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    Request an airport

    Really dissapointed to see Frankfurt as an option!!! - Focus on airports which have no sceneries or outdated sceneries!!
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    Request an airport

    Frankfurt EDDF all the way. The current scenery looks like from 2002, and the market in germany is huge. I am sure it would be one of the best selling sceneries ever. I hope we will see EDDF in T2G-quality one day Alex
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    About fs9...

    Hi all guys, we will analyze the sales of fs9 versions compared with fsx and we will take a desicion before kmco release that is very close, thanks for your patience.
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    Request an airport

    Mauritius Plaisance airport FIMP would be great along with the whole island in general. Max Kraus did a good job with his freeware but he will not be updating it with the new terminal building. Pleassssssssssseeeeeeeeee :)
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    Request an airport

    Please make Malaga in Spain!! LEMG it needs scenery Thank you M.E.G
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    Request an airport

    I would love to see a decent Frankfurt/Main Scenery (EDDF). It´s Germanys biggest airport and Lufthansa's Main Hub...
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    Request an airport

    Oh yes Alex, you're right! Frankfurt is really needed in high quality, and as major european Hub there will be for sure many many costumers. The current scenery is very old and outdated. A lot has changed there, all terminal buildings got new frontages, and a lot of new aprons have been added. So Frankfurt would be really really great!
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    Request an airport

    A new Amsterdam (EHAM) has been announced by Aerosoft (Here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/79513-amsterdam-schiphol-extended-project-announced/) I would love to see a new Version of Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF), Singapore Changi (SIN/WSSS) or New York (JFK/KJFK)
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    This is ridiculous guys! The sites where the files have been placed for download ring all kinds of virus attack threats with all the antivirus on all my machines. Please get the website situation fixed guys and please make the update files available through a secure method. I do not use Facebook for security reasons so Facebook is not an option for many. This is not good. Dennis
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    Airplane Repaint Request

    Welcome to the Aircraft repaint request to enter a request copy the template below and paste it in to the reply box. Fill out the information to upload a photo go to www.tinypic.com and upload the picture then paste the link here. Once you request is received it will be added to the projects list here you can check the status of your repaint. If you have any questions please PM me. WHEN POSTING PICTURES PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE SOME PHOTOS THAT COVER THE FULL AIRCRAFT!! Template: - Name of airline you want repainted: - Aircraft you want painted (Please include Manufacture of the add-on and Aircraft Model and Variation also please specify winglets or no winglets): - Is the add-on Payware or Freeware: - FS version you have: - Does this airline fly this plane in real life: - Links of pictures (For upload instructions see text up top) (If the plane is not flown by this airline in real life please describe how you would like it to look): Progress: Status color key: Red = Pending (Date in Red means that the date has been changed) Green = In Progress Orange = Waiting for something Blue = Done, Uploaded, Case Closed Repaint request ID: Precent Completed/ Estimated Finish Date: AIR003 00%/ 11/15/12 AIR004 00%/ 11/29/12 AIR005 100%/ 11/27/12
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    Request an airport

    Agreed to Goof and Interxion - would love to see a decent version of Frankfurt/EDDF - the Aerosoft-one is just outdated and looks more like FS8. Would definetely vote for EDDF if it will be in the poll.
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    Request an airport

    According to airdailyx there's another devloper currently working on OMAA GMMN please
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    Request an airport

    Moscow Domodedovo (UUDD/DME)
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    Request an airport

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    Problem LTBA

    Fixed with FTX GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool ,go to elevation problem with this tool and found LTBA then click DISABLE and enjoy this amazing airport
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    Jetway Logos

    Hey Southwest2822- I've noticed this too...the Copa signs are indeed incorrect, but as for airside 2 (where Southwest and Airtran, as well as Virgin America park), the gate numbers are not actually posted on the terminal like the rest of the airsides. IRL, they are on the jetways, near the door (left side as you're facing them. I've also seen some gates on airside 1 that are misplaced...I work at KMCO, I'll try getting an updated gate list to Ceasar @t2g.
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    LTBA Is Our Next Project!

