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  3. Tnaks. Will fix green centerline this week.
  4. Excellent, that looks much better. Thanks. So you have my opinion on the taxiway lighting, and I hope you'll also do some work to make sure the SODE jetways are close enough to attach to the aircraft when parked on the centrelines at the rotunda, and I look forward to the VGDS. Until then, enjoy your next project and thank you for your assistance. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Thanks to both of you ;-) This file saved my day.
  6. All 3 ADE files have been uploaded again today. It fixes darkness ground at rotunda. It doesn't fix the flickering(for now) Please note that you need to be logged in to donwload them. https://forum.iflysimx.com/topic/2221-gatwick-new-afcad-and-new-dynamic-lights/
  7. Last week
  8. Just one. Whichever one matches the EGKK_ADE_P3D... file in "...\JennaSoft\Jennasoft Gatwick EGKK P3D\scenery" that does not have ".off" at the end (which depends on which settings you've chosen in the scenery configurator).
  9. do i use just one of the 3 ade files or all 3?
  10. No. I just checked after reading your post and could donwload them again.
  11. Hi, it's the flickering effect I mentionned when releasing the new ADE files : It's an already known bug and it will be our next and last fix, before working on an update 1.2 with new elements (VGDS, green lights, Boeing Hangar...) Olivier B.
  12. Hi mate, Just tried the new Dynamic Lighting file (with no AI) - there's definitely an improvement in frames for me, however, the dynamic lights are only visible in certain views - example below where I've briefly changed the view of Chaseplane: Example in the video below: Te2iejBGkJ.mp4
  13. I know, I forgot til I read your reply above - apologies! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I use AI1.
  14. Arf! you said you would shut up....๐Ÿ˜› I feel depressing also๐Ÿ˜ถ.. I'm a bit surprised for the new DL file...from your screen, I think you use a shader that turn light colors from a hell yellow to an agressive orange with a strong contrast that makes the unlighted ground look darker. The impression may be renforced by the fact that the range for DL has been expanded except for all spots excepts for rotunda(where the rendition was enough good to me) Tell me which ADE file you use(A1 AI2 or NoAi) and I will send you another which may blend better with your shaders within 48h. ( taxiways list registered)
  15. Sorry, I forgot I'd said I'd shut up after that comment! I think that every taxiway should have lights or you just can't see where to turn. I assumed this was the case in real life, but maybe I'm wrong and there are some that have no lights... but they must be lit somehow, better than the sim lights them up anyway!
  16. Hi Filibert, here are my last words and I shut up too, I promise. ๐Ÿ˜‰ customers(and I'm one, for some FS products), estimate the expected price from the quality, developers, from the time they spent on developping and the money they spent(sleeping at Arora hotel is a great but expensive souvenir๐Ÿ˜). I assume the good compromise is at the crossing point between quality and time curves... As I said for VGDS, after seing the preview screenshots from SODE, we put "adding SODE VGDS" in our "to do as update" list but after fast 2 years of work on Gatwick(including taking photos there and documentation), we wouldn't have wait 6 months more to release the scenery. Look on fsdevelopper.com and you'll see how many project are given up when the developpment last over one year... Considering the lights, every scenery is a rendition, not the real airport. Releasing a scenery with centerline lights or blue edge lights everywhere would have exposed us to comments like "there is not so many lights". We don't have a map showing the exact position of each light. We have to "guess" from charts or from photos, or videos...If you have such information, I take it without hesitation. That said, we will add VGDS in the next update(1.2). but be sure somebody else will say "too expensive, animation are missing, new Boeing hangar missing, there are to kind of VGDS and you didn't take it in account" ๐Ÿ™ƒ (I had already announced myself somewhere in this forum that VGDS would come in 1.2 and I think that's where you read it) Note that there is no date about 1.2 And by the way, I invite anybody who has got information about Boeing Hangar or VGDS positionning to contact us on jennasoft@outlook.fr.
  17. Here is a list of the taxiways I have found without lights: G, H, T, R, Q, N, M, Z, J, Y Also, Gate 31 won't dock - SODE says the aircraft is too far away when it's stopped bang on the line. Finally, the new dynamic lighting fixes just plunge the airport into darkness. I couldn't see where I was going at all pulling onto stand (see attached picture). Depressing end to a 4.5 hour flight.
  18. Thank you. I understand this completely but then... why are you charging the same prices as developers like Flightbeam? Perhaps something around โ‚ฌ18 would be more appropriate for the airport in its current state. Final thing (I'll shut up after this, I promise!): there are a lot of missing taxiway centreline lights. Are you aware of this? I landed in darkness last night and found the taxiways going between the north and south runways were unlit (taxiways CR, D, E, FR, GR etc), and the same for the taxiways between the north runway and taxiway J (definitely taxiway T, and I think the others as well). I very nearly ended up on the grass during taxi in. The only reason I'm drawing all these things to your attention is because I like the airport, and I so nearly love it! The texturing's very good and you convey the atmosphere well. But it also feels incomplete and overpriced in its current form. If you added VGDS and the missing taxiway centreline lights, it would be a truly great airport and worthy of its โ‚ฌ26 price tag. All the best, Filbert
  19. Hi all, we reduced the number of dynamic lights for Gatwick P3D version so it should limit the fps drop when flying by night. It also fix some misplaced gates in ADE file when no AI option is chosen. - First open Jennasoft Gatwick EGKK P3D/scenery folder and remove the following files : EGKK_P3D_dynamiclights_north.bgl EGKK_P3D_dynamiclights_south.bgl - Replace the active ADE file by one of these three here (the 2 unactive ADE files end by ".bgl.off") - That's it. Note that we still work on flickering dynamic lights. Olivier B. JennaSoft EGKK_ADE_P3D_AI1.bgl EGKK_ADE_P3D_AI2.bgl EGKK_ADE_P3D_NoAI.bgl
  20. For sure. But there are a lot of things that could have been added in our scenery like animated vehicles, animated people, PBR texture... the question is not what others developpers do but what we are able to do in a reasonnable time. Be sure that if we would able to make flight beam like sceneries, we would do it. By the way, dynamic lights update available here : https://forum.iflysimx.com/topic/2221-gatwick-new-afcad-and-new-dynamic-lights/?do=edit
  21. Right, I didn't know SODE VGDS wasn't available when you released it. I'm just used to having some sort of VGDS (whether it's GSX-based, or a different system) in an add-on airport of this price. Sim-Wings included them in their Heathrow rendition years ago, for example. UK2000 had included guidance systems for probably a decade now. P3D V4 broke them a little bit, but they at least still tell you when to stop. It just really spoils the realism when you arrive at a stand and don't get told where to stop the aircraft, or rely on a GSX marshaller when you know that's no the system that's in use in the real world.
  22. SODE VGDS was not available when our scenery has been released. And such a big airport is a never really finished projet, regarding the fact there are constant improvement and expansions work on the real airport.
  23. Ok, thanks in advance for the ADE file release. I thought I'd read somewhere that you had implemented SODE VDGS but I must have been mistaken. It's quite disappointing that there are no docking systems at all though - I think they should be included on day 1 with an airport at this price point to be honest, and I really think you should finish this project before moving onto others. That's my opinion anyway.
  24. Hi, no need for your mail. We will release new ADE file with less Dynamic lights before the end of the week. Seeing SODE VDGS supposes that the developer or somebody else has purchased SODE VGDS pack and compiled a bgl for VGDS positioning. It is one of our expected improvement for version 1.2 but no release date to give for now since we also need time to develop some others projetcs.
  25. Work will resume once customer services requests for Gatwick slows down. Regarding the fix of Dynamic Lights in the coming days, we expect nex month.
  26. Hello! I've recently purchased EGKK and I'm very impressed. However, I too have a significant performance drop at nighttime. Any chance you could send me the files you've sent to the others please, so I can attempt to fix it? Happy to send you an email if you give me your email address. Also, I have purchased the SODE VDGS pack but I do not have any docking systems visible. Any tips as to how I could get them to show? I have SODE 1.6.5. Thanks, Filbert
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