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  3. After installing i got scenery cfg error, but did manual activation, now i have EGKK but with messages about not findinding area 146 ; unload or not ? but in my cfg the count goes to 145, there is no 146...already tried Lorby, but no result, any help ?
  4. I completely agree. What is the point at all?
  5. Last week
  6. Fu cking useless dev. Apply his fix and now I have double lights on the runway. Its either you have working lights or dodgy elevation. Good to see that he cares about customer support, ignoring people asking for help is a great way to keep customers happy. Back to UK2000 for me, this guy can stick anything he makes as far up his ar se as he likes, I wont be touching it with a barge pole.
  7. Hello, After trying this fix on JSD-LFPO scenery the issue is reduced but airliners still do little jumps on taxiway bridges. Anyway I do hope that the ticket opened by LM P3D support will definitely solve the issue.
  8. Thanks Thomas. I'll give it a try 🙂
  9. Hello, Thanks a lot for this trick!
  10. Hello Luke, Dynamic lights should indeed show, as they are part of the Linate V5 scenery. Please find enclosed the effects files to place into the Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Effects Best regards, Thomas Effects.zip
  11. Earlier
  12. Hi, Have just installed into P3d V5 but see not dynamic lights. Are they implemented? Thanks, Luke
  13. This is stupid, I cannot fly into Gatwick..??
  14. Thank you for explaining.
  15. Hello, This is a sim-bug (not a scenery bug) happening since last sim-update on most add-on (and many default) airports. More about this here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/many-addon-and-default-airports-have-taxiway-lights-posts-on-runways-and-other-airport-locations-after-uk-update/366409 The Asobo team is working on fixing this, and a fix will hopefully be available soon. Best regards, Thomas
  16. Hi, While taxiing to the apron I noticed some strangely placed taxilights at the taxiway and some diagonally where there was no taxiway, is this a known issue?
  17. Hello, It appears that taxiway bridges issue affects most airports with P3DV5 or V5.1. Would this command line be the magic fix? [SIM] DisableHighResolutionContactReaction=True Not possible to cross bridges in any scenery in v5.1
  18. Hi Jennasoft, This is still not fixed. Please advise.
  19. Hello Erik, I'm not sure about the stutters (did not notice them when flying to Nantes). Do you have any other addon in the area? As for he parking options, this will be added in the next update
  20. Thanks for the great support Thomas!
  21. Hello, The changelog for the update is as follow: - Some users were receiving a higher than normal Glide slope signal on the ILS 36. This is solved now. - you can now ask for a gate or parking after landing @ Raller, I'll check this By the way, you may have noticed wrongly placed blue edge taxilights on this scenery (or any other third party scenery). This is a sim-related bug which has nothing to do with our sceneries. This happened since the last sim update. Asobo will be releasing a fix soon. Best regards, Thomas
  22. I just noticed there is an update for Linate, but I can see no changelog?
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