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LFML X 2013 and P3D

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Hi there :)


For users willing to install LFML X 2013 into P3D, please do not forget to copy and paste the file LFML_ADEX_TLG_ALT.BGL into \Prepar3D v2\scenery\World\scenery .

This is a very important step in order to get the scenery working with P3D.


Also wanted to share a few P3D in-game shots showing the great dynamic shadows you can get with the scenery ;) (unedited screenshots)




















Best regards,

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I've just installed LFML X 2013 into P3D v2.1 by using the standard FSX-installer. But I can not find the file "LFML_ADEX_TLG_ALT.BGL". I have browsed the folder "...\AddOn Scenery\JetStream Designs LFML X 2013", but the file isn't there. I can only find a file named "LFML_ADEX_TLG.BGL".


So for the moment it is not possible for me to copy file mentioned above to the "...world\scenery" folder.




Edit: I will try to make a native FSX-installation of this scenery in a virtual machine, so I hope the needed file will be installed correctly. Afterwards it is possible to copy the BGL-file from the VM into my P3D-installation.

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Hello Alexander,


Thanks for your quick answer.


the problem is - I have no FSX installed. That's why I want to make an FSX-Installation in a VM. But first I have to wait for a reactivation from Simmarket of my LFML 2013 installations. I have reached the activation limit.



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