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    EDDM enhanced AFCAD - update 3

    I updated the AFCAD and thought you might want me to share it. Copy the file to "SimMarket\T2G - EDDM P3Dv3\data\EDDM\Scenery" and rename "EDDM_AF.bgl" to "EDDM_AF.bgl.off". It is not yet finished to my satisfaction. I would call it a V0.8, but its definetly better then the 0.1 by T2G Sorry Guys. I really like your 3D Stuff, but you have to invest more time in the AFCAD EDDM_ADE_DS_3_2.bgl Changelog: - fixed wrong Frequencies (ILS, DME, NDB) - added Airline Gate Assignment and changed radius - improved taxi accurancy - no more AI holding short the bridges - changed runway width for holdshort nodes - added phantom runway for lighting v2: added flo's changes small fixes v3: added missing DME changed Gate Type Names 3.1: more radius adjustments 3.2: changed filename to prevent default jetways EDDM_ADE_DS_3_2.bgl
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    SODE Jetways

    Hi T2G, will the next sceneries have the "new" SODE technique for the Jetwayanimation? This would be very awesome. -Phil
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    Request an airport

    Thank you so much for KSEA Seattle! KPDX Portland International Airport is just a short hop away! ~Lee
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    Request an airport

    Please make Malaga in Spain!! LEMG it needs scenery Thank you M.E.G
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    Airplane Repaint Request

    Welcome to the Aircraft repaint request to enter a request copy the template below and paste it in to the reply box. Fill out the information to upload a photo go to www.tinypic.com and upload the picture then paste the link here. Once you request is received it will be added to the projects list here you can check the status of your repaint. If you have any questions please PM me. WHEN POSTING PICTURES PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE SOME PHOTOS THAT COVER THE FULL AIRCRAFT!! Template: - Name of airline you want repainted: - Aircraft you want painted (Please include Manufacture of the add-on and Aircraft Model and Variation also please specify winglets or no winglets): - Is the add-on Payware or Freeware: - FS version you have: - Does this airline fly this plane in real life: - Links of pictures (For upload instructions see text up top) (If the plane is not flown by this airline in real life please describe how you would like it to look): Progress: Status color key: Red = Pending (Date in Red means that the date has been changed) Green = In Progress Orange = Waiting for something Blue = Done, Uploaded, Case Closed Repaint request ID: Precent Completed/ Estimated Finish Date: AIR003 00%/ 11/15/12 AIR004 00%/ 11/29/12 AIR005 100%/ 11/27/12
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    And it's going further.... missing fences around GA, Apron 5, Apron 6, Terminal 3
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    Now I found another failure on the taxisigns. On entry S5 the left runwaysign must be "26L" and the right "08R". Also the taxiway isn't "N". It's "S" Another failure is the missing shadow on the bridges.
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    This is the list of fixes guys: Fixes: - Bridges - The textures of the bridges - lines of gutters - correct color of taxiway lines and gate numbers at the apron - apron color - blue/orange line lights at night - modeled/textured streets below the bridges - correct fueling points - Improved AF2/AFX file (Thanks to hero93) - 3D grass appear to light itself at night - Missing autogen - Missing fences - blurry ground textures at winter - Missing lightcone and red light on the lightpoles - apron more brigh - Missing spotter hill near runway 26L - American catering truck removed - Add an animation to the radar of both control towers (with strobe light at the big one) - Terminal 1 & 2 jetways - Dissapearing tires markings on runway on approach. - At Position 318 gate added - Grass on Taxiway - 2 little buildings missed - Red textures on winter
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    Hi guys, Okay 2 other areas of question for you... 1. No approach light modelling in the water? 2. Shallow water texturing is different to other areas in Qatar, can this select be rectified? Have you possibly coded this area to apply the inland water textures rather than shallow?
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    Request an airport

    Malaga please please,, nobody is deping this scenery
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    Hi, i think next week will be available and via simmarket, probably they will send you an email regarding the update
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    About fs9...

