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The Texture Max Load Editor was written by Steven Frost who is the founder and main developer at Frosty Software. The purpose of the application is to allow people to easily change the maximum texture resolution that Flight Simulator X can load. The application design, controls and functionality were all designed by Steven Frost and are Copyright Frosty Software 2009.
This Texture Max Load value in the fsx.cfg file defines the maximum size (dimensional) that Flight Simulator X can load. For example, if the value is set to 1024, the maximum texture size that Flight Simulator could load is 1024x1024. The default value can range from 256 to 1024 and the maximum value is 4096.
Many third party environment add-ons for Flight Simulator use High Definition and Super High Definition (SHD) textures. By default, the texture max load value is set to 1024, but by changing that value to higher resolutions, you can see the beauty and quality of the higher resolution textures. Add-ons like Real Environment Xtreme and Flight Environment X use SHD textures.
If you change any graphics settings within Flight Simulator X, the simulator system will re-write your Flight Simulator Configuration file and set your Texture Max Load value back to the default (1024). This means that you will not be able to take advantage of the SHD textures that you have loaded. Flight Simulator X will load the High Definition textures but they will be displayed at the default 1024 resolution. This application can run a service that makes sure the value never gets set back to the default. This is currently the only application that will do this function.
Enjoy :)

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