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    EDDM enhanced AFCAD - update 3

    I updated the AFCAD and thought you might want me to share it. Copy the file to "SimMarket\T2G - EDDM P3Dv3\data\EDDM\Scenery" and rename "EDDM_AF.bgl" to "EDDM_AF.bgl.off". It is not yet finished to my satisfaction. I would call it a V0.8, but its definetly better then the 0.1 by T2G Sorry Guys. I really like your 3D Stuff, but you have to invest more time in the AFCAD EDDM_ADE_DS_3_2.bgl Changelog: - fixed wrong Frequencies (ILS, DME, NDB) - added Airline Gate Assignment and changed radius - improved taxi accurancy - no more AI holding short the bridges - changed runway width for holdshort nodes - added phantom runway for lighting v2: added flo's changes small fixes v3: added missing DME changed Gate Type Names 3.1: more radius adjustments 3.2: changed filename to prevent default jetways EDDM_ADE_DS_3_2.bgl
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    First of all thank you very much for making my home airport! It is a tough job to model such a big airport like Munich. Respect guys! I know a lot of people already posted some issues and what you can improve. I'd like to share my experience with Munich in P3D v3 and want to tell you what you can improve to make this scenery perfect and as real as it gets. 1. Taxilines and 3D grass appear to light itself at night. 2. At the south part of the airport there is a lack of autogen. 3. The textures of the bridges are very blurry. 4. A lot of people already mentioned these textures... 5. Missing fences. In the first picture there is a missing fence between the cargo area and the public part of the airport. Please check the whole area with Google Maps for missing fences. The second picture shows a missing fence between the airport road (for service vehicles eg) and the road to the terminal. Please also check this with Google Maps. In the third picture you can see the missing fence around the airport area. -> Google Maps 6. The ground textures look a little bit weird here. 7. Houses near runway 08R. There are no such high residential buildings near runway 08R. There is just an industrial area and some small houses. Just serach "Hallbergmoos" in Google Maps. 8. Missing lightcone and red light on the lightpoles. 9. The apron near the gates need to be more bright. 10. All four papis are misaligned to their lights. 11. Missing spotter hill near runway 26L. Please add the hill and also some trees around it. 12. Taxiway textures. Also already mentioned... The textures are not like the real ones. 13. Quality of the trains. Search this: "et423 s-bahn münchen". I'd really like to see a more realistic model. Maybe, but only maybe! Animation? 14. American catering truck. I was shocked when I saw this one. Some more questions: Can you possibly add SODE jetways? Add a better satellite image? Add an animation to the radar of both control towers (with strobe light at the big one)? Thanks in advance!
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    Request an airport

    What about Cape Town (FACT)? I think it deserves a proper rendition as it has great scenics around and there is a number of big airlines flying there. Plus it's not a huge airport which requires a bigger amount of developing time and finally it would be a nice complement to a Johannesburg scenery that's currently in the makings by another dev.
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    ADX Review Follow Up