    I will certainly buy any of your FS9 sceneries!
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    Interesting indeed. I too have come from the website-that-shall-not-be-named and part of the reason was the ridiculous censorship, bannings, and then lengthy excuses to try to justify things. Re the blog - like you I am late to the film, in fact very late but 2 things strike me about this 1) at least 1 major contributor to the blog has just left leaving one person (as I understand it) with a whole lot of work to do to keep the fan base happy without even considering having to police the crap on the comments that people leave to try to start arguments. And then 2) if it's the developer that I'm thinking of then, from my observations, the blog is a bit 'heavy' on that developer's content. I leave you to draw your own conclusions from that. Oh, and while I'm having a rant the first site that I mentioned has changed the way the topic preview works. Again. Can they not leave anything alone for 2 seconds?
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    New Reputation System

    A great feature I've seen on some sites is that the font gets bigger when it gets likes, and smaller when it gets dislikes. But the thing is that it is VERY rare that someone posts something stupid enough to be disliked on this forum. :-)
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    JetStream Designs

    LFPO Runway 08/26 renamed 07/25

    Of course, we are currently working on Toulouse Blagnac LFBO. This will be a Flightbeam project
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    What Would You Upgrade?

    I'd save up a little longer, as the GPU market has been influenced so heavily by cryptocurrency mining to where any GPU I would recommend is far off your 400$ price point. With the Meltdown Kernel bug on Intel I'd also advise you to stay on your old CPU and maybe - rather than upgrading - fiddle with your existing hardware to reach max stable OC's. P3D has been getting - at least on my system - huge performance increases through increased clockspeeds which is why I would tend to stay with Intel over switching to Ryzen - except of course if the new ones have greater single core performance. For now Intel seems to still be king of the hill in terms of single core performance. Also maybe consider using lower GPU settings first, to see what performance you can get out of P3D. In any case you'll still run into the sim's limitations even on the latest hardware. Once either GPU prices normalize I'd be looking at Nvidia's Volta cards, or if Intel sorts out their Kernel problems this year, you might be able to pick up a CPU with high core speed.
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    Uninstall and then reinstall EDDM, SimMarket installers will, depending if special files for GEN/GES are provided, use those upon reinstallation (JustSim, DigitalDesign for example). Rename all EDDM files in ORBX>FTX_EU>FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY>scenery from .bgl to .off Move the EDDM-LC-ELV in your scenery library below the EDDM entry, so the layering is in order from top to bottom EDDM>EDDM-LC-ELV>EDDM-TERRAIN
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    Hey guys I made Sode jetways for Terminal 2, try them at your own risk and report back if something doesn't work, make sure to read the instructions and the about!!
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    T2G Hammad Black Building

    same procedure here t2gdohlm.dds t2gdoh.dds
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    Very unhappy with T2G KSEA

    Rugby86, Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try and return to you. Taxi2gate 2nd Officer Thank you, but as I described the problem in my post, aside of being a veteran simmer and PMDG 777 owner, I am very aware of the 4gb limitation and had no problems UNTIL installing T2G KSEA. It is, undeniably, a heavy piece of software. I will try the process offered by Rugby86 because I really liked the scenery visual quality. Best, Heron
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    Future Caribbean coverage

    Hi there. Yeah Max's scenery is great and I've been using it for ages but it's very old now and doesn't have great compatibility with p3d. Latin vfr have done a number but none I've listed. Kind regards Alex
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    What happened to Taxi2Gate?

    Not sure why you are not able to install into P3D, but I'll been using KMCO in P3dv2.5 v3.1/3.2 and now 3.3.5 without issue. In fact I had to reinstall all scenery when moving into v3. What messaging are you getting?
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    It really seems like you still have the old original install. Would try to uninstall one more time, check that files really got removed from FSX directory, then double check that the new install file you run is about 540~ MB.
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    Thank you Thread

    Yes, what else should I say? Thank you!
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    all in all the airport has been done really good! But a few things: (all the things listed above) -that US catering vehicle -!!!please!!! add SODE jetways... Have some nice christmas days! best regards Tim
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    Hi T2G-Team , ThX for the fast Bridge-Hotfix !!! I´ll only get 2 Problems ! - The AI-Taffic makes some Problems, iff AI is get Take Off oder Landing instruction from the Tower all other Aircraft get the instruction to Hold Short because Landing Aircraft, also User Airplane and this also at normal Taxiway far from the RWY´s !!! - Bridges running after frist hotfix, but look´s bad !!
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    Works fine now with only those textures. I even see the grass and taxiwaysigns in the north again which I missed previously! Thank you!
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    Space Needle

    Hello, many thanks. That new bgl indeed removed the second needle. What is still there - but I'm not even sure if that is coming from your scenery or if that is already messed up in the original is that the roads seem to go through some buildings on the (photo?)scenery. Since I am not a native Seattler I can' tell which roads are the right ones. But it clearly looks wrong :). Thanks again, Jan
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    Compatibility with Orbx PNW?

