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    Hello Thomas, Thank you for your prompt support and your wonderful ORLY airport scenery. Indeed you were right I had the FVFR IDF scenery activated. So I quickly apply your solution. Thanks again. Post closed
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    Hello Reccio, These look like default taxiway signs, and are not included into our scenery. Maybe you have another AFCAD file for Orly? Are you using France VFR Ile de France? I think there are some LFPO files to switch to OFF as they add default objects on our scenery Best regards, Thomas
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    Problem with Scenery Install

    Hello there! I'm trying to install your Orly scenery and I get the message "error reading scenery title (vectors) from scenery.cfg" in a pop-up window. My scenery.cfg file seems to be in good order from what I can glean from the file, but the airport never shows up in Prepar3d. I'm on version 4.4 and I'd be happy to send you any files or logs you might need. Thanks, Robert
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    Problem with Scenery Install

    Hey, iFly. Yes, I am running it as an admin.
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    Uninstall and then reinstall EDDM, SimMarket installers will, depending if special files for GEN/GES are provided, use those upon reinstallation (JustSim, DigitalDesign for example). Rename all EDDM files in ORBX>FTX_EU>FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY>scenery from .bgl to .off Move the EDDM-LC-ELV in your scenery library below the EDDM entry, so the layering is in order from top to bottom EDDM>EDDM-LC-ELV>EDDM-TERRAIN
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    If you are experiencing an issue with our Nantes Atlantique scenery or have a question about it, please read the following. You might find the answer: Please note: all fixes below will be included in the official V1.1 update which will be released in January 2018. 1) where is the scenery configurator? A shortcut for the scenery configurator is located on your desktop 2) I can see "cliffs" near the terminal basements: Please set your "mesh resolution" to 2 meters or 1 meter. The cliffs will disappear 3) I can't see the jetways: If your SODE program was not installed in its default folder (which is C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE ), our animated jetways were not installed correctly. There are two solutions: - you uninstall SODE and reinstall in its default location (you'll need to copy all other SODE objects and XML from your former SODE location to the new one) - you browse to Prepar3D v4\JetStream Designs\JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique\doc and launch file JetStream_Designs_LFRS_SODEobjects_P3D.exe . When installing, set path to your SODE folder. 4) Jetways won't move when called from GSX: An update is available here: https://www.jetstream-designs.com/updates/ 5) Runway and taxiways are "bumpy": This was updated too: https://www.jetstream-designs.com/updates/ 6) In P3DV3, I can't see the ground lights at night: Please install the update "fix for P3D V3 ground lights" into C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml and delete file JSD_LFRS_obj_DL.xml : https://www.jetstream-designs.com/app/download/5818708908/JSD_LFRS_obj_NoDL.zip This topic will be updated regularly. Do not hesitate to check it form time to time. Please do not use this topic for Support questions. This is for Frequently Asked Questions only. Updated 31/12/2018