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  4. Of course, we are currently working on Toulouse Blagnac LFBO. This will be a Flightbeam project
  5. Thanks for the previews, looking very nice indeed. If we could get a preview of the runway/taxi lights at night in the next batch of screenshots would be perfect ! Merci
  6. Perfect, thanks ! Sorry to chime in here, is there anywhere we can know which airport is next (if you plan to release other airports) ?
  7. Hello, I can confirm that an update for the runways will be issued once works at the real airport are complete (should be in December i think)
  8. Hi Greg, Please let me know if disabling TS will work If affirmative, this does not mean that you won't be able to use TS anymore. I'm now using the latest version without any fence issue.
  9. Hello Tommy, It looks like you have an issue with your scenery.cfg file. Could you please send this file to me via private message (with your order number too ;) )? The "scenery.cfg file is located C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Best regards, Thomas
  10. Thomas, Hello and thank you for your reply along with my sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply. You are correct about me using Tomato Shade. I'll disable TS and give it a try. Regards, and thank you once again. Greg
  11. Have you heard about the NEW Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Flight Controls - Yoke and Switch? If not you might want to see this. I am so excited to say that I was very lucky to have received an early version to test out. And let me just say that this is the BEST yoke out there, especially for the price. Here is a little unboxing and review video. Let me know your thoughts.
  12. iFlysimX

    Air France B747

    LFPG by Taxi2Gate
  13. iFlysimX

    Delta B757

  14. Hello all! I am super excited about the recent announcement that Microsoft is coming back into the flight sim world. Below are some videos about the upcoming new sim. What are you most excited about?
  15. Hi Olivier, just use the Mail adress info@simworksstudios.com this worked always for me....
  16. Hi, Holi The link to the developer page does'nt work on SWS website... I sent "them" an email last saturday but got no answer until today.
  17. Hi there, I hope you can help me, I have tried to install as per instructions Milano Linate in Prep3dv4 However after I follow the instructions to add into the sim, I get a message for layering error, after loading the add on has disappeared from the library list . When I load the airport it is not correct I have attached a picture of the screen to show what I mean Thank you Tommy
  18. Hi Olivier, its a nice piece of software as you can precisely put the tracks of each vehicle into P3Dv4. I‘m working with Live Scenery for a freeware airport and must say it’s absolutely stunning! All you need to deliver is the XML file for the Airport and the user need to download the customer.dll from the SWS website. Just get an impression how it looks like here: https://simmershome.de/simmershome-living-airport-neuheit-in-der-freeware-fs-szene/
  19. Hi Holi, thanks for this new and the link. Unfortunately, it's only for P3D but why not? We will have a look. Olivier JennaSoft
  20. Hi Olivier, just a heads up concerning the animated cars. Have you heard about SWS Live Scenery? https://simworksstudios.com/technology-live-scenery.html# Its a nice tool and once you get familiar with the software you could make precise Ground traffic for your scenery in only a few minutes. You just need to contact the Developer on this page and you could do your shuttle services at your Airport.
  21. Hello Can someone telling me is there's an update for LTBA for p3dv4 or this version of LTBA we got from simmarket its already worked for p3dv4 Thank you .
  22. Hi. some numerous 3D cars have been placed at the carpark on the axis of the runway, the one mentioned by mburkhard. But there are too many carparks in Gatwick and the others will remain full with flat cars... For now, adding animations still the big question. Using SODE., we already encounter some difficulties with some of the jetways. Animating the shuttle between south and north terminals, and adding a few animated vehicles may wait for the first short term update. After one year of work, we don't want to delay the release for weeks. We are thinking over about using GSX safedocks for GSX users(which means no functionnal static safedocks for the others). Olivier Jennasoft
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