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  2. Hey everyone! There has been a lot of mixed feelings about SU5. I would love to hear your experience. For me I still get stutters and a lot of blurries Cheers!
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  4. Now you have a reason to fly to the Caribbean. Las Americas International Airport (also known as Jose F. Pena Gomez) is an international airport located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. MDSD usually receives a wide variety of long-, mid- and short-haul aircraft, airliners, charter, cargo, and military missions’ flights. The airport is the second busiest in the country after losing its traffic frequency to Punta Cana International Airport, yet it is one of the largest in the Caribbean, handling 3.5 million passengers in 2017 through its air terminal. And is also the busiest cargo hub in the Caribbean and Central America with 405,000,000 lbs. of cargo (this is a lot for a small location) transported in 2020. For its size and location, it is basically a busy airport.
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  6. Hello @jennasoft! Will you ever make LFLL for MSFS 2020? We haven't heard from you in a long time.
  7. Hello. I'm interested in purchasing LIML scenery for Microsoft Flight simulator. What really annoys me about the default airport is the wrong usage of preferential runway. I would like to know if any of you has purchased this scenery for MSFS2020 and can confirm that the scenery overrides properly the preferential setting. For real the preferential one is runway 36 Thankyou in advance for your kind replies
  8. Hello Davide, Since last World/Sim update, many sceneries were suffering from ILS LOC not working correctly. We have found the fix and have released the update two weeks ago for our LIML scenery sold at SimMarket / Flightbeam / Contrail. But if you are using the Marketplace version, we have to wait for the Microsoft Team to validate the files we have sent to them. I guess it's taking time due to the many other sceneries having the same LOC issue. If you are using the Contrail-based version (sold at SimMarket, Contrail or Flightbeam), just launch Contrail and update the scenery Best regards, Thomas
  9. Bonjour José! Merci pour votre commentaire sympa About the sim freezing when selecting the SID, my first guess would be that it has nothing to do with the scenery. We did not modify the SID and STAR data. I just made a test with both the FBW A320 and default A320. I don't have the latest Navigraph data, but here are the results: - With FBW A320, I selected SID "TOVS5B" (i don't have 5C). The sim froze. - With the default A320, SID "TOVS5B", the sim did not freeze. Not sure what could be the issue here, but I guess it's not the scenery . Cordialement, Thomas
  10. Greetings! I'm sure this error/topic is seen here quite often, I've actually read through a couple of them, however the thing with my problem is, I have done everything correctly. I have installed the scenery correctly, uninstalled UK2000 correctly (completely wiped everything regarding it, xml sode files and etc.) and nothing has worked. I had this issue with multiple sceneries that support SODE and I've managed to fix those using a simple method. With sode, you get the "SODE-ON/OFF.bat" files in C program data. With each scenery I've received those two files premade to enable sode at that designated airport. It simple takes the static jetways and disables them while replacing them with the SODE jetways and vice versa. With jennasoft's tho, there is nothing like that that has come with the installation. You simply run it and that's it. However, it only installs the files for the SODE jetways, but doesn't actually enable them. Thus the reason for the red X's. How it would work is simple dragging the "Sode-on" file into a SODE folder within the scenery folder. For example Heathrow. You then run it, and it copies/replaces the static's with SODE. with the off then vice versa. I'm not sure how Jennasoft is supposed to enable the jetways on it's own but...
  11. Every time I land at Linate the LOC is slightly too far right. Is that a known issue or just a problem with my sim/the A32NX? Thank you in advance!
  12. Dear JetStream Design support team, Hello from France and I hope you are doing well. For me, the sim freeze after entering the SID "TOVS5C" on the FMC of the FlyByWire simulations' A32NX. No possibility to enter the "GEN" transition when I plan to take off from RWY 18 of LIML (Navigraph AIRAC cycle 2107 rev.1, via the Navdata Center tool). Anyway, no issue when landing at LIML, whichever runway used to. It is my first issue with one of your fantastic sceneries (yes, I am a fan :)!) Hope you can help me to fix it (or maybe it has nothing to do with the scenery ?). José.
