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  1. Hey, I am looking forward to the KMCO Scenery and I have a few questions about it. 1. Will the city be modeled like you did in MMMX? 2. Will the People movers be simulated moving in and out from the Main terminals to the Satellites? 3. Will you model the theme parks at all? Thanks, Jordan
  2. Will this be after Orlando?
  3. Just looking how good that looks.. I CANNOT wait for the Orlando!
  4. So PMDG got us all built up and then went silent.. Its like they left us in the dark. I wonder why they did that and it kinda made me mad because I planned out flights and stuff. Am I the only that thinks that?
  5. I would but that would be one vote... We need more
  6. Hey Guys! I have a poll going on at my Scenery Design page and I need another airport. So I made a poll and can you guys vote on what airport please and give us a like. https://www.facebook.com/EmeraldSceneryDesign <-- Vote here Thanks!
  7. The Freeware is released! http://www.emeraldscenerydesign.com/PA%20Airport%20Package.htm <-- Get it there
  8. Hey Guys! At Emerald Scenery Design we are getting ready to release a free Pennsylvania pack. We just posted our last WIP shots for the pack before release. We are working on a Photoreal area and an area on the Florida coast! We have a secret project in the works that should be hitting the Sim soon. Come give us a like and you can see some of the WIP pictures https://www.facebook.com/EmeraldSceneryDesign Thanks!
  9. Hmm sounds good... Are the flight dynamics better?
  10. Yup... I fly payware only but I know some good freeware
  11. How is P3D?? I have always been intrested in it
  12. I went Formation flying this past week and it was awesome! Here is the video I made from the formation flight
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