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  1. I just purchased EDDM from Sim market. I went to Taxi2Gate website and updated the Scenery and texture file. I also added the Winter texture update. When I first start up the simulator  I get the following.
    Scenery.CFG file error
    Scenery's remote directis is invalid:
    Would you like to Unload this area? 
    What needs to be done to make sure this does not show up and the install is fine?
    Thank you.
  2. I'll try it like this after no one responded to me via email at the taxi2gate support(2 weeks are u serious?!?!).
    My problem is, that at the installation of the eddm scenery, at the point of entering the registration key, instead of the website 2 error messages pop up and everytime i enter anything(even the right code) the messages return.

  3. I try all Info´s at the other Update-Topic !! Max Out Mesh Settings - Get the Right File with 539,77MB from SimMarket deinstall Old Version +
    Check that all Files are Deleted well @ C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimMarket
    and Install Ubdated File again! It´s done and Plane Crash again at the Bridges in my FSX !
    I use FTX Fullpack with Global Base , Global Vector , FTX OpenLC Europe + REX Essential Plus Overdrive ! I also use the "Automatic Airport Elevation
    Correction" for FTX Vector and also the same... ! Also Tested with the old Bridgefixx and ist Crashes again .... ! BUT Before the Update the Bridgefixx runs well for me ..... !! So what´s wrong ?
    I´m still at the end with my knowledge .... sorry .... Any more Ideas maybe ??
    Other with FSX get realy no Problems ?

  4. My suggestion!
    Please - admin - make some closed post with all fixes to EDDM, there is many fix on few posts, now I don't know which is correct.
    Best regards