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  1. VERY nice!! I wonder what airport it is
  2. Yes but it would depend on the capacity. For example, maybe 35% of the gates would be taken.
  3. Sorry wish I could help but I haven't been able to get a hold of Thomas so I hope he is ok. I hope he will get back to you soon.
  4. Hi Everyone! Here are some screenshots I took from the Fenix Simulations Q&A and A320 Exterior Walkaround livestream. This bird is looking AMAZING! I hope you enjoy the shots and if you have any questions about the livestream, please let me know. Price: TBD - One time purchase, no subscriptions. Release Date: TBD - Should be getting out of Alpha and into Beta in the coming weeks. MSFS Marketplace: "For the moment, as far as as far as what we know, it's not actually possible to, to put an airplane like this on the market place purely because of the architecture that we're using. But, you know, of course, we will always try our best and to make it available to people as much as possible. So who knows what the future will hold. But what I can say for certain is, at least in the near future will not be will it be available." ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ EFB: After release PFD & ND Pop Up: Yes Liveries: "We're still working on the exact list. So I can say that there will be more than a couple of 100s you know, but including variants" Wing Flex: "Yes, there will be wing flex it. It looks quite nice. It's It's It's all like an interpolated animation as well. So it should be nice and smooth and really quite, quite pretty" SimBrief Integration: Yes - "You can uplink your flight plans. You can uplink wind data. You can uplink wind for your descents and stuff like that, which does actually affect the venous calculations and things like that. So it does, it does help a little bit with with making a little bit more accurate. So yeah." Thrustmaster Airbus TCA Combability: Working on it. They have bought a few units to do some testing with.
  5. Hello everyone! I finally decided to do a little stress test with SU5 and I was pretty impressed with the results. I took this long to test out the airliners as I am currently doing a lot of GA flying as I am doing a World Tour 🙂 Airport: KJFK Weather: LIVE - Cloudy and stormy skies Aircraft: FBW - Dev Version Graphics Settings: Mostly on Ultra with some High and a Terrain LOD of 5. Resolution: 1440p FPS: VC: 37-40 FPS, very smooth stutter free takeoff experience. Outside View: 50-55 FPS. Results & Remarks: Overall I am very pleased with the results. The ONLY thing that really stinks is that as soon as I pan the camera around I get a HUGE drop in FPS and get a LOT of stutters. Other than that I was pretty impressed! Please feel free to DM me on Discord if you have any question or if I can help in any way. Cheers!
  6. Do you ONLY get CTDs when trying to load LFPO? It could also be because of the FBW.
  7. The August giveaway is LIVE! This month we are giving away a $20 Simmarket Gift Card! All you need to do to enter is join our Discord and go to the #giveaways channel. Then just react to the post with ! The winner will be automatically announced at the end of this month. Good luck! https://discord.gg/xTzMfGvNgv
  8. Hey everyone! There has been a lot of mixed feelings about SU5. I would love to hear your experience. For me I still get stutters and a lot of blurries Cheers!
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