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  1. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    You have a better config than me (I got a GTX 1070 with I7 4770K), so you should have better FPS too. At Linate with DL activated I get an average of 40-50 FPS at night. So I will be looking at which setting or element which could harm your FPS with our DL on. I'll let you know as soon as possible if a solution is found.
  2. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi gianluk81, thank you for your feedback. Actually making the effect even smaller will make dynamic light useless as it won't put enough light around. I really have to understand why only a few users are having an issue with that DL. There is a setting which makes DL very FPS heavy: if you are using an AA setting like 8xSSAA, this will be very FPS heavy by night. I recommend setting 8xMSAA.
  3. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi, I have reduced the effect's size. You should get better FPS now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z7i0dya9ojcdu86/LIML new DL Effects.zip?dl=0 Please install into your P3Dv4 effects folder. Best regards, Thomas
  4. LICJ Palermo P3Dv4 issues

    Hi Leo, Do you have file LICJ_ADEX_JDS_ALT.BGL into Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery ? This file deals with elevation of the airport, and when it is not in your Scenery\World\scenery folder, this would lead to elevation issues like yours. Best regards, Thomas
  5. LFML P3d V4 Jetways missing

    Vous m'en voyez ravi! Bien cordialement, Thomas
  6. LFML P3d V4 Jetways missing

    Merci pour votre retour, je comprends à présent pourquoi vous n'avez pas de passerelles. Seuls les fichiers pour la version de FSX sont installés. Pouvez-vous s'il vous plait me contacter par message privé en mentionnant votre numéro de commande? Je vous fournirai ainsi les fichiers permettant de régler le problème. Bien cordialement, Thomas
  7. LFML P3d V4 Jetways missing

    Bonjour Jean-Marc, Désolé, le dimanche le support prend un peu plus de temps Avez-vous installé la dernière version de SODE? https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?page_id=9 Si c'est le cas, pouvez-vous me confirmer la présence des éléments suivants: Dans C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects: - un dossier JetStream LFML Dans C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml: - fichier JSD_LFML_jetways.xml Autre question: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE est-il le dossier dans lequel votre SODE est installé (il s'agit du dossier par défaut)? Si ce n'est pas le cas, vous pouvez couper/coller les élements ci-dessus (dossier JetStream LFML et fichier JSD_LFML_jetways.xml) respectivement dans 12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects et 12bPilot\SODE\xml de votre installation de SODE. Bien cordialement, Thomas
  8. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hi Ed, To be honest at the moment I don't know what could be the issue as I could not create this FPS problem on my computer. If needed I can provide you with files deleting the dynamic lights for the scenery as a temporary measure until I get a better idea of what's going on there. Please let me know. Best regards,
  9. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    This is very strange. When it comes to dynamic lights (DL), I have seen users having issues with some airport sceneries but not with other ones. So, most of our sceneries users will have good FPS with DL, but a few won't. Other editors will have the same issue as well. We can try the following: start a flight by night at Gate 4 in VC view. Then press "Y" for slew mode and move your aircraft to beginning of RWY 36. Now, slew back to gate 4 and check your FPS. There will hopefully be an improvement. I use this technique when sometimes I get FPS issues due to DL. Slewing far from the DL and coming back always solves the issue in my case.
  10. P3D V4.1 - Question on LICJ and LIML installtion

  11. P3D V4.1 - Question on LICJ and LIML installtion

    Hello Ezio, To answer your questions: 1) You just need to use the P3D V4 installer for LICJ. The FTX compatible files are already included into this installer. What is included into Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder is what should be added to the scenery library, and that's all . You can delete \Prepar3D v4\SimMarket\JetStream Designs Palermo LICJ P3Dv3 folder if you installed that one (as this is meant to be installed into P3D V3). 2) You can install the small fix for the dynamic lights for LICJ and LIML, as these are not included into the main V4 installers. Hope this helps Thomas
  12. LIML dramatic FPS drop at night

    Hello Ed, Dynamic lights are demanding indeed, but there is no reason you should have such low FPS at LIML if you are getting good FPS everywhere else. Our dynamic lighting is made as simple as possible to avoid any FPS issue. We included only one emitter, and the effect file itself is very simple. A few steps can be done to hopefully improve the situation: - delete your shaders cache: Go to C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders and delete the “shaders” folder (make a backup first). Next time you’ll start your P3D V4, shaders will be regenerated (this can take a up to a few minutes, your sim will look "empty" while regenerating, this is normal). - I have noticed that sometimes you have to "play" with your view angle to get good FPS with dynamic lights. If you start at a gate for example, switch to external view, and then pan around for 10 seconds. In my case I suddenly get great FPS again (this was tested on both our airports and other developer's sceneries). - make sure you don't use too much bloom in your lighting options. Mine is set at 0.30. Dynamic reflections are also better set to off. Please let me know if there is any improvement, Best regards, Thomas
  13. P3D v4 KLIT Installation

    Hello Greg, Please send us a message with your order number using this contact form https://www.jetstream-designs.com/contact/ We'll sort this out Best regards, Thomas
  14. LFML - Double Buildings with VFR France PACA

    Hello Enrico, I guess France VFR PACA scenery comes with a custom LFML scenery too? I did not install the latest France VFR offerings for this area, so I don't know which are the .bgl files with their version of LFML scenery. But if you can locate these files, you can cut and paste them into a backup folder. Once they're not active anymore, you should get a fully working LFML scenery Hope this helps! Thomas
  15. LIML dynamic lights

    Well, if we find a solution so you can avoid the hassle of reinstalling your sim, that would be better One possibility would be that the sim loads the lights effects several times, but this is unlikely though. I'll let you know if i get an idea about what's going on there.