    "he cant say that only because he cant see his house and the holes of the golf course so that let me really disappointed" Hey guys, I'm that guy from ADX and saw you make a couple of comments about what I put (one quote above). I'm really sorry if you feel offended by my comments and review. I do indeed live in Hong Kong - Tung Chung (the skyscrapers by the airport) is my local supermarket/shopping area. Perhaps I have a bias because this is my home airport currently. Your comments on here and Facebook are somewhat unfair though. I did not complain about not being able to see my house - I actually praised you for including my village if you read what I said. The golf course you mention is also a part of the airport complex along with the Expo centre and hotels that you have modelled and is part of the airport (you can pay for special deals to play there during transit for example). My complaint about it was down to the underlying texture resolution you guys have chosen to use as the base photo scenery for the airport and surround. I do appreciate that you guys have increased your efforts with each release - I think your MMMX is fantastic and I'm waiting to get LBTA once PMDG are on board with P3D (I'm waiting to fly the 737's out of there) - your work is fantastic. But I do feel VHHH is not as strong. Whilst you have included the surroundings of Lantau, which you didn't have to do, the resolution of the satellite imagery is not good. I suggested it would have been nice to have some of the local landmarks (cable car and Big Buddha and Disneyland for example) which are visible from the airports/on approach as are the skyscrapers. I feel the surrounding area wasn't that strong, and whilst I would love someone to model every road/building of my Lantau home, I'm not asking for that and would never expect that - I would not have minded at all if you had just focused 100% on the airport and left the surrounds. To say you have included these when you didn't have to is fair but then it is also fair that I am able to review that part of the scenery too. I was wrong to say it was worth 50% but that was down to my disappointment at the surrounds which I was really disappointed with at that time and having flown around for a good couple of hours. With all that being said, for the airport itself, there are a couple of issues with landing lights and things like the gate parking assist are not on there. A couple of other buildings that are there in real life are also missing so whilst I think the airport is generally fine, certainly better than other attempts that have been made on VHHH, it isn't as strong as some of the other mega airports you can get out there - and that includes your past work. It isn't just me that has commented on some of the blocky textures on the terminals and things like the car parks outside - it is up to you guys what you include or don't include but you have already set high benchmarks in the past and I am personally just a bit disappointed as I would have loved my home airport to have reached the same levels. Future buildings (midfield concourse, Macau/Hong Kong bridge terminal) are not modeled right now which is fair enough - perhaps you will do an update in the future once they are completed? You also mentioned on your Facebook page that I hadn't left a review on SimMarket - I'm not sure if there is an implication being made with that comment but rest assured I purchased a copy as soon as it came out (pressing F5 quite a few times as I waited). I will not post a negative review on there as I feel that you guys deserve the opportunity to address a few of the issues and maybe release future updates. It would be great if you could. From a support perspective I wanted to ask if it is possible to turn off the underlying imagery for the surrounding area? Please let me know. I would also like to offer my assistance if you want some local based advice/photos/information on the airport and area to include in any future updates - I am more than happy to help. Finally I really want to reiterate that I was not trolling or bashing your work unnecessarily or maliciously. I understand you dedicate a lot of time and effort and heart into creating work. I also understand negative reviews are really hard to take - my girlfriend is an author and her stomach sinks if she gets negative feedback. I did feel strongly enough however about the product to post up my comments. I do not wish for you to have taken any offense with them and I'm really hopeful you can come up with some updates in the future to rectify some of the issues. I look forward to hearing from you - feel free to send me a private message if you would prefer to take any conversation out of the public realm. James Long
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    FSX 64 Bit Converter?!?

    Alright so there has been a lot of speculations around this new product that just got released. Apparently its suppose to convert FSX to a 64 bit application. Lots of people at first were calling it a scam, however, seems like more people are buying it ($12.99) and reporting positive feedback. Is this really real? Does this work? Lets find out! http://flightreal.com/32-bit-to-64-bit.html Just bought it, however, I am in the middle of a 14hrs flight.....Won't be able to try it until tomorrow morning (Sunday). Here is a screenshot of the folder once installed. Stay tuned for more info!
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    Request an airport

    Really dissapointed to see Frankfurt as an option!!! - Focus on airports which have no sceneries or outdated sceneries!!
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    Request an airport

    Frankfurt EDDF all the way. The current scenery looks like from 2002, and the market in germany is huge. I am sure it would be one of the best selling sceneries ever. I hope we will see EDDF in T2G-quality one day Alex
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    Guys! Had the same issues just before, because of the chaotic patch management, but i could solve them meanwhile: deinstall your EDDM scenery delete all your EDDM season packs from your harddrive you've stored Simmarked installer is still v1.0, so it makes no difference if you redownload or use the one you have. execute EDDM installer keep away of the Winter textures in this package!!! download v.1.2 update: http://taxi2gate.org/?page_id=84 replace old files as adviced if needed download seasonal package from link above, too and replace the files as adviced done! there should be no more black textures then cheers
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    About fs9...