  13. What do you see on the map of the flight planner? There should be a star symbol (yellow) and a wrench symbol. If they are not there the scenery is not (properly) installed. You can also check the contents of your content.xml file, should containe a line saying: <Package name="jetstream-lfpo" active="true"/> Content.xml can be found in folder: C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache
  14. Hello, Yes, this is the new folder structure to avoid any conflict with other sceneries. Do you use the most recent MSFS sim version?
  15. The new update v1.2.2 has TEXTURE folder in new emplacement, it is normal ? v1.2.1: jetstream-lfpo\scenery\global\scenery\TEXTURE v1.2.2: jetstream-lfpo\scenery\jetstream-LFPO\TEXTURE
  16. Hi since v1.2.2, the LFPO scenery don't work, I see only default scenery. I use Contrail v1.0.11 to update LFPO.
  17. Hello Thomas, Sorry for not getting back earlier. University kept me a bit more busy than expected. Yes, it seems indeed to be an incompatibility with LFPG. For the time being, I will simply deactivate the Paris airport I do not fly to. Thanks for your help and best, Christoph
  18. Hi i have a problem with jennasoft gatwick showing alot of taxi way markings i am thinking its loading in the default gatwick with your gatwick do you have any idea how i can get rid of this issue?
  19. Hello, About the “scenery cfg is corrupt” message, this happens when your P3D “scenery.cfg” file has errors in it (such as missing layers numbers for example). Our scenery activator checks the .cfg file and won’t add the scenery if it finds existing errors. The workaround is (like you did) to add the scenery manually by using the P3D scenery library tool. But I see you added the wrong path (that's why the sim can't find the scenery). Here are the right paths to add: Browse to Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\JetStream Designs and add: - JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique - JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique MESH JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique MESH must have a higher priority than JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique. Hope this helps! Thomas
  20. Hello everyone , when I'm trying to install JetStream_Designs_LFRS_P3D_V5_full_installer.exe with p3dv5.2 game I got these errors: will a patch be available? Thanks for you help
  21. Does Jennasoft EGKK has that option ? EGKK has many low visibility days, and I wonder does it support it ? Thanks
  22. Hello, I made a JSD-LFPO P3Dv5.2 test but this time with the fix [LFPO_ADEX_JSD_CVX.bgl](573 Bytes)+[LFPO_ADEX_JSD.bgl] (76902 Bytes) : Fix JSD-LFPO_TaxiBridges_issue The fix works perfectly as under P3Dv5.1 which seems to indicate that the P3Dv5.2 update does not completely solve the Taxi Bridge issue and that the concerned airports sceneries may have to provide a suitable fix. However an important point : it misses in the initial fix JSD-LFPO a Taxi Bridge I numbered 4 which was not reported: An updated fix to integrate this last TB4 would finally allow to fully enjoy this magic LFPO scenery with the great new performances of P3DV5.2. RS
  23. Hello Thomas, Thanks for your quick support. Always read the manual ! my Mesh was at 2 meters after installing P3DV5.2. So at 1m the Taxi Bridges are perfect again. Thanks. So I will edit my post on this point. But there is still an issue : To be clear, I have reinstalled the only JSD-LFPO scenery and therefore with all its original files. The [LFPO_ADEX_JSD.bgl] and [LFPO_ADEX_JSD_CVX.bgl] files are the originals. Well under this configuration with the new version P3DV5.2 the airliners should not go through the bridges anymore. Right? But the issue occurs again exactly as in post [LFPO Bridge Issue]. Unless I have to install the fix you edited in this post [New_LFPO_files.zip]. Should I do that? This issue does not appear in your screenshots with the F35 whose landing gear is much smaller than airliner's. On the other hand, you could try with this same F35 to run a little more to the right or to the left on the Taxi Bridge and thus convince me that the issue comes from my installation. Trust me I would be very happy to be wrong like in my first post. Cheers RS
  24. Hello, Well, I tested LFPO with P3D V5.2, and everything is working perfectly, as shown in the enclosed screenshots. Did you modify any files in the scenery, and what is your mesh resolution setting? If you set your mesh resolution to 1 meter (as specified in the scenery manual), this should solve your issue. Best regards, Thomas
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