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  1. Hi I too am looking for those files for MUHA for P3D. My email is Capt.bmckay@gmail.com
  2. his issue was related to a bgl file but then he discovered the issue was with FSglobal and I do not have that software
  3. Thank you for your reply, I do not have FS Global which is mesh software. I have FTX global which is only textures. please advise on what I should do
  4. Hi, I have FTX global and UTX. Everything seems to be ok except for floating building near the runway. Any Idea how I can fix this?
  5. I too have the crash issue and Have been waiting for a patch for a year now
  6. I agree, There is an issue. I had several crashes with no other airport but hong kong and the arrival airport. This is the only airport I cannot complete a flight when departing
  7. Greetings, I opened a case last month for my issue with random crashes around the airport due to invisible objects. Has there been a patch created for this issue?
  8. I am also waiting for this fix. It has been more than a month now
  9. Greetings Taxi2Gate, I just purchased MMMX Extreme. Great product however I can not park at any gate. The plane crashes into some invisible object close to the gates. Is there a fix for this I flew a 3 hour flight for me VA just to have my plane crash as I pulled into the gate. Please fix
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