    Oh I forgot, after all this make sure you have KSEA and KSEA TERRAIN at the top of he scenery library, and that only on eentry for KSEA and its terrain exist in the library.
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    About fs9...

    Here is my view on fs9 and fsx. I have both installed on my computer and have a pretty good system, certainaly capable of running FSX very well. For me, I just prefer the look and feel of FS9 over FSX. For this reason, 90% of my flights are still flown with FS9. I really think the reason most people finally made the switch from FS9 to FSX was because a few aircraft develpers (PMDG to be the big one) said they were no longer going to make products for FS9, thus in a way, forcing people that wanted their products, over to FSX. Had PMDG made the 737 and 777 for FS9, I bet there would be a ton more people using FS9 these days because the performance was so much better than FSX. I know you can tweak the daylights out of your FSX to make it better, but I found myself tweaking more than enjoying the product. What i can't figure out for the life of me is why is there that small group of people that feel they have to bash someone when they ask for Taxi2gate to consider making a product for FS9? If you don't use FS9, why do you even care if they make it for us that do use it? I have seen this Rose character bashing people's heads in over on facebook for requesting such a consideration out of Taxi2gate. I will tell you this, for the developers that do continue making products for FS9, I will continue to purchase your products just because you contine to support the sim I love. Unless it's just total garbage, you can count my $30.00 for every scenery you do from now on. I know a lot of other fs9 users that feel the same way. I'm glad I have more important things to worry about than whether or not FS9 is dead, and I don't think that Frank Rose is the sole person in charge of determining that for the rest of us.
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    Request an airport

    Hello! I'd like to request an airport, too! It's the second biggest and busiest airport in Germany, Munich. Only Aerosoft modelled EDDM, but it is quite bad... It would be great for all german simmers (and me of course, too!), if you could do Munich! Thank you in advance!
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    FSX T2G VHHH AI traffic problem

    Hi all, I just purchased VHHH last night, it is incredible and you made a new standard for the scenery marking now. However, I discovered all my AI traffic got disappeared when I set the time with the sunlight ( 0600am to 0400pm). But when I reset the time into evening or night time, all AI traffic are showing in front of me. I m sure it is not related with my AI flight plan, even I have set the traffic to 100%. Can you please offer a help on this? Thank you so much.
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    Okay so finally installed HK on my FSX setup and i can confirm these areas really do require looking at with much more care! Remember i just want to address areas that require fixing, i buy all your mega airports but your attention to detail MUST improve guys. Serveral major problems, carelessness and poor attention to object placing on roads! Also alot of jetbridge supports are also placed on roads! Examples of jetways that are not aligned with the jetbridge structure as seen throughout ALL GATES! Examples of roads not textured! This leads to messy looking results because grass and ground photoscenery shows! Again examples of jetway structures on roads, also clashing with AI and a strange triangle shape on the road No trees on this hill???? Again road textures missing! More missing road textures Lots of taxiway signs misplaced, also whats going on with the road?! More examples of poor attention to detail when it comes to placing objects on roads!!! Think this ones abit short!? And lastly i think we would all like to be able to have an option to utilze the airport ONLY and deactive the surrounding areas...i use FTX Global and Vector so it would be nice to have that back instead.
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    VHHH Afcad Gates in jetways

