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LITE Texture package to help against ooms

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Hi there, 

As the title states, would it be possible to have a LITE Texture package with standard 1024 textures to give more overhead for vas management flying from Taxi2gate mega scenery to xxx mega scenery with complex Airliners, and some might be using ORBX, but as we know Vector is a vas eater. 
Hope this can/will be implemented as other rival developers have given that option 


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Just a follow up to whom it may concern at Taxi2gate, regarding your reply that not able to make a lite texture pack would "turn blurry on the scenery", I have managed to use Ordenador which is a software tool to downsize certain textures on the KMCO scenery without compromising too much quality in the work you guys have done with putting together your sceneries. A lot of the texture files were at 2048, which is nice. But some might have been 2048 where they don't need to be perhaps? 
With vas management taking off from KMCO I only had 600mb of vas remaining, using the pmdg 737 or 777 or fslabs 320. I only use ASN with REX cloud textures at 512, so no mad HD textures. Departing and arriving into other sceneries made by other commercial developers vas wasn't much of an issue, but when it came to Taxi2gate scenery I wasn't able to land without an oom. 
Now after downsizing a good bulk of the textures in your scenery I have monitored the vas and was quite astonished that aroughly 1.4-1.6 gb of vas remaining (weather dependant) was free to commence a flight, and arriving into the scenery with around 800-900mb was left free. 
The ordenador tool didn't cause any adverse errors to the scenery which was great and a good result. I suppose in the meantime if a Lite-texture pack isn't available I presume this would be one alternative work around to accommodate your sceneries into our virtual flying world. 
This was not to put you down, just a constructive critique in a way. Considering the amount of time it took for your team to reply was quite a downer as a taxi2gate customer. 

Kind regards

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