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  4. Do you have FTX Global Vectors? If so. have you tried to disable LFPO in the airport elevation settings?
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    Problem with Scenery Install

    My pleasure and welcome to the forums!
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    Problem with Scenery Install

    Mhmmm not sure then...In the Orly entry in the scenery.cfg there? Maybe try to delete it and add the scenery manually in P3D? If not, let's see what @JetStream Designs has to say.
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    Cuban Airports for P3D V3/V4 - On The Way!

    Who did you sell it to?
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    Problem with Scenery Install

    Are you running the installer as an admin?
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    Cuban Airports for P3D V3/V4 - On The Way!

    Looks like the dev has gone dark...Was really looking forward to this.
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    Hong Kong International Airport

    What exact scenery?
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    SODE Error

    Did you try to re-install LFPO? SODE and LFPO are working great on my end. Maybe try to repair SODE as well?
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    Recent unavailability of iFlySimX forums

    Hi Richard, So sorry for the late reply but our host had some issues which caused some more issues on our end. So sorry for the inconvenience.
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    LFLL P3D V4

    Hello Jennasoft! Do we expect and update for LFLL to be compatible with P3D V4? Thank you!
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    LFLL P3D V4

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    LFLL P3D V4

    😋😋😋 On a serious note, any news?
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    LFLL P3D V4

    When will P3D V4 come out? Hurry because P3D V5 is not far away....
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    Airport Hong Kong International VHHH

    Hello! Not sure as we are still waiting for a lot of V4 updates from Taxi2Gate...
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    On my way to Miami!
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    Update KSEA FSX?

    Lol....They are always a bit slow to answer.
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    Aerosoft A318 BETA

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    Air France A318 BETA

    From the album: Aerosoft A318 BETA

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    A318 Cockpit BETA

    From the album: Aerosoft A318 BETA

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    New P3D Tweak! +10FPS

    Yes, it is default for P3D V4. This thread was back in 2015, which back then, it was not the default.
  25. Hey guys! Just came across this NEW P3D tweak that makes you gain 10 or more FPS. According to a lot of people it seems to be working. Go to your Prepar3D.cfg and look for OPTIMIZE_PARTS under the [sIM] section. The default setting is OPTIMIZE_PARTS=0. Change that to OPTIMIZE_PARTS=1. Yep that's all! Let us know your feedback! Update: Gave this a try and P3D seems to be more smooth and I did see some extra FPS in the Aerosoft Airbus. Before the tweak: After the tweak: Update 2: Comments from LM about this tweak > http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/topic/optimize_parts-what-does-it-do/#post-102880