    Hi, we will update all these things guys, thanks.
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    Hi, we dont offer any scenery dx10 compatible, anyway i will try to check if somrthing i can do
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    By the time I finally get around to enjoying every last drop of their previous scenery, Taxi2Gate drop a bombshell and release their next airport. Other developers must look at this fabulous team with green eyes, as their turn-around on development time is simply unlike any other developer on the market. Having just 3 months since their last release in the Caribbean, and only 5 months after their last ‘large scale’ airport, they’re back with the much anticipated release of Hamad International Airport (OTHH). Taking over from the previous Doah International Airport in Qatar, the newly built airport can now handle 3 times that of the previous airport’s volume, allowing up to 50 million people to pass through the Airport’s oasis-themed terminal buildings. The sheer size and volume of the airport allows for a large number of airlines from all over the world to fly into Qatar. Building commenced in 2005, a series of delays caused the opening of the airport to be pushed back continuously. Eventually, it opened its doors on 30th April 2014, with all carriers relocated on May 27th 2014. Fast forward, and Taxi2Gate have given us the chance to explore the wonderful and modern new airport for ourselves. As I previously mentioned, the airport was designed around an Oasis theme. Taxi2Gate have really gone above their previous work by really tapping into that theme. Immediately, you will notice the wonderful texture work around the runways. The sand dunes, the palm trees swaying in the breeze and the freshness of the buildings really give the impression of a brand new airport. The taxiways and the runways are clear of any tyre marks and there’s a clear distinction between each pavement slab and concrete block. It’s surprisingly refreshing to see such a clean, almost tarnish-free architecture, as so many airports lately have been battered and bruised. Taxi2Gate have done a wonderful job at presenting the airport in such a way. I found, however, that perhaps the texturing isn’t as sharp as usual. Some gate assignments and the imagery on nearby carts and vehicles lack that sharpness we’re used to seeing from a Taxi2Gate product. Definitely only minor, but does take away from the otherwise excellent job. As usual, each gate, jet-bridge and terminal building have been created in a realistic manner. Cables drop from the jet-bridges as you would expect and each step, window and door have been faithfully recreated. Details inside the terminal buildings are becoming the norm for the team, and yet again, we see just enough to make us feel like we’re staring into the buildings whilst awaiting our passengers. Usually cargo hangers and secondary objects are less detailed than the main airport, but in this case, everything has been given the same care and attention – and it really stands out. The metal grills of the cargo hangers all reflect surrounding light to give a truly defined building. Without a doubt, this is Taxi2Gates most visually pleasing work yet. I talk a lot about how immersive small things can make an airport, and Hamad is no different here. Moving vehicles swam the airport, giving a real sense of life at the airport. As you taxi yourself down the runway, a fuel and baggage truck could be travelling parallel to you, already ensuring you have situational awareness of what is going on. After you take off, you’ll have excellent views of Doah itself. The large sky scrapers are surprisingly detailed and the placement is accurate to that of the real life buildings. Everything from restaurants, office buildings and hotels are all present. Of course, you get these excellent views during the approach as well, meaning regardless of phase of flight around the airport, you’ll have something to immerse you into the product. Taxi2Gate should certainly share the secret to their ability to create highly detailed international airports, with a sprawling and detailed city, yet allow users to have a consistently excellent frame rate. It proves that with the right people, using the right technology and skills, that anything can be possible. Something that I found lacking with Taxi2Gate sceneries is the lack of a configuration system for users with weaker machines. Although the level of performance is excellent, to have the option to switch off certain features or increase it for those with more powerful machines is something I believe should start to become standard for sceneries in Flight Simulation. Another cause of annoyance for some could be the fact that OTHH is actually a brand new airport for Flight Sim. As such, Taxi2Gate have had to add it to the database. Because of this, AI traffic won’t recognise the scenery existing and will fly to the old Doah airport instead. Although this can be changed through documentation, at the time, there was no official statement from Taxi2Gate on how to fix this. However, I was assured that this will be included in a further update. Not so much the fault of theirs, but I believe better communication before would’ve been appreciated by the community. As the sun comes down over the city and the light sparkles over the sea, lights begin to flicker on. Suddenly, before you realise everything around you is dark, the city is lit up and the airport turns into something special. As usual, Taxi2Gate have done a remarkable job at creating subtle, yet an aptly lit airport that serves both purposes of being realistic and also functional within the Flight Simulation environment. Touches such as baked in shadows and glows off of signage really bring this airport to life in the evening. Yet again, I find myself taxiing carelessly around Hamad to explore every light-filled area. It’s simply beautiful. It should come of very little surprise that Taxi2Gate have really become a staple in the Flight Sim universe. Consistently offering fantastic, high-end quality scenery at a rapid rate. Hamad International Airport is no different. The stunning visuals and the excellent performance is a testament to the almost-perfected development process the guys go through. Accurate placement, quality textures and an interesting airport make Hamad International one of the most exciting places to fly into in Flight Simulation. 5/5 | Publisher: SimMarket | Developer: Taxi2Gate | Price: 29.74EUR Without a doubt, this is Taxi2Gate’s best scenery to date. The fantastic work into making sure the product is easy on performance yet look incredible is to be commended. The texturing and modelling is of the highest standard and the airport itself is a dream to fly into. Everyone from cargo carriers to private jets visit, giving everyone a reason to visit this exciting new airport. + Great modelling and texture work + Sublime performance means anyone can us it. - Some small sections of texturing is sub-par compared to the rest - Lack of configuration tool for those who like options. PURCHASE TAXI2GATE'S HAMAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT HERE My Specs: Processor - 3.5GHz Intel Core i5-3770K Ivy Bridge (OVERCLOCKED TO 4.8GHz) RAM - 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 2133 (PC3 12800) GPU - GeForce GTX 780 FTW 3GB GDDR5 Mother Board - ASUS P8Z77-V LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard Hard Drives - 2 x 128gb OCZ SSD + 2 x 1tb 7200RPM HDD Operating System - Windows 7 (64-bit) Add-ons Used In Screenshots: Scenery – Taxi2Gate Hamad International Airport (OTHH) Aircraft – Aerosoft’s Airbus A320, PMDG 777lr/f and 300er Utilities - REX4 Textures, Active Sky Next, SteveFX DX10 Fixer (Also tested with DX9), FTX Global, FTX Vector, ORBX's FTX Global openLC Europe.
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    Hi Patrick, I already have several possibilities for my next project. But as usual I won't make any announcement about it before developement has started Hi graemeb, FS9 still has many users, so I will often do an FS9 version for the smaller airports like Metz Nancy Lorraine
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    H. Esther