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum. First of all. I'm living in Istanbul. Since I have started aviation and flying in sim, we didn't have any Istanbul or scenery. We used have one but it was so old. In 2008 A group of designers developed a new scenery. We were so excited. But now it's end of the 2013. No one did make the Istanbul. Now we are again so excited. Next thing I want to write about is the support. There are lots of photographs of the airport. If you guys want the charts. We can provide. Because we are really excited and we want to have a Istanbul scenery. 3. Are you going to do it for FS9 too ? FS9 is the main sim for Turkey. Lots of people fly with FS9. Me too. So if you want to sell more and make people happy more, you need to do it for FS9 too. If you don't your reputation in Turkey will be decrease so much. Maybe no one will buy the sceneries anymore. Please, don't forget us. 4. AES support. Is your scenery will compatible with the latest Aes ? Thank you for reading and making Istanbul again. Regards Alp
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    Hi Before buying an add-on, I am sure many people would like to read the product's manual. As "LFML X 2013 for Fs2004" is nearly ready for release, please do not hesitate to download the manual if you want any information about the scenery. There are a few restrictions when merging LFML X 2013 with Flight Mediterranee by FranceVFR. There is a topic about it in the manual (page 5). Happy flights! JetStream Designs LFML X FS2004 English.pdf Manuel JetStream Designs LFML X pour Fs2004.pdf
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    I believe downloading a PMDG 777 for free is a completely different matter to downloading livery which was initially given away for free. Downloading a livery and downloading a PMDG 737 without paying is perfectly ok, provided the creator of the work gave it away free to begin with , and never asked for payment for it's use. It is illegal to download the PMDG 777 from a pirated source, as doing so would cause the company a financial loss, of that particular sale. So downloading a free livery from AVISIM and downloading a pay ware aircraft are completely different in that matter. Downloading a free livery will cause no financial loss to it's creator, so it is not technically piracy, and the fact it may contain copyright content owned by a real world airline, is not piracy, as it would fall under copyright infringement, and the two are distinctly different. However, I also do not believe that creating a free livery and based on a real world airline, would have any problem working it's way around a copyright claim, as it would neither cause financial loss to the company, or cause confusion between the creator of the livery and the airline it's self. This is why many virtual airlines are closed down as they can arguably cause confusion over which is the real ,for example, British Airways, due the way in which they are presented. However this changes when you want to sell the content you have created, as you seek to gain financially from someone else's copyrighted content, which is why developers must obtain licenses. In theory, an airline could licences out it's livery to the likes of McPhat, and claim any one who gives away a free livery is causing McPhat a financial loss, and intern causing the airline a financial loss, however due to the rights of the artist, and their ownership rights to the work, I'm not confident that such a claim would be able to hold up in a court, provided the work was freely available. I have spent a great deal of time looking into copyrights, however my opinion is by no means professional, so if any one can contradict (with a better knowledge of the topic) one of my points, then I am more than open to accept, and correct my understanding
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    Interesting indeed. I too have come from the website-that-shall-not-be-named and part of the reason was the ridiculous censorship, bannings, and then lengthy excuses to try to justify things. Re the blog - like you I am late to the film, in fact very late but 2 things strike me about this 1) at least 1 major contributor to the blog has just left leaving one person (as I understand it) with a whole lot of work to do to keep the fan base happy without even considering having to police the crap on the comments that people leave to try to start arguments. And then 2) if it's the developer that I'm thinking of then, from my observations, the blog is a bit 'heavy' on that developer's content. I leave you to draw your own conclusions from that. Oh, and while I'm having a rant the first site that I mentioned has changed the way the topic preview works. Again. Can they not leave anything alone for 2 seconds?
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    Request an airport

    Hi, thanks for your request, we are taking in mind all of them, releasing KMCO on september we need to have a choice of the new development so continue requesting the airport you want to see, thanks.
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    CX 747-400

    Request an airport

    How about KMEM. Memphis Tennessee. Home of FedEx.
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    Request an airport

    any Croatian airport would be nice
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    May Screenshot Contest!

    So Who won?
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    Hows FSDT's Vancouver?

    I've got 40 - 50 fps