit less at night but that's just fine. I'm already playing with 1024 textures in my sim, airplane and weather engine. I manage aswell to get those fps at airports much bigger than LFRS such as LFPG from T2G etc... However, I'm very laggy at the apron of Nantes (like really), this does only occur at the apron and only when I'm looking to its direction, and I suspect the kind of "lightning" to be the cause of it. I thought it was the dynamic lightning (since in my cockpit it's lighten just like I had the dome light on) but the issue still persists after disabling it. Maybe a clue about what my problem could be, or some bgl or fx files I could delete to improve performances ? Thanks! I joined a few screenshots if that might help. My order id is : 1773207 PS : I did the updates available on your site regarding the scenery.
  3. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hey, I just replaced the file you sent me (thanks), so the lightning indeed disappeared but I'm afraid I still got very low fps at the apron. I have, this time, no idea of what might cause this :S Best regards, Alex.
  4. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hi, Roger thank you, nothing urgent tho take your time let me know when it's ready ! Got a few exams next week anyways
  5. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hey, Indeed I have the "Dynamic lightning" enabled in my P3Dv4, the issue is that I need this option in order to see my landing lights illuminating the ground huh... No walk-around possible in that case ? Alex.
  6. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hello Thomas, I removed the two files and it didn't change anything unfortunately. I really have the feeling that it's related to the lightning indeed (since it only happens at night), the very one that illuminates my cockpit just as in the second screenshot (the dome light was off). As I said, this issue is aswell happening at Marseille. My order id of LFML is : 1656342. PS: On your scenery configurator I just noticed that one option is named "Dynamic lightning compatibility", does it remove dynamic lightning ? I tried either way and it didn't change anything but I have the habit to remove the dynamic lightning as it's heavy on performances so might be that. Regards, Alex.
  7. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hey, Actually I just remembered that I got the exact same issue in Marseille (I got P3DV4.1).
  8. [P3DV4] LFRS - low fps at apron

    Hello, Just made the experience and indeed I have no problems at day time, it starts to occur at dusk and continues at night. Thanks for your help, Alex.