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  1. Diego Enrique » Taxi2gate


    For some reason FSX crashes every time i make a flight into KMCO from a distance longer than KDAB. For example: KMIA-KMCO. The crash happens when being at about 15 miles from the airport scenery. At first glance, it happens when the scenery loads. The faulty module i am always getting is g3d.dll. 

    I d appreciate your help since i am getting no response from the taxi2gate support email for about 7 days already. 

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    2. Diego Enrique


      I havent gotten any response from you guys, Neither on my mail box nor on the junk folder. This is the only way that I found to get a hold of you. As you said it is likely to be related with megaearth in my case. The thing is that megaearth was never installed into FSX main folder, it was installed in a separate drive partition as a file to be added to FSX. So what i did was to install KMCO on top of the megaearth added file according to addons priorities. Please, give a solution for this since FSX only crashes when having the KMCO scenery installed. 

    3. Diego Enrique

      It is very upseting not to get any kind of help or support from TAXI2GATE. I will just get rid of this scenery and not buying any of these sceneries again. 

    4. Taxi2gate

      i couldnt find the info and i dont remember how megaearth scenery owners fix the problem, the scenery itself doesnt have problems so i can do nothing here, if i find some info about how they fixed it ill let you know.

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