    Hi all guys, we will analyze the sales of fs9 versions compared with fsx and we will take a desicion before kmco release that is very close, thanks for your patience.
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    We think we finish the update, very soon will list the issues adressed and extra things that we added, thanks guys.
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    search in fsx for AFX_MDDE_ALT.bgl and make it to AFX_MDDE_ALT.bgl.off I found it after a long time searching. Greatings from EDDM Frank
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    Hi guys, a lot of people ask us about Munich, well it will be release very soon, thanks.
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    Thank you Thread

    Thank you very much for your kinddly comments guys, we worked very hard on it
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    Detailed version: http://forum.iflysimx.com/topic/1299-several-inaccuracies/ Short version: - correct color of taxiway lines and gate numbers at the apron (should be brighter and less contrast) - apron color (should be brighter and less contrast) - blue/orange line lights at night - modeled/textured streets below the bridges - correct fueling points http://www.panoramio.com/photo_explorer#view=photo&position=153&with_photo_id=74200294&order=date_desc&user=647226
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    Inaccuracies I found

    I already sent that via private mail. Unfortunately I didn't get any response at all, so I'm also publishing this here for anyone else. I have a few improvement suggestions for a maybe upcoming fix: The connector stripes at T1 are not correctly modelled. I can offer image material, each jetbridge has ONE connector stripe in a different color, just like this (http://polpix.sueddeutsche.com/bild/1.1837458.1386335907/900x600/flughafen-muenchen-logo.jpg) Additionaly, the position number is largely printed on the jetbridge Pos 113 (A380 position) is not correctly modelled. The third bridge is connected at a higher level than the others. I can offer image material for this as well. At Pos 165, there is no jetbridge anymore (comparable to 141, however the basic housing still exists at both positions) Blue and orange lines are illuminated in reality, alternating between green and blue/orange lights The whole apron looks a bit too "american style" in my opinion. Surface asphalt and taxilines are way too dark At the Entries, the bridges shouldnt be way brighter than the rest of the taxiways both at night and during daytime. During wintertime, 3D grass is green, as well as the visitors hill and street bridges (already partially fixed) I know you do not support DX10, but some textures appear black in the night time when in DX10 mode. Jetbridges should rest in the red/white stripe-marked areas. If you need more info and/or image material, feel free to contact me. Looking forward to a fix
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    SODE Jetways

    Hi T2G, will the next sceneries have the "new" SODE technique for the Jetwayanimation? This would be very awesome. -Phil
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    Request an airport

    Thank you so much for KSEA Seattle! KPDX Portland International Airport is just a short hop away! ~Lee
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    Request an airport

    I think it's time to update my wishlist: Europe: LSGG Geneva LFBD Bordeaux LROP Bucharest North America: KSFB Orlando Sanford KOAK Oakland Africa: HTZA Zanzibar Asia: OMDW Al Maktoum WMKP Penang
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    Hi Guys! Congratulations on your Hong Kong Airport. I have read in various places from Alpha India Group to AirDailyX that customers are feeling that you are beginning to slip down in your level of detail. I can vouch as an owner of Istanbul, Orlando, Mexico City, Doha and Guadeloupe and later tonight Hong Kong will be brought to add to the growing collection of your products. I was wondering if you had been made aware of several areas that could do with fixes as per recommendation from people that actually live in the Hong Kong District and by D'Andre of Air DailyX.... Part 1 Part 2 Also still awaiting waterclass fixes for Doha and the missing approach light models for 3 of the runways.....
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    Request an airport

    Mauritius Plaisance airport FIMP would be great along with the whole island in general. Max Kraus did a good job with his freeware but he will not be updating it with the new terminal building. Pleassssssssssseeeeeeeeee :)
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    Request an airport

    Please make Malaga in Spain!! LEMG it needs scenery Thank you M.E.G
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    Request an airport

    I would love to see a decent Frankfurt/Main Scenery (EDDF). It´s Germanys biggest airport and Lufthansa's Main Hub...
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    Request an airport

    Oh yes Alex, you're right! Frankfurt is really needed in high quality, and as major european Hub there will be for sure many many costumers. The current scenery is very old and outdated. A lot has changed there, all terminal buildings got new frontages, and a lot of new aprons have been added. So Frankfurt would be really really great!
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    Request an airport

