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  1. Thomas, Thanks for the additional emails and I got everything working fine. The scenery really looks great, and I appreciate the fast support responses. Thanks so much, Bill
  2. Thomas, I used the installer but p3dv4 didn’t recognize the new airport? The installer created a Prepared V4 Add-ons folder in the main Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3dv4 folder. Shouldn’t it have installed it in the Documents\Prepar3d v4 add-ons folder? Did I do something wrong? Bill
  3. Wow, by the time it took me to publish the previous post above I had a reply from Greg. Thanks for the quick response. When P3D V4 was released Little Rock was indeed P3D V4 compatible via a manual install. But I’ll soon be uploading a P3D V4 installer to SimMarket which you can already download here: Best regards, Thomas .
  4. Hi Greg, I have the same issue trying to install in P3Dv4. Just sent you a note with the order number. This software is designed for P3Dv4 correct? Enhanced graphics to take advantage of P3Dv4 capabilities? I'm a little concerned since the installer issue seems to have been an issue since Nov. 10, 2017? Thank you, Bill