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    LFML X 2013 SODE Jetways Issue

    Hi lesnolex, That second 12bpilot folder must not be deleted. It is not a duplicate, it is needed for the platform manager and SODE in-game to work correctly. I'm not sure what makes SODE lose the connexion at LFML. There must of course be something but as I can't get the same error on my FSX, it is a bit complicated to find out the issue. I'll do more testing and let you know. Best regards, Thomas
  2. JetStream Designs

    LFML elevation problem in P3Dv4

    Hi Leo, Did you try moving the scenery at the top of your scenery library? Also, just to make sure, the LFML_ADEX_TLG_ALT.BGL must be located into the Scenery\World\scenery (and not into the scenery folder of Marseille). May I also ask you which simulator version you are using? Best regards, Thomas
  3. JetStream Designs

    LFRS no SODE-jetways

    Hi Kai, I'm glad to know Best regards, Thomas
  4. JetStream Designs

    LFML X 2013 SODE Jetways Issue

    Hello lesnolex, As you are using the FSX version of LFML, please check if the file JSD_LFML_jetways.xml is installed into C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml. That file is for the P3D version, and sometimes messes up with the FSX file which is JSD_LFML_jetways_FSX.xml. So if you are using FSX, please delete file JSD_LFML_jetways.xml and your FSX jetways should appear again. Hope this helps Best regards, Thomas
  5. JetStream Designs

    LFRS Surface Bumpiness?

    Hello, There is indeed an update on our website about this issue: Nantes Atlantique - P3D V3 / V4 "bumpy" runway and "SODE connexion lost" fixes Best regards,
  6. JetStream Designs

    LFRS no SODE-jetways

    Hi Kai, I'm sorry for the late answer to your message. Which simulator version are you using? And also, are you using the latest SODE version? What we can try first is to install the jetways update available here: https://www.jetstream-designs.com/app/download/5818692590/JSD_LFRS_jetways.zip Please replace the older JSD_LFRS_Jetways.xml with the bew one. Please let me know if there is any improvement. Best regards, Thomas
  7. JetStream Designs

    LIML P3Dv4 TAXI-Parking problem

    This is strange as we have included all real ground data to our AFCAD file. We'll check about it. Best regards, Thomas
  8. JetStream Designs

    LIML is beautiful but...

    Hi Tonaz, We will include this as a fix for next update. Best regards, Thomas
  9. Here you are LFRS_PAPI03.zip
  10. Hi Gianluk81 Setting a mesh resolution setting of at least 5m (even better is 2m or 1m) will solve this issue Best regards, Thomas
  11. JetStream Designs

    LICJ Surrounding autogen buildings black

    Hi loewe, Please send me a private message, we'll sort this out! Regards, Thomas
  12. JetStream Designs

    LFRS instalation problem

    Hello Ruud, I'm currently checking the file Regards, Thomas
  13. Hi Benjamin, Sorry for the delay. Download link enclosed to this message (this is the P3D V3/4 version) To install, paste this .bgl file into JetStream Designs Little Rock X 2014\Scenery, and overwrite older file. Best regards, Thomas KLIT_ADEX_JDS.zip
  14. JetStream Designs

    LFRS instalation problem

    Hello Ruud, This can happen if you have errors in your scenery.cfg file. Could you please send me (by private message or email) your order number and "scenery.cfg" file located there: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 I'll check that file to see if there are any errors preventing the scenery to be installed. Best regards, Thomas
  15. I Benjamin, I will soon issue an AFCAD update about this Best regards, Thomas
  16. JetStream Designs

    [P3D V4.2] FPS drops with DL on at LIML.

    Hi Alessandro, It looks like all users do not get the same performance with Dynamic lights. The system we used to develop Linate was older than yours ( I7 4970K and GTX 1070), and we had excellent FPS with dynamic lights enabled. However, we have noticed a "bug" that happens on some airports with DL: when you start your flight near a DL area, the area in front of your aircraft becomes very bright and FPS drop dramatically. If you pan your view in external view around your aircraft for about ten seconds, that bug disappears, and FPS go back to normal. Is this what is happening to you? Best regards, Thomas
  17. JetStream Designs


    Bonjour, Si vous utilisez P3D V4, il est déconseillé d'utiliser les fichiers de FSX. Ils ne marcheront pas avec cette version. Pouvez-vous m'envoyer votre numéro de commande par message privé, je vous enverrai un fichier à installer afin de régler le problème. Cordialement, Thomas
  18. JetStream Designs


    Hi, This looks weird. Can you please send me a private message with your order number? We'll sort this out. Best regards, Thomas
  19. JetStream Designs

    jetstream lfml

    Bonjour Eric, Quelle version de simulateur utilisez-vous? Si vous utilisez FSX, ouvrez le dossier suivant: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml et supprimez le fichier JSD_LFML_jetways.xml Tout devrait rentrer dans l'ordre. Cordialement, Thomas
  20. JetStream Designs


    Hi, My apologies too for the late answer. Sometimes, having the P3D XML into C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml can prevent the FSX jetways to appear. Please do a « JSD_LFML_jetways.xml » search into C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml and delete that file. Hope this helps! Best regards, Thomas
  21. JetStream Designs

    changed AFD for LFRS Nantes, missing PAPI Runway 03

    Hi Gianluk81, I'm taking care of the new PAPI right now. Stay tuned for the update
  22. JetStream Designs


    Hi, This is strange, as the other jetways are working. Please try this new XML file and let me know if you have the jetways again. To install: paste into C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml and replace the old one. Best regards, Thomas JSD_LFRS_jetways_FSX.zip
  23. JetStream Designs

    LFRS problem

    Hello, About the lights, I think you are using OpenLC Europe, which adds those unwanted lights on the LFRS apron. Here is a fix: About the parking vehicles, maybe try a "reset scenery to default" in the scenery configurator. Best regards, Thomas
  24. JetStream Designs

    LFML Installation

    Hello Sid, Make sure you used the LFML V4 installer. At the end of the install process, a PDF readme file should open with description on how to add the scenery to the scenery library (via the scenery library tool). After opening the scenery library tool from P3D, just browse to the LFML folder to activate the scenery Best regards, Thomas
  25. JetStream Designs

    LICJ Runway is flickering

    Hi, What is strange is that we strictly followed the P3D V4 SDK for creating the ground polygons. I don't own Chase Plane so I can test. I will check again the ground files, maybe we missed something on that particular area. Thanks for letting us know. Regards, Thomas