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    Launceston Airport : Although small its a great airport situated in Northern Tasmania which operates both prop and larger domestic routes to mainland Australia. Now there is a freeware version of this airport by orbx but its not anywhere near to scale or structure of the airport. I'd love to see a more detailed and refined version that puts the island on the map for FSX and P3D. Melbourne Intl: Situated in southern Australia (Victoria) its a major Australian airport that connects America and Asia to Australia. I could not care less that Orbx made a payware version of this airport, its not detailed and refined at all. I'd love to see a more professional job of this airport with a SODE Jetway integration, properly textured terminal and ground textures. Perth Intl: Not one payware to been seen of this airport, located in Western Australia the airport is a soon to be hub for Europe for Australia connecting both continents by Qantas's new B787. The airport is both domestic and intl, featuring two terminals divided by two runways. I'd love to see this airport being developed with SODE Jetway integration.