    A new Amsterdam (EHAM) has been announced by Aerosoft (Here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/79513-amsterdam-schiphol-extended-project-announced/) I would love to see a new Version of Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF), Singapore Changi (SIN/WSSS) or New York (JFK/KJFK)
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    This is ridiculous guys! The sites where the files have been placed for download ring all kinds of virus attack threats with all the antivirus on all my machines. Please get the website situation fixed guys and please make the update files available through a secure method. I do not use Facebook for security reasons so Facebook is not an option for many. This is not good. Dennis
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    Airplane Repaint Request

    Welcome to the Aircraft repaint request to enter a request copy the template below and paste it in to the reply box. Fill out the information to upload a photo go to www.tinypic.com and upload the picture then paste the link here. Once you request is received it will be added to the projects list here you can check the status of your repaint. If you have any questions please PM me. WHEN POSTING PICTURES PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE SOME PHOTOS THAT COVER THE FULL AIRCRAFT!! Template: - Name of airline you want repainted: - Aircraft you want painted (Please include Manufacture of the add-on and Aircraft Model and Variation also please specify winglets or no winglets): - Is the add-on Payware or Freeware: - FS version you have: - Does this airline fly this plane in real life: - Links of pictures (For upload instructions see text up top) (If the plane is not flown by this airline in real life please describe how you would like it to look): Progress: Status color key: Red = Pending (Date in Red means that the date has been changed) Green = In Progress Orange = Waiting for something Blue = Done, Uploaded, Case Closed Repaint request ID: Precent Completed/ Estimated Finish Date: AIR003 00%/ 11/15/12 AIR004 00%/ 11/29/12 AIR005 100%/ 11/27/12
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    JetStream Designs

    New installers for P3D V5

    Hello Dave, It will indeed, it will just take some time Linate for V5 is currently in beta
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    Hi guys, this post will be to comment about the things that need to be fixed or improved or what you like to see on EDDM, so we can have an order and listing those things, thank you very much for your help. We will upload a quick fix about bridges to no fall down there and after will be included on the general update.
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    Prepar3DV3 Installers?

    Hi, Could we have any news from P3DV3 Installers for OTHH VHHH LTBA TFFR? I think a lot of people like me are waiting the update installers for a long time... Thanks
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    T2G P3Dv3 plead

    I honestly think it's a shame that you guys wants us to pay for an updated TFFR P3Dv3 version! Unless you'll prove me wrong and this update brings TFFR to a new level of details and usability, the 12 Euros requested here is ridicules! A very disappointed customer! Amos
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    Hi, here it is the fix for jetways textures at night. www.taxi2gate.org/downloads/EDDM/JETWAY-NIGHT-FIX.rar To install it copy and replace those files in this path... FSX: Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimMarket\T2G - EDDM FSX\data\EDDM\Scenery\ P3D V1,V2: Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\SimMarket\T2G - EDDM P3Dv2\data\EDDM\Scenery\ P3D V3: Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimMarket\T2G - EDDM P3Dv3\data\EDDM\Scenery\
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    Hi guys, i think you received a notification from simmarket about the update, if not just wait or try downloading again your installer from your account at simmarket. Here let you the link to download the season textures pack: www.taxi2gate.org/downloads/EDDM/SEASON-TEXTURES-PACKS.rar To install it copy and replace those files in this path... FSX: Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimMarket\T2G - EDDM FSX\data\EDDM\Texture\ P3D V1,V2: Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\SimMarket\T2G - EDDM P3Dv2\data\EDDM\Texture\ P3D V3: Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimMarket\T2G - EDDM P3Dv3\data\EDDM\Texture\
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    Reference pictures from Pos 113 are available for download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jukk4smt1jsuggx/AADCdbE2cG_EOssykmy9alHma?dl=0 Note the bridge positions here for the update. Every bridge has a white M logo on the right side and a coloured M logo on the left side. A list of which position has which colour can be provided on request, but not before next week. Would be nice to hear something about the progress of the update! Its almost a month since release and there are not only massive bugs, we dont even have an idea of what is going to be fixed and what not.
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    Thank you Thread

