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    DL Slaughters my System

    Hello I've just purchased and installed EGKK V1.1 which looks and preforms great in daylight. However, at night with DL enabled, it totally slaughters my system - P3DV4.4. Before installation, I had been running UK2000 EGKK and could hold a steady 28fps day and night (DL enabled), with GPU usage on my 1070Ti around 40% - parked at Gate 20 looking down the runway towards 08R holding point. Now however, at night with DL enabled, parked at the same Gate and with DL enabled, I'm seeing ~5fps and 100% GPU ! Disable DL and I'm back to a steady 28fps. I have DL enabled at several payware airports, but I've never seen such a dramatic drop in performance like this before. Any thoughts ? Regards
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