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  2. Hello, I have this same problem on P3D 5.1HF1. Any news on the fix please?
  3. Hello, I will check this by tomorrow. Best regards
  4. Hi, Similar problem for me with P3DV5.1HF1. And even loss of the southern part of the National Road 7 tunnel underneath the airport. Everything is flat in the south while everything is OK in the north. Please don't forget the customers of the other flight simulators who are always there. Thanks
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  7. Hello, I have a problem with orly on P3D 5.1 ht1 when I cross the bridges, my plane falls .. does it hurt someone else? Thank you, Kevin,
  8. Hello Youyou, I'm glad it works great now! Have a nice day.
  9. Hello, I just tried on a "vanilla" P3D + the Linate scenery, and did not get the stutters. Do you have any other addons around this area? As it happens only when rolling on runway 36, it might be related to Milan city. When looking north, you have the Milan area in front of you. If there are some custom objects, the sim might load them all at once, which might be the cause for the stutters. It's just a guess of course, as unfortunately it is always very difficult to know why there are stutters on a particular situation. Could you try to de-activate the Linate scenery, and take-off fr
  10. Hey Devs, Hope all's good there.. Idk if this topic is still active but, on behalf of a lot of people I know in the flight sim community, I'd really like to request you to build Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai (VABB). This airport is India's second busiest airport and is devoid of a top notch scenery from any developers. We had one from thai creation, but that was for fsx and incomplete construction. Request you to take a look, it'll surely persuade you devs to make!
  11. Hello, first of all I would like to say the scenery is fantastic. I just have kind of an annoying problem: Every time I am rolling on runway 36 I get two long stutters. This happens close to the end of the runway. It does not happen when taking off from runway 18 or in other parts of the aerodrome, so I guess its related to that particular area. I have read another similar post about it here on the forum. Is there any kind of solution? Thanks.
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  13. Hi, blue lights have already been added in version 1.20 available for download on Simmarket for free. Concerning the second runways, I began to work on it when preparing v1.2 but gave up because of the lack of information If you have some (especially about appraoch lights, send me an email at jennasoft@outlook.fr) Olivier B.
  14. No, ADE is to complicated for me🙂. Got some inspiration from GSX's exclude folder. Just picked up the coordinates with Google maps and used bglcomp of p3d's SDK.
  15. Hi, I made a new flatten file. Put in the Gatwick's scenery repertory and remove all other files named EGKK_ADE_ try this file(assuming you are using AI trafic) and tell me if it solves the issues. It should fixe the grass issue for Aleksander_B and maybe also for glidscope. If it does, I will provide a no AI version Not sure it can solves levitation effect because to me, it's not a mesh flatten issue. It probably comes from something else and has no obvious explanation(jetways and ground objects are placed exactly the same way than building). So yes, I'm unable to solve
  16. Thanks. you didn't make it with ADE(I see an xml file), did you? Olivier JennaSoft
  17. Yes ! it works, even if it only works in one direction, it works and it is fine. November 15th is my birthday, thank you for this gift forgive me my previous irritability :)
  18. Bonsoir j ai installé cette scène sur p3dv5.1 mais je ne vois pas de bâtiments, ni d aéroport est ce normal ou incompatible merci pour votre aide
  19. I have checked the file again, and found what might prevent the OrlyVal to appear on some systems. Please find enclosed a new BGL file, to install into FSX\JetStream Designs\JetStream Designs Paris Orly\scenery. Please let me know if problem is solved. LFPO_Orly_Val.BGL
  20. does this guy @jennasoft ever bother coming to provide support ??
  21. a few months later apart from advising to set the mesh to 1m which by the way is a very bad advice, because it makes peaks appear (sic), still no solution in sight ... the textures sometimes flicker, the mesh on the west side deactivated under fsx ... in short, next time I will go and help myself for free
  22. Thanks for your anwser! I understand, if you need help to test or do trial/error, I am willing to help, you can always PM me !
  23. @rvnbrg Add this "scenery" below EGKK and default objects are gone. Exclude_default_objects.zip
  24. Hello Jules, I did not remember that P3D V5 was now compatible with Ai Traffic for the sloped grounds. LFRS was released for P3D V3 when slopes and Ai were not compatible. At the moment, implementing slopes requires a huge amount of time and lots of "trial and error" to get it right. Honestly I fear I won't have the ressource to do it anytime soon. However, LM's P3D is in constant evolution, and if sloped grounds can be implemented in an easier way in the future, then there would be no problem at updating LFRS with slopes. I would love to see sloped ground at LFRS for P3D too Best
  25. I have asked LM and please find their anwser https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6306&p=230564#p230564
  26. Yes, same here. This seems to new with p3d V5.1 .
  27. Do you ever bother to look at the forumn??  There's numerous topics that need looking at

  28. Hello, I cannot remove the default airport buildings on Gatwick. I have already removed all ORBX files as stated in the manual. I am on P3D v5.1
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