    Request an airport

    Bordeaux LFBD Santiago de Compostela LEST Geneva LSGG Bucharest LROP And Malaga of course!
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    @GermanRegionalPilot Their sceneries are great....They will not lose customers.
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    FlyTampa - Montreal OOMs

    Hey everyone! I'm starting to notice that i'm always getting some kind of error with FlyTampa's Montreal airport. This only happens with this airport and every other FlyTampa or other big developers airports are fine. Anyone else experiencing this? Note that I am using ASN, FTX Global & Vector and running at almost maxed out settings. Let me know! Cheers
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    Seychelles X FSAL Landing = WOW

    @biokemisten about to start a flight on Twitch from LFPG to FSIA with the 777
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    KMCO Questions

    From the screenshots and my prior experience with KSTL and MMMX I know KMCO will be fantastic in FSX...can you confirm any future plans to release an FS2004 version of KMCO??...A big overdue Thanks for all of your projects I have been enjoying in both FS2004 and FSX!! Gary
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    OK! It's Time!!!!!!!!!

    @Taxi2gate For fs9 also?
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    Professional Flight Planner X

    Hey guys! Professional Flight Planner X has just been released! I am getting y copie and I will be posting some screenshots for you guys! Stay tuned
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    Request an airport

    TJPS Mercedita Airport, PR
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    May Screenshot Contest!

    My Fsx screenshot (: 2013-4-26_2-49-9-23.BMP
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    MJC8 Q400!

    +1 I find 2D Panel quite funny, it's like your a flying with a piece of wooden board in front of your face.
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    From the album: Randoms

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    Aerosoft AES 2.30!

    Impossible? I don't get it. I don't have fancy CPU, so it is pretty realistic to get around 30fps in fron of Aerosoft EDDM in PA 320. Also AES adds bunch of vehicles on airports, detailed than default FSX vehicles, so it's logical. As I said FSX is running pretty good on my system without AES, smooth, frames above 40-50 while cruising, all sliders maxed except autogen @dense.
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    A pic to say Gday From down under

    G'day all my name is Tim and im from the land downunder and I currently live in sydney just a few pics I took in the sim recently hope you like them
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