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New P3D Tweak! +10FPS

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Hey guys!
Just came across this NEW P3D tweak that makes you gain 10 or more FPS. According to a lot of people it seems to be working.
Go to your Prepar3D.cfg and look for OPTIMIZE_PARTS under the [sIM] section.
The default setting is OPTIMIZE_PARTS=0.
Change that to OPTIMIZE_PARTS=1.
Yep that's all!
Let us know your feedback!
Gave this a try and P3D seems to be more smooth and I did see some extra FPS in the Aerosoft Airbus. 
Before the tweak:
After the tweak:
Update 2:

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It works in both FSX and P3D


I highly doubt this tweak is implemented in FSX. I will try it now and report back.


EDIT: tried it, compared fps, and of course it doesn't work in FSX. It is defo legit only in P3D2.

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In addition to the Optimize Parts tweak, you can safely use the AffinityMask tweak in P3D as well.  I use both and get decent frames and solid stability.  Stutters are another matter, but I blame that on my extensive scenery. lol

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