    I can agree to 100%! Thank you T2G!
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    Could you post a few photos what the colour of the apron/taxiways look like for Taxi2Gate to be able to correct these, too?
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    The connector stripes at T1 are not correctly modelled. I can offer image material, each jetbridge has ONE connector stripe in a different color, just like this (http://polpix.sueddeutsche.com/bild/1.1837458.1386335907/900x600/flughafen-muenchen-logo.jpg) Additionaly, the position number is largely printed on the jetbridge Pos 113 (A380 position) is not correctly modelled. The third bridge is connected at a higher level than the others. I can offer image material for this as well. At Pos 165, there is no jetbridge anymore (comparable to 141, however the basic housing still exists at both positions) Blue and orange lines are illuminated in reality, alternating between green and blue/orange lights The whole apron looks a bit too "american style" in my opinion. Surface asphalt and taxilines are way too dark At the Entries, the bridges shouldnt be way brighter than the rest of the taxiways both at night and during daytime. During wintertime, 3D grass is green, as well as the visitors hill and street bridges (already partially fixed) I know you do not support DX10, but some textures appear black in the night time when in DX10 mode. Jetbridges should rest in the red/white stripe-marked areas.
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    I forgot, if you want to turn off the Lantau island just remove these file from VHHH-Terrain/Scenery/ - VHHH-Q1.bgl - VHHH-Q2.bgl - VHHH-Q3.bgl - VHHH-Q4.bgl - VHHH-Q5.bgl
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    LTBA - No runway lights - P3Dv2.4

    Many thanks for the runway light fix for P3D... works perfectly. However I'm still seeing the flickering glass terminal textures at night - are you also addressing this issue?
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    Request an airport

    LFPG Please !! A lot of people are ready to bought a new scenery of this airport after the Aerosoft one because she's totally out of date ... Like thokle said, the real airport has totally changed since the creation year.. New Terminal S4, new taxiways, a lot of modifications of Terminals... and the technical side of this scenery is too out of date (Bad framerates, FS2004 optimisation)
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    About fs9...

    Hello Taxi2gate, I would just like to add my request that you continue to develop for FS9 (FS2004) if you can. I have almost all of your sceneries and have reviewed some of them on Simmarket as well. The Orlando (KMCO) scenery for FS9 was simply stunning! I continue to enjoy Mexico (MMMX) and other great work you have done. Although, Doha (OTTH) was not as detailed as the FSX version, what you created for us was excellent and allowed many FS9 simmers to now fly into that new airport with the older OTBD being discontinued effectively. As many here state, your work is simply excellent, of a very high standard and you are able to produce extremely wonderful results in FS9 and for that reason, I among many here will continue to purchase your products. Whilst you may decide not to create some airports in favour of others, we are many of us still happy that you continue to support the FS9 pilots - and we hope that will continue. Have a great weekend, Regards, Lee James Senior Captain & Events Manager British Airways Virtual
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    Hi guys, Okay 2 other areas of question for you... 1. No approach light modelling in the water? 2. Shallow water texturing is different to other areas in Qatar, can this select be rectified? Have you possibly coded this area to apply the inland water textures rather than shallow?
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    Informations concerning LTBA

    So.... 1 month...... Thank you for listening your customers and thank you for your precious answer.........
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    Request an airport

    Malaga please please,, nobody is deping this scenery
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    Hi guys, we want to announce that eddf will be canceled because theres is an announcement of frankfurt v2 with estimated date of release and is not good idea for us develope at the same time with aerosoft a new version, we thanked all who voted for eddf and we apologize abou this, thanks for your support...
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    Request an airport

    Agreed to Goof and Interxion - would love to see a decent version of Frankfurt/EDDF - the Aerosoft-one is just outdated and looks more like FS8. Would definetely vote for EDDF if it will be in the poll.
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    Request an airport

    Cape Town International Airport - FACT, please!!!
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    Request an airport

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    LTBA Is Our Next Project!

    Is there any news if it will be for FS9?
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    yes... i've done it. See the files above... If you want the files ask me.
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    New Reputation System

    A great feature I've seen on some sites is that the font gets bigger when it gets likes, and smaller when it gets dislikes. But the thing is that it is VERY rare that someone posts something stupid enough to be disliked on this forum. :-)
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