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  3. Dear Sir, any news about updating LIML for P3D V.5 ? Thank You best regards
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  5. Hello, Thanks for your nice comment Linate will be made P3D V5 compatible for sure (as our other sceneries too). At the moment we are a bit busy, but hopefully we'll be able to release a V5 version of Linate within two to three weeks. Best regards, Thomas
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  7. Hi, I am using your gorgeous scenery LFPO v1.2 with my FSX-SE, and it is great. I have installed GSX (bundle including level 2 expansion) and since then, a little trouble has occurred. When I launch FSX-SE within LFPO with GSX active, the SODE jetways are not displayed initially. If I do "reload all" from the inline SODE menu, they show up. Now if I desactivate GSX, exit the scenery ("end flight") and reload immediately the same configuration, they are there. I have looked at the SODE log, couldn't find any anomaly. For some reason, GSX is blocking the initial display of the SODE jetways. For the sake of completing my question, I have attached the last SODE log. Thank you for any help, Kind regards Marc Lionti SODE.log
  8. I assume you mean P3Dv5. I don't know. currenytly working on ADE file for P3Dv5 and it should be finished tomorrow but there still work on excessive windows reflexion, SODE and grass elevation issue that may take weeks.
  9. Any news on Linate? I've heard so much good stuff about your sceneries and I figure Linate should be my first. ;)
  10. Bonjour, vous pouvez utiliser ces deux fichier pour P3Dv5 qui enlève les batiments par défaut et les taxi signs. Il correspond à la version ADE avec A380 statique. Je produirai demain les 2 versions sans A380 statique et sans AI. néanmoins, il reste d'autres mises à jour à faire avant une version P3Dv5 satisfaisante - les zones de pelouses sont surélevées(un autre client décrit à l'inverse des fossés sur ces mêmes zones). A en croire le forum ADE, les anomalies de mesh sont fréquente dans P3Dv5 sur les scènes P3Dv4 - les textures de vitres sont trop réfléchissante - les passerelles SODE ont disparue et sont à reconfigurer pour P3Dv5 EGKK_ADE_P3Dv5_AI2.bgl EGKK_ADE_P3Dv5_AI2_CVX.bgl
  11. Try 2.5fps when I'm otherwise stable at 30fps. Granted I'm using the FSL A320, but I still get almost 10x the fps elsewhere to EGKK, and that's even with this 'fix' installed.
  12. Hello, I mean do you know roughly how long it'll be untill we see it in V5. Cheers
  13. Re, le fichier P3Dv5 est plus lourd que prévu à télécharger. Cela va nécéssiter la première partie de nuit...Je vous recontacte demain soir.
  14. Hi, as you may know, we were planning more than an update, a newly build Lyon for FSX and P3D. Actually, we already had began to work on the ground. But FSDG recently announced his version of Lyon that doesn't seem to be lite. Regarding today's comments on two Nairobi airports(although our Nairobi has been on development since more than one year), we're not sure it worths it to put another Lyon on the market. I'm sad of it but it is may be time to focus on Gatwick and some smaller airports. For now, let say we are going to see how FSDG Lyon project evolves, and if there is really a demand from our customers for an alternative.
  15. Hi, I don't know what you mean by "ETA"
  16. And the "old" LFLL? It would be so nice to fly there in P3D V5 Yves
  17. how would i go about this as i have the same problem
  18. Is there an ETA on the Gatwick update for V5?
  19. HI! I am a new member of the community!

    I am looking for help in finding a software that, through facebook, got me here..."Global AI Traffic".

    Can you help me get the right downloading link? I am a bit desperate to be honest and giving up is not a good plan..! Please?


  20. Hi all, JennaSoft announce his next project for P3Dv4/v5 and FSX, coming next month. It will be compatible for ORBX landclass Africa. Don't worry, we still work by the same time on Gatwick's fixes, update to v1.2 and P3Dv5.
  21. Hi, did you installed this file? its reduces by twice the number of dynamic lights and improve fps.
  22. Hi, each time we had this problem, the customer had just forgot to remove of UK2000 SODE jetways scenery. Did you have UK2000 Gatwick installed before? Olivier B.
  23. Bonjour, nous venons d'acquérir la licence développeur P3Dv5 cette semaine. Je vais voir pour ce problème d'exclude ce soir et vous transmettrai un fichier à tester. Pour les soucis de mesh/élévation, je regarderai ce week-end. Olivier B.
  24. Fixed - moved to addon.xml and pushed it to the top of scenery layering.
  25. Hi, I am having an issue where there are huge 'craters' of grass in the mesh. Is there a fix for this? https://ibb.co/wK8SM4J Morgan
  26. I agree, I also have this issue
  27. Bonjour, Il y a un petit souci d'exclude, parce qu'on voit apparaître des bâtiments de base, surtout au niveau de la passrelle. En attendant un mise à jour, serai-t-il possible d'avoir juste cet exclude, parce que je sais que les types de fichiers ont changé. Merci Yves
  28. About the “scenery cfg is corrupt” message, this happens when your P3D “scenery.cfg” file has errors in it. Our scenery activator checks the .cfg file and won’t add the scenery if it finds existing errors. The workaround is to add the scenery manually by using the P3D scenery library tool. Browse to Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\JetStream Designs and add JetStream Designs Paris Orly and then JetStream Designs Paris Orly Terrain folders. JetStream Designs Paris Orly Terrain must have a higher priority than JetStream Designs Paris Orly. Hope this helps! Thomas
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