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  3. Thanks for looking into this, Thomas! And your explanation makes totally sense. I have seen similar problems at other airports like MK's EIDW or MLD's LRIA. And as you said: it happens only at a specific angle range. Maybe a sim issue? Take care, Christoph
  4. Update: So I re-installed the scenery (yet again). Still get the "layer error" message (for no reason, I also got this on a completely fresh P3D installation without ANY add ons installed!) and I still have to add the scenery manually. But right now the trenches are gone and except from some floating perimeter fences north of taxiway Juliet (between U1 and G), everything looks fine and works. Flew into Gatwick twice yesterday with no elevation issues and no visible "trenches" in the grass areas.
  5. Corrected for both runway, thanks for this reactivity!
  6. You're welcome, I know how software debugging is difficult. 👍
  7. Hello Francis, About the “scenery cfg is corrupt” message, this happens when your P3D “scenery.cfg” file has errors in it (such as a missing layer). Our scenery activator checks the .cfg file and won’t add the scenery if it finds existing errors. The workaround is to add the scenery manually by using the P3D scenery library tool (in your P3D options). Launch the scenery library tool, and browse to Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\JetStream Designs. Add JetStream Designs LFML X 2013 P3Dv5 And that's it
  8. Hello The Palermo update is already available there : https://secure.simmarket.com/jetstream-designs-palermo-falcone-e-borsellino-airport-p3d5.phtml Enjoy!
  9. Hello Fred, You are right! I have tested again and had the same issue on RWYs 24 and 07. Problem has been located, the update is underway. Thanks for the heads up
  10. Hello, Since last update, I noticed that ILS 24 Glide seems to be very low. Even if I'm just above the buildings, It is indicated as far below. For testing purpose, I started on rwy 20 and tuned ILS 24 on. Glide is indicated as if I was aligned with your add on and far above without (IMHO consistent with reality and rwy positions). I put the pictures of both situations. With Addon (Glide is a ground level): Without addon, Glide is 200ft above. I didn't test with the other runways. Thanks Fred
  11. Hello Christoph I'll be checking if i can reproduce this issue on my P3Dv5 today. Thanks for letting me know. I have seen such issue at other sceneries too, and it happens usually always in the same "angle range" point of view (not sure i'm very clear ). I'll let you know about my findings! Best regards, Thomas
  12. I just purchased Marseille LFML for P3D v5. Upon installation, when it came to the activation phase, the program failed with a "corrupt scenery.cfg file" error report. Any advice you could give me? Thanks, Francis
  13. For me, it seems to be working, at least the floating buildings, overlaying textures and elevated grass areas are fixed. I still have some floating perimeter fences here an there and the grass areas now seem to be lower than the taxiways (see screenshots, don't know if those "trenches" are correct), but for now I can at least fly into Gatwick without real issues. I'm not familiar with the airport IRL, so I can't tell how the exact layout looks, but all in all I'm satisfied for now. Stu
  14. Hi there, I am having issues when crossing most bridges in LFPG v5 (new release) which didn't happen on the previous version I have OrbX and FranceVFR NEXT Mesh installed (no issues with the previous version even in v5) -- As well the main highway that leads to Terminal 2 is missing. Any fix? Thanks, Pierre
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  16. Well, after a closer look there seems to be more going on here. Please have a look at the dirt next to the A02 line and the white outline under the wing:
  17. Salut Thomas! I am facing a small issue at Orly in P3Dv5. As the title say, I do see default runway markings at certain angles. It is easy to reproduce with the slew function, while just panning around a bit. Being pretty familiar at working with AFCADs, I could easily remove the markings myself. However, displaced threshold arrows can not be removed. Hence, there would always be some duplicate arrows: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/how-delete-runway-number-and-arrowheads.435922/ I think there might be a transparency/layering issue with the runway texture. Any chance you
  18. Hi, Im using P3Dv4.5 and I manually installed the scenery. (in the correct order) Although I have this issue where I can see through the aircraft and there is like a green layer. When my view is right on the ground there i nothing, but when I look around I have the issue.
  19. Excellent! Thank you for this answer and for this beautiful product! Fred
  20. Hello Fred, These are actually static aircraft. At first it was not possible to remove them, but an update is on the way to make statics as an option Best regards, Thomas
  21. Hello, I have a (very) small issue with LFPO for MSFS. When I start at gate P12 or 13 (for ex), another A/C is already here (always same company at the same gate) and I'm behind him with no acces to external power. Are these gates not useable for starting a flight (a list of these gates would be appreciated)? It seems to be a new problem since last update(but I may be wrong...) and it's working with others 3rd party airport. Thanks Fred
  22. Thank you very much, i was not sure when it appears, but nearly sur that i did not see that before today, the last update Thanks a lot, i wait for the update, no problem julien
  23. Hello Julien, This happens since World Update 4 was released 😕 I will modify the files soon, update will be available